Bigg Boss Tamil 6 Voting Online 2024, Colors Tamil Vote Online, Missed Call Numbers

Bigg Boss Tamil 6 Voting:-  Season 6 is come back with newly top 16 candidates . BBT Vote is the new reality show on Vijay tv in India. mythical actor Kamal Haasan hosted the season 1 & season 2 & season 3. Just its return with season 6 vote, online voting, missed call numbers & voting today.


Bigg Boss Tamil 6 Voting

Bigg Boss Reality show in all 3 patois, namely Hindi, Tamil, & Telugu, is currently materialize at a speedy hop. Existence a reality show Tamils are very distressed to see the internet Show of Bigg Boss Tamil Vote . You may have had the mastery of Bigg Boss Tamil Online Voting if you’re one of the Bigg Boss Tamil Show audience.

Kamal Haasan is the backbone of Bigg Boss Tamil who plays the hosting state for this show as a popular actor. Just the 2nd season of the Big Boss Tamil series is coming & on Star Vijay TV channel it is existence telecast. The candidates in the Bigg Boss Tamil show will be purely based on the nominations the co-contestants and the listener set out. The other season 1, 2, 3, 4& 5 hosted by Kamal & season 6 same.

Bigg Boss Tamil 6

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Bigg Boss 6 Tamil Show Details

Season 5 Bigg Boss 6 Tamil
Host Kamal Haasan
Category Entertainment
Timing 10 PM on Mon – Fri
9 PM Sat -Sun
Launch Day TRP 15.71
Final Day TRP 19 (Expected)
No of Days 99 Days
Streaming Partners Hotstar & Jio TV
Telecast Channel Star Vijay
Genre Reality Show
Bigg Boss 6 Tamil Vote Results Click Here
Bigg Boss 5 Tamil Winner TBA
Starting From September 05 2024
Winner Prize Money 50 Lakhs INR


On 2nd October 2022, first-rate Bigg Boss Tamil Season 6 started newly. There were gossip that 2nd wave Corona might source the suspension of this season 6, still, these gossip have give the lie to. Bigg Boss Tamil Show producer select 18 candidates from several industries & position, with the most actuality, tastemaker, VJs, reporter & actors.

Voting Timings

  • Show : Bigg Boss Tamil Vote
  • Season : 6
  • Language: Tamil
  • Channel : Star Vijay
  • Timings : Everyday : 10 Pm – 11 Pm
  • Contestants: Top 16 Contestants

Bigg Boss 6 Tamil Vote Process

BB 6 Tamil Voting is finished each week. Every week, candidates will recommend a number of participants. These participants will be subject to public vote. Along with operation, the candidates who get the one or two votes throughout that week’s Bigg Boss voting will be pull out. In this way, 1 candidate will be pull out each week.

Bigg Boss 6 Tamil Voting

This year’s voting process will be identical to that of last years. At present, the number of votes may enlarge since the famed of Bigg Boss 6 Tamils is increasing every year & the TRP ratings for bigg boss Tamil are arise speedy with each season. We shall think about Bigg Boss Tamil TRP rates later in this post. Regular Reading to Learn Everything About Bigg Boss Season 6 Tamil!

Since 2017, Kamal Haasan has constantly hosted the Bigg Boss Tamil show for the 5th time. Likely to last seasons, Bigg Boss Tamil Season 6 is hosted in Chennai.

We are trying to address the main of frequently asked questions regard to Bigg Boss 6 Tamil voting online. You’ll find details on Host data, candidates details, the Voting Guide, Bigg Boss Tamil Daily News, Episode Highlights, and other.

Bigg Boss Tamil 6 Vote Online

You may too join in Bigg Boss 6 Tamil voting via Google. Here’s how to use Google Browser to cast your vote for the Tamil tv program Bigg Boss 6. This is not mandatory to register for Hot Star. Having access to the Internet is enough.

  1. Open any browser on your mobile phone or computer.
  2. Go to the “” search engine and type “Bigg Boss Tamil 6 Vote” or “Bigg Boss Tamil Vote” or “Bigg Boss Tamil 6 Voting” and search.
  3. Now Google naturally shows all the candidates who’re  nominated for that specific week.
  4. Choose and vote for your loved one candidates to keep him or her from the weekend elimination.
  5. Votes that are shared before Friday, 12 a.m., will only be counted.

Bigg Boss 6 Tamil Missed Call Voting Method

Follow Below tips

Step 1 – Note Your Favourite Contestant’s Mobile Number

Step 2 – Dial that Number

Step 3 – After dial, the phone rings and then decline, indicating that you have voted once. As like, you may miss 10 calls to cast 10 votes for the candidates.

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How To Vote For Bigg Boss 6 Tamil On Hotstar ?

To vote for candidates on the Hotstar App, please follow the rule below. The Hotstar voting procedure is very easy, and you don’t even require to download the Hotstar app to take a part. Now download it and apply your mobile number.

Step 1– Install the Hotstar app and make a free account or sign into an existing one. After making a Hotstar Account with your cellphone number or email address, Type Bigg Boss 6 Tamil into the search box.

Step 2– The Bigg Boss 6 Tamil Logo will show before you click on that link to reveal the Voting Bar below the logo. Then select the Vote Option.

Step 3– Pictures of the nominees show on your screen. After selecting your favourite candidate, tap on their picture. A press is identical to a vote. As like to that, from Monday at 11 p.m. by Friday at 12 a.m. up to the end of the day, you will have ten votes every day.

Step 4 – After press & vote, hit the Submit or finish button.

Note: From Monday at 11:59 p.m. to Friday at 12:59 a.m., voting is open. A total of 50 votes will be cast for you each week. You’ll have 10 votes available every day. These, votes can also split between many participants.

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73 thoughts on “Bigg Boss Tamil 6 Voting Online 2024, Colors Tamil Vote Online, Missed Call Numbers”

  1. Azeem is not completely wrong with the king drama.. the team is trying and uniting to blame everything on him and he is obviously in a defense mode because of that which is causing the trouble.. everyone wants a piece of him.. the way he responded could have been better though as usual.. biggest mistake I am not able to tolerate the fact that everyone stopped the role play on their own.. how many times should Kamal sir reiterate the fact that as entertainers, it’s their prime role to respect the rules and play the role no matter what happens
    1. Rule 1- no one apart from kingship is supposed to speak in front of king.. no one did that, everyone was everywhere
    2. Rule 2 – security guys need to be away and should appear only when called for, but Dhanalakshmi, ADK, RAM, Aisha, Nisha were allover the place and were even interfering with kings decision
    3. Rule 3 – Kathir reiterated many times to stop taking and opposing kings words, but Shivin and others didn’t listen
    4. Dhanalakshmi was the one who is intolerable and she ignited the audience talk in front of king thingy (atleast according to stream down).. Rule break again. She was the one who talked in front of king, said she will walk away and then again comes with statement that we should respect game.. what a chameleon..
    5. Azeem asking Princess to stop speaking was wrong
    6. Shivin can talk well and using that skill she is twisting the point of view and Vikraman also fooled by it.. the rule per my understanding clearly stated public shouldnot talk back in front of king
    I respect the Big Boss voice and Kamal sir too much and not able to tolerate contestants taking call on their own.
    By far, who gave the contestants the right to stop the role play????? ICONS LIKE Kamal sir have given their life for playing their role and character.. #Respect.. who are these people to get out of the role??? Is it not disrespecting the show.. all of them should be penalized.. TRP is one thing, respecting the game/show is completely another thing. I hated the fact that they are not respecting Big Boss show which everyone is crazy to participate or and watch. Shouldn’t they play it in a way that their life dependant on this?

  2. Dhanalakshmi is venom reincarnate.. no character, no ethics, no truth, double tongue, irritating, I literally mute the YV everytime she speaks..

  3. எனது ஓட்டு அஜீம்கு மட்டுமே தனித்து போராடும் தனிமை சிங்கம் பன்றிகள் அனைத்தும் கூட்டமாக சிங்கத்திடம் போருக்கு செல்கிறது

  4. ADK – no brains, no strategy.. he had no clue what he is dishing even.. he doesn’t even know whom he is screaming at.. total useless fellow..

  5. The only suitable contestant in the bigg boss 6 Tamil is Azeem. Only azeem……. There is no doubt in this point. All others are jealous and groupisom.. The only person to win this title is Azeem

  6. என்னுடைய தனிப்பட்ட கருத்து.. big boss விட்டில் 28/11/2022 அன்று ஒரு டாஸ்க் கொடுக்கபட்டுள்ளது, அந்த டாஸ்க் – இல் இரண்டு அணியினரும் அவர்கள் இடத்தில் தான் சாப்பிட, தூங்க வேண்டும் என்ற கோரிக்கையை big boss முன்வைத்துவிட்டார். அந்த டாஸ்கில் ஹாசிம், தன் task இல் அனைவருக்கும் உணவுக்காக போரடுனதில் ஒரு நியாயம் இருக்கிறது. ஆனால் நான் தான் இந்த வாரம் தலைவன் என்று நான் சொல்றது தான் கேட்க வேண்டும் என்று விக்கிராமனிடம் கூறியது ஒரு தலைவனுக்கு அடையாளமாக உள்ளதா.. ?

  7. Do not vote manikandhan,he is always showing favoerism in myna.he is not playing good.he is always supporting to myna.(no need to show friendship in biggboss home).Azeem is playing always individually.he is goog.pls vote Azeem.

  8. Janani evict pananum apd nu ellarum sluranga ana vote la avangatan 3rd ah irukanga ithu apd janani onum game adala pardhavae erichala iruku yedhuku vj tv avala save panuranganu therla ava panura thappu kuta ketkamatenranga yen evlo favour ah irukanum rachitha vadhu yedho vilaiyaturanga janani luck la irundhutu oolachi irukalam erichala iruku bigg boss onna veliya anubunga ila Kamal sir ah janani ya ketkka slunga ni ena vilaiyatura mathavangala luck la irukanganu solla janani veliya pogalana nanga yarum bigg boss pakkamatom this week

  9. Yenna bro azeem illana yarum biggboss housela activa irukka mattanga.karutha mattum pathivu pattrathukku maththa chennalukku pogavendiyathu thane yethukku entertainment chennalukku varanum.azeema mattum thookkitta therium.

  10. Azeem is not worth. He did not know how to respect. Don’t vote him.. don’t look for fight purpose. He is damn disrespect person.


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