Chandra Grahan , Lunar Eclipse Date & Sutak Time In India Live Updates

Chandra Grahan:- Chandra Grahan all time falls on Purnima Tithi & this time it is staying be spotted in the month of Kartik. Chandra Grahan or Lunar Eclipse happens when sun & moon are on the exact opposite side of the earth. This time people will witness a total Chandra Grahan on Kartik Purnima.

Additionally, known as Lunar Eclipse, Chandra Grahan is a phenomenon where the sun and the moon are positioning on the opposite ends of the earth. While it usually falls on the occasion of Purnima Tithi, this time it will occur during the month of Karthik. This year’s last  Grahan is staying marked on November 8, 2022.

Chandra Grahan 2022

The Chandra Grahan 2022 in India will be seeing from 5:32 pm – 6:18 pm. As per religious gurus, the Chandra Grahan will begins at 2:41 pm & it will end at 6:18 pm. Lunar Eclipse 2022 will be seeing in North/East Europe, Asia, Australia, North America, Much of South America, the Pacific, the Atlantic, the Indian Ocean, the Arctic & Antarctica.

The lunar eclipse on 8 November 2022 is the last lunar eclipse of this year, accordingly the Hindu calendar, the lunar eclipse is staying happens on the full moon of the darker fortnight of the month of Kartik, which will be a complete lunar eclipse. As per religious trusts, the affects of the lunar eclipse will be for the person of all zodiac signs, Chandra Grahan 2022 can be unpromising for some particular zodiac signs, you can appoint the worried experts to gain details about this.

Chandra Grahan 2022

Date & Time of Chandra Grahan 2022

Name of Event Chandra Grahan
Chandra Grahan Date November 8, 2022
Chandra Grahan Start Time (with moonrise) 8, November 2022 – 05:32 PM
Chandra Grahan Ends Time November 8, 2022 – 06:18 PM
Chandra Grahan 45 minutes 52 seconds
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Lunar Eclipse Sutak Time 2022

On the day of a lunar eclipse, the time of Sutak will begins from 9:21 am & will last until 6:18 pm, No religious & holy work can be completing during the Sutak time cause of it is similarly to effect many zodiac signs, during this lunar eclipse.

Sutak starts – November 8, 2022 – 09:21 AM
Sutak lasts – November 8, 2022 – 06:18 PM

We all know that the event of Kartik Purnima is as well as familiar as Dev Deepawali & this occasion is marked with pomp in Kashi, cause of the lunar eclipse is staying occur on 8th November 2022, that is why this year this event will be marked 7th November 2022.

The lunar eclipse which will happens on 8 November 2022 will be completely & partially seen in few zone of India. The time of seeing the lunar eclipse will be 2 or 4 minutes forward or beyond each other in different cities of India.

Lunar Eclipse today – astrological impact

A celestial occurrence like the Lunar Eclipse has tremendous astrological consequences. Few people might be impacted more than the rest by Chandra Grahan. According to Hindu astrological beliefs, the occurrence is an unlucky time, and certain actions must be avoided.

Chandra Grahan 2022 Do & Don’t 

As per Hinduism, it is compulsory for people to take care of some particular object during a lunar eclipse, regarding which details is accessible beneath.


  • Accordingly religious faith, while the Sutak time on the day of a lunar eclipse, we shouldn’t eat or drink anything.
  • During the lunar eclipse, Kush or Tulsi leaves should put on the food items kept in the house, so that the food material doesn’t set off impure.
  • Food items & clothes should be distributed to the poor on this day.


  • It’s forbid to practice or act any religious or holy work.
  • It is prohibited to touch the deity or trees & plants while the lunar eclipse.
  • As per religious gurus, journey in the event of a lunar eclipse is unfortunate.
  • During the lunar eclipse, don’t utilize any sharp, object such as scissors, knife, needle, etc.

How to View Chandra Grahan 2022?

It is suggested not to watch the event with your uncovered eyes as it might because unlucky collision on your sense of sight. For those who have not observed the happening ever, they can do so by staying the official portal of NASA where they would be carrying a live streaming session of the eclipse. One can as well as make utilize of binoculars, telescopes & DSLR cameras to watch this year’s Chandra Grahan.
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What is the time of Chandra Grahan today in India?

From 5:32 p.m. to 6:18 p.m., India's Chandra Grahan 2022 will be visible.

Can we go outside during sutak?

Children, the elderly, and the ill should not go outdoors at this time because Sutak Kaal is in full swing.

Who gets sutak?

'After a pious Brahmin passes away in one's own house, three Sutak nights are observed. 'In this manner Sutak is to be observed according to country, period, and ability,' Shatanand explains. 'If he dies in the town, one night is observed.'

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