Aptitude Questions And Answers With Solutions 2024

Aptitude Questions And Answers With Solutions – Welcome to the aptitude test section, users. You can practice all the most recent aptitude questions and solutions here without cost. For all aptitude questions, you can get answers as well as in-depth solutions. You can pass competitive exams like IT written tests, government exams, bank exams, entrance exams, etc. by mastering these aptitude questions. Learn and put into practice the most recent aptitude questions and solutions for each topic. The aptitude preparation materials are now available from Freshers Now for all those Freshers who are prepared for various exams or recruitment tests.

Page for Com Aptitude. You can find a lot of useful information on this page, including aptitude questions and answers for freshmen, general aptitude MCQs, logical aptitude questions, aptitude questions and answers in PDF format, general aptitude test papers with answers, mathematical aptitude questions and answers in PDF format, quantitative aptitude questions and answers in PDF format, and aptitude questions and answers with explanations for engineering students in PDF format.


Aptitude Questions And Answers With Solutions

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Therefore, you need to check and prepare the topics in order to improve your logical and mathematical skills. All that’s left to do is review them all and attempt to practice the various issues. Everyone may now begin studying for topics like time and distance, train problems, time and work, partnerships, ratio and proportion, and other subjects. You can find aptitude questions and answers on several themes on this website.

As part of the IT Recruitments, candidates must pass the written exam. Therefore, we concentrated on the aptitude area to aid them. Your recruitment or placement tests’ aptitude questions and answers will be their most important component. And we have encountered several individuals who are unable to pass the aptitude rounds.

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These circumstances occur for a variety of causes. One of the primary causes is that applicants cannot locate various models. Despite discovering the models, they are unable to obtain both the Aptitude Questions And Answers With Solutions . As a result, they were left in the dark about how to handle those specific model challenges. You can therefore quickly take a quiz and get explanations for each topic and difficulty by using this website of aptitude questions and answers with solutions.

Aptitude Questions And Answers With Solutions

Aptitude Questions And Answers With Solutions 2024

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Aptitude Questions And Answers With Solutions Practice Test Questions

Therefore, all of those candidates can get the numerous Aptitude Questions with Answers and Solutions from this page. There are various subjects and categories covered in these quantitative aptitude questions with answers and solutions. Therefore, it will benefit all of the Candidates in various ways to check them and prepare accordingly. The candidates studying for many competitive exams, such as those for IT Jobs, Government Jobs, Bank Jobs, and RRB Jobs, can now easily pass the Aptitude Round by practicing them all. Despite having the fundamental information, the majority of the candidates we see are unable to obtain jobs or entrance. This is a result of their failure to pass the aptitude tests. Now, in order to assist all of these folks, we have included aptitude questions and answers with solutions for many subjects on this page. Check each one. Also, be ready for the best.

The themes presented on this page in relation to the aptitude questions with solutions will enable applicants to thoroughly cover all the areas. They will benefit much from this practice in competitive exams. You are also no longer required to worry about the results. Considering that we have clearly explained the Aptitude Questions And Answers With Solutions for each topic in this post. Candidates can also read up on the subjects and take a quiz. that each applicant will have no trouble understanding the descriptions. Our staff has now conducted some study and compiled a list of aptitude questions.

and arranged them into categories based on their topics. Now that you have fully navigated to this page, everyone has the opportunity to view the topic Wise List. You will be taken to a different page by selecting each. To check the many aptitude questions and answers with solutions from various placement and competitive exams, go to that page.

Download Quantitative Aptitude Questions & Answers with Solutions

Now there will be subtopics in the list on this page. There will be several questions on them. Then, immediately after, you can locate the answers to those questions. Do not be concerned we have made sure to provide all of the solutions. As a result, all of these will undoubtedly make it easier for candidates to prepare for any type of competitive or placement tests. All you need to do is correctly practice each one. Practice is the key to passing an aptitude test. Practice more and more. After that, you may definitely learn how to solve difficulties quickly. Your ability to manage your time effectively will undoubtedly improve with so much practice.

You can now gain confidence to take exams like the CAT, GMAT, GRE, IBPS, MAT, CSAT, any bank exam, RRB, XAT, PSC, SSC, LIC, UPSC, ICET, university entrance tests, IT career placements, and other Aptitude Questions And Answers With Solutions entrance tests by using the questions provided on this page that are related to various subjects. As a result, our staff at hopes that by practicing, these aptitude questions and answers with solutions can assist you all in achieving your objective. Also, don’t hesitate to send your friends a link to this page. so that people may make use of the information on this website. Additionally, you can let us know in the comments below if you’d like information on anything else, and we’ll make every effort to find it for you.

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Tips To Prepare For Aptitude Tests

Practice and familiarity with the tests are the keys to getting the greatest mark possible on aptitude tests.

  • It is important and beneficial to prepare for the aptitude tests.
  • Test yourself on questions that are challenging. Putting your attention on your weak points is a good approach.
  • Put distractions away and focus.
  • Exercise extreme caution when following the test’s instructions.
  • Do your homework and prepare for your test.
  • Avoid concentrating solely on one issue.
  • Effective time management.
  • Better speed, less hurry-hurry makes waste, and rushing through will only make things worse, so practicing will familiarize you with questions of a similar nature.
  • Avoiding anxiousness requires taking things slowly and remaining composed.
  • As many questions as you can answer in the allotted period. But watch out for negative grading, and hold off on marking every response you come across.
  • Get a good night’s sleep the night before the test so you can wake up alert and on time to the testing location.

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25+ Aptitude Questions And Answers

Before taking any tests, it is vital to practice sample questions. This is due to the fact that aptitude tests help us better understand our personalities and our academic strengths and weaknesses.

Given below are some aptitude tests, questions, and answers.

  1. Various terms of an alphabet series are given with one or more terms missing. Select the missing terms from the choices. AZ, GT, MN, ?, YB.
    1. KF
    2. RX
    3. SH
    4. TS
  2. The various terms of an alpha-numerical series have been given with one or more terms missing. Choose the missing terms from the choices. A/2, B/4, C/6, D/8
    1. E/8, F/10
    2. E/12, F/14
    3. E/10, F/12
    4. D/10, E/10
  3. Poles: Magnet::? : Battery
    1. Energy
    2. Power
    3. Terminals
    4. Cells
  4. What is the compound interest on a sum of ₹40,000 for 33 years at the rate of 11% per annum?
    1. ₹14444.25
    2. ₹14706.26
    3. ₹14322.10
    4. ₹14705.24
  5. If Ajith writes code for COUNSEL as BITIRAK, how will he write GUIDANCE?
  6. 16384, 8192, 2048, 256, 16, ?, 16384, 8192, 2048, 256,16,?
    1. 11
    2. 22
    3. 0.5
    4. 0.7
    5. 88
  7. Kamal pointed to a photograph and says. “The lady in the photograph is my nephew’s maternal grandmother.” How is the lady in the picture related to the Kamla’s sister if he has no sister of his own?
    1. Mother-in-law
    2. Cousin
    3. Sister-in-law
    4. Mother
    5. Aunt
  8. Six members of a family, M, N, O, P, and Q are travelling together. M is the son of N, but N is not the mother of M. L and N are a married couple. P is the brother of N. O is the daughter of L. Q is the brother of M. How many male members are there in the family?
    1. 4
    2. 3
    3. 2
    4. 1
  9. Antonym of Flagitious
    1. Vapid
    2. Innocent
    3. Ignorant
    4. Heinous
    5. Frivolous
  10. Synonym of Temporal
    1. Sleepy
    2. Priestly
    3. Secular
    4. Celestial
    5. Scholarly
  11. An accurate clock shows 8 am. Through how may degrees will the hour hand rotate when the clock shows 2 pm?
    1. 154°
    2. 172
    3. 130°
    4. 160°
    5. 180°
  12. An old clock is set at 5 am. If the old clock loses 16 minutes in 24 hours, what will be the exact time when the clock indicates 10 pm on 4th day?
    1. 10 pm
    2. 1.15 pm
    3. 11.30 pm
    4. 11 pm
    5. 10.45 pm
  13. Kushal and Maya started a business by investing Rs. 36,000 and RS. 63,000. Find the share of each, out of the annual profit of Rs. 5500.
    1. Rs. 3500, Rs. 2500
    2. Rs. 2500, Rs. 3500
    3. Rs.4000, Rs. 3500
    4. Rs. 2000, Rs. 3500
  14. A train is moving at a speed of 132kmph. If the length of the train is 110 meters, how long will it take to cross a railway platform 165 m long?
    1. 6.0 s
    2. 7.5 s
    3. 7.0 s
    4. 8.5 s
  15. Out of 10 teachers of a Private school, one teacher retires, and in place of her, a new teacher 25 years old teachers join the faculty. As a result of its average age of the teachers reduces by 3 yrs. What is the age of the retired teacher?
    1. 55
    2. 65
    3. 45
    4. 75
  16. The digit in the unit’s place in the square root of 15876 is
    1. 2
    2. 4
    3. 6
    4. 8
  17. In the organized society of today, no individual or nation can plough a lonely furrow.
    1. Remain unaffected
    2. Remain non-aligned
    3. Survive in isolation
    4. Do without the help of others
  18. The difference between the value of the number increased by 20 % and the value of the number decreased by 25 % is 36. What is the number?
    1. 720
    2. 80
    3. 7.2
    4. 0.8
  19. 40 % is the passing marks. A student gets 250 marks yet fails by 38 marks. What are the maximum marks?
    1. 800
    2. 840
    3. 720
    4. 750
  20. The sum of the first sixty numbers from one to sixty is divisible by
    1. 13
    2. 60
    3. 61
    4. 59
  21. A little boy name Varma added all natural numbers from 1 to 10. However, he added one number twice due to which the sum becomes 58. What is the number which Varma added twice?
    1. 4
    2. 7
    3. 3
    4. 8
  22. (53×87+159×21+106×25) is equal to
    1. 16000
    2. 1060
    3. 10600
    4. 60100
  23. Arrange the following in the order of the dictionary. 1.Scenery 2. Science 3. Scandal 4. School 5. Scatter
    1. 3,5,1,4,2
    2. 3,5,4,1,2
    3. 5,3,4,2,1
    4. 5,3,2,1,4
  24. A tower standing on a horizontal plane subtends a certain angle at a point 160 m apart from the foot of the tower. On advancing 100 m towards it, the tower is found to subtend an angle twice as before. The height of the tower is
    1. 80 m
    2. 90 m
    3. 160 m
    4. 270 m
    5. 200 m
  25. By increasing the radius of a sphere by 50 per cent, by how much per cent will become the area of its surface increase?
    1. 100%
    2. 145
    3. 125%
    4. 150%
    5. 300%
  26. Dimple can type 10 pages in 5 minutes. Athena can type 5 pages in 10 minutes. Working together, how many pages can they type in 30 minutes?
    1. 15
    2. 65
    3. 83
    4. 75
  27. Find the tense of the sentence- “I shall visit the book fair tomorrow.”
    1. simple past
    2. simple present
    3. simple future
    4. future continuous
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What Is An Aptitude Test?

A test used to gauge a person’s aptitude and critical thinking abilities is called an aptitude test. Your capacity to reason and pick up new abilities is evaluated by an aptitude test. Additionally, assessing the candidates’ performance in light of their knowledge and skills is helpful. The world over, aptitude tests are used to choose candidates for positions or educational opportunities.

These aptitude tests are used by schools to decide which pupils are qualified for further higher education courses or specific other fields of study, such as engineering or other science streams. These aptitude tests are used by businesses to assess a potential candidate’s strengths and shortcomings, which is useful if they want to hire them in the future. The bank tests, government exams, JEE Main, IAS Exam, SSC Exam, etc. are examples of recruiting exams that have distinct categories for aptitude subjects.

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