Aadhaar Card PDF Download by Name and Date of Birth

Aadhaar Card PDF Download –Do you wish to download the E version of your Aadhaar without providing a name for your Aadhaar number? Identify each section of the written instructions for downloading the Aadhaar card. You’re way off base if you think DOB can download Aadhaar. To avoid confusion when downloading the Aadhaar card base on name and date of birth, you should reevaluate the entire procedure.

Let it be made abundantly clear that the date of birth (DOB) cannot be used to download Aadhaar; instead, only the name and mobile number enter during enrollment can be used. Aadhaar card download by name and date of birth questions therefore do not arise and make no sense. However, the Aadhaar Card Updating allows you to update your date of birth with supporting documents.


Aadhaar Card PDF Download

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Although each individual register with Aadhaar Card PDF Download their Aadhaar card using their name and mobile number, the date of birth (DOB) plays no role in this process. In the event that the Aadhaar Card is discover to be missing, the retrieval of the Aadhaar Number becomes a prerequisite. Therefore, the first step is to access your Aadhaar number online using the name and mobile number you register during enrollment.

To put it another way, the Aadhaar can be download by the Aadhaar Cardholder or enrolled Individual, even if it is lost, as long as he has his register mobile number or email address. The date of birth has nothing to do with downloading the Aadhaar Card in any way. Just like updating one’s gender, address, name change, and mobile number, updating one’s date of birth is simple. You shouldn’t download the Aadhaar card with any other information, like your DOB, except for your name and register mobile number.

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Aadhaar Card PDF Download

Aadhaar Card PDF Download Details

Organization UIDAI
Service Aadhar Card PDF Download
Who Can Download Any Aadhar Card Holder
Time to Download Any Time
Requirement Registered Mobile Number
Category Government Scheme
Official Website uidai.gov.in

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Significance of Name for Downloading Aadhaar card

On the off chance that an Aadhaar Card is lost and an enlist individual can’t remember even its number then his name and versatile number enroll with Aadhaar (UIDAI) are require for downloading the Aadhaar card. By name and versatile number, the Aadhaar Number is recovered that makes ready for online Aadhaar card download.

Taking comprehension of countless objections pouring in from everywhere the nation with respect to the missing Aadhaar card, the UIDAI has present a web-base EID/UID Aadhaar number recovering assistance to help both enlist and unenroll people to download their Aadhaar card and screen status. In the event that your Aadhaar card has been lost you can get download it by recovering your Aadhaar Number, utilizing your name and portable number any time elsewhere online according to your persuade.

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Download Aadhaar Card by Name & Register Mobile Number

Please be remind once more that the only reason we require an Aadhaar number is to download the Aadhaar card, which we must first retrieve. If you have already receive an Aadhaar Card PDF Download and have lost it or are unable to recall its number, you should concentrate on retrieving your Aadhaar number using your register mobile number and name. Under the heading “Aadhaar updates,” individuals who have only recently sign up for Aadhaar can also check its status and, as a result, retrieve their Aadhaar number if their enrollment slip is lost. To do this, they can use their name and mobile number.

Anyone else can easily download the Aadhaar card after retrieving the Aadhaar number. However, in order to receive a one-time password (OTP) to download the Aadhaar card, make sure you have the register mobile number with you.

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How to Retrieve Aadhaar Number & Download Aadhaar Card by Name?

The phrase “how to Aadhaar Card PDF Download by name and date of birth” should not be confuse with it. Only the Aadhaar Number is require to download the Aadhar card. If you don’t have an Aadhaar card or the number on it, you should think about getting the Aadhaar number by looking up your name and your register mobile number with Aadhaar first. Consider downloading the Aadhaar card and retrieving the Aadhaar number by name.

  • Select the “Aadhaar Enrollment” option, “Retrieve Lost UID/EID,” or “Tick on UID or EID” options on the UIDAI official website.
  • EID refers to register members (those who have been issue an Aadhaar card), whereas UID is for newly enrolled candidates whose enrollment is in process.]
  • Click on “Send OTP,” and your email or mobile phone will receive the one-time password.
  • Enter the OTP, or one-time password, and then click on “verify OTP.”
  • Enter your full name, as it was enter during Aadhaar enrollment. Enter your register email or mobile number.
  • Enter the security code, as it was enter during enrollment.

Additionally, this is how to obtain your Aadhaar number and download the Aadhaar card using your mobile number and name.

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Download Aadhar card using Name and DOB

  • First, go to the UIDAI website at www.uidai.gov.in
  • On the home page, tap on the option label “My Aadhar.”
  • Next, navigate to the submenu label “Aadhar Services.”
  • Tap on the “Forgotten UID/EID Well” button, and you will be taken to a page where you must also fill in personal information.
  • You must now select the option that conflicts with your requirement, such as Aadhar No.
  • You only need to fill in the fields that are typically provide on the form, including your name and register mobile number, or you can proce with the register email address.
  • Make a point to fill the manual human test check field by following the image which contains the manual human test and continues further to tap on the button “Send OTP”.
  • Your mobile number, which is primarily register with UIDAI, will now receive an OTP.
  • Tap the “Verify and Download” button after entering the OTP.
  • Aadhar can be download after OTP verification is complete successfully.

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