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Best Books For FMGE 2024:- Do you want to know which books are best for FMGE 2024 preparation? If you want FMGE Books to help you prepare better.

This list of books that will be mentioned in the article is necessary for you to have. Additionally, it is critical to comprehend your preparation’s criteria. This will assist you in selecting the FMGE books that meet your exam requirements. Make sure you’re following along and that you don’t miss a thing in the article.


Best Books For FMGE 2024

What's In the Article

Foreign candidates can increase their chances of admission to various medical and dental schools in the country by passing the NBE’s FMGE 2024 exam. Careers360 offers advice on how to effectively prepare for the Best Books For FMGE 2024 in order to assist candidates in their preparation for the FMGE in 2024. In this section, we will provide candidates with important advice on how to prepare for the FMGE test in 2024.

Best Books For FMGE

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Best Books For FMGE 2024 Details

Specifications Details
Name of the Exam Foreign Medical Graduates Examination
Level of the Exam National Level
Official Website
Exam Mode Online (CBT)
Exam Authority National Board of Examination
Category Current Affairs
Date of the Exam To be Announced

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An exam that allows foreign medical students to practice in India is the FMGE, also known as the “screening exam.” The FMGE, or Foreign Medical Graduate Examination, is given twice a year. The first arrives in June, while the second arrives in December. In medicine, each exam has its own set of challenges, whether it’s for UG entry, Screening, or PG entry. A single cup of coffee does not conclude any exam. In 2024, you must approach FMGE in the following manner. The foundation of the list of the best books for FMGE 2024 is a comprehension of the pattern. Follow the blog to learn how to succeed on the Best Books For FMGE 2024 exam.

Who takes India’s Screening Examination?

FMGE is required for all Indian residents and foreign residents with medical degrees. There is no need to take FMGE in India for medical school graduates from the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, or New Zealand. They can directly register with MCI/NMC. Additionally, you are not required to take the FMGE if you have passed any of the above-mentioned country’s residency screening exams. After graduation, all international students must take Best Books For FMGE 2024. You must complete the exam with 150 out of 300 marks in five hours to be eligible. With the right information, tutoring, and direction, you can achieve a score of 50%.

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What is Foreign Medical Graduate Examination?

FMGE has two parts in two different sessions, the morning session and the afternoon session. Both the sessions have 150 questions to solve in 150 minutes. You have to give correct answers to at least 150 questions.

S.No Part Session Total Duration Starting Time End Time
1. Part A Morning Session 2 hours 30 minutes 9:00 AM 11.30 AM
2. Part B Afternoon Session 2 hours 30 minutes 2.00 PM 4.30 PM
  • 300 questions – Each part has 150 questions, together 300 questions.
  • 300 marks – Each question carries one mark, together a total of 300 marks.
  • 300 minutes – The exam allows one minute for solving one question, together 300 minutes or 5 hours.

What Are The Subjects To Study For FMGE?

The entire paper covers a total of 19 subjects that you need to concentrate for cracking this exam. Subjects and their blueprint is given below.

Disclaimer: The blueprint might slightly differ in the exam. Overall weightage remains the same but not so accurate.

Non-Clinical Subjects:

17 marks each:

  • Anatomy
  • Physiology
  • Biochemistry

13 marks each:

  • Pathology
  • Pharmacology
  • Microbiology

10 marks:

  • Forensic Medicine

Clinical Subjects:

30 and more marks each:

  • General Medicine (33 marks)
  • General Surgery (32 marks)

30 marks each:

  • Gynecology Obstetrics
  • Preventive social medicine (PSM/SPM)

15 marks each:

  • Paediatrics
  • Ophthalmology
  • ENT (Ear Nose Throat – Otolaryngology)

5 marks each:

  • Dermatology
  • Psychiatry
  • Anesthesiology
  • Orthopaedics
  • Radio diagnosis
  • Radiotherapy

What is DBMCI Online Learning Platform or What is E-gurukul?

E-gurukul is an online learning platform that was started by DBMCI and works constantly to help medical aspirants achieve their goals. The app is a buffet of everything you need, with smart study resources on top. Video lectures, study notes, question banks, and mock papers are all basic teaching resources. However, it is not restricted to it alone. E-gurukul optimized the resources in an effort to implement smart study hacks in exam preparation. Revision videos, subject-specific evaluations, test-discussion series, and custom features in question banks were all included. The most recent edition follows the pattern of 2024 and covers all 19 topics.

The E-gurukul’s test series has different plans:

  • BASIC plan test series.
  • BASIC PLUS plan test series.
  • LEGENDARY plan.
  • LMRP– Last Minute Revision Package

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What Are The Best Books For FMGE 2024 Preparation?

A list of multiple items includes the best books for Best Books For FMGE 2024 preparation. To begin, this is the very best of all.

  • For FMGE preparation, the printed notes from E-gurukul are more than sufficient. Concepts from previous papers, key points, and must-knows are included. You are free to adhere to the e-gurukul materials without a second thought. It provides you with highlights, tables, and color print notes. Additionally, DBMCI has LMRP notes covering all 19 specialized revision subjects. They are high-end topics without exception. Pre-printed notes save you time and effort. because they are already prepared, well-organized, focused, and proofread by professionals.
  • Your handwritten notes would be the second-best book. Watch live classes, make your own notes, and follow through. You’ll have a long-lasting memory thanks to this method. When you write down ideas on your own, they are easier to remember. You will have the opportunity to customize the notes as you see fit. Additionally, you can acquire additional points from outside sources.
  • The textbooks would rank third on the list of “best books for FMGE 2024” preparation. No matter how many new smart study methods come and go, textbooks are treasures. You will gain knowledge about almost everything using this method. You won’t forget any important information about a concept. You must study high-quality textbooks in preparation for competitive exams like INICET. If you are able, bring textbooks for FMGE preparation. It is not required.
  • The student’s handwritten notes from DBMCI live classes make up the DBMCI written notes. The curriculum for all 19 subjects is created by the faculty, who also hold live classes for the students. There are handwritten notes from the students that can be found online. If you could lend the topper’s previously used notes, that would be wonderful. It’s possible that they marked important topics and added essentials.
  • Lastly, this approach meets intellectual requirements. those who have mastered all 19 subjects’ concepts. Dr. Deepak Marwah and Dr. Siroj Ahmed wrote a question bank called FMGE SOLUTIONS. It is one of the best books for studying for the FMGE 2024 exam. That can be purchased online, and you can answer questions.
  • Dr. Kamal K. V.’s “Self-assessment and Review of FMGE Examination” is another excellent resource for FMGE 2024 preparation. It can be purchased online. You can purchase it and complete the questions.
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What Other Resources Help Me In My FMGE Preparation?

There are numerous resources and opportunities in the technological world of today. You only need to spend some time collecting them. There are numerous FMGE preparation resources. You can still find other resources online, including textbooks, sources, and standard subscriptions like DBMCI. These resources provide you with a limited number of free questions to answer, high-yield study materials, and mock exams to take. Facebook pages, Instagram stories, and Telegram groups are just a few examples. Online stores and thrift stores that sell used medical books. You can learn more from YouTube tutors than from any other social media platform. Schools that offer free offline instruction and host lectures.

Nevertheless, collecting all of them requires more time and effort. It’s possible that you’ll miss keynotes. Sometimes, these resources are not up to date.

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