CNG Price Today (State Wise List 2023), CNG Gas Rates in My City, How to Check CNG Latest Rate?

CNG Price Today:- The term Compressed Natural Gas or CNG is a type of fuel which can be utilized as an option in the place of petrol, diesel, gasoline, LPG/propane. The Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) rates in India will be confirmed by the government of India. The domestic rates of CNG will be based on the global rates of the natural gas which India imports from foreign.

Any jump up or dip in the global natural gas will have a at the same time effect on domestic CNG rates in India. India imports above half of the natural gas from abroad nations to appoint its domestic conditions and it worth the government more than enlarge the domestic price. With the spreading awareness amongst the people to protect the natural environment for making this earth a better place to live in, more people in India are switching to CNG enabled vehicles.


CNG Price Today 2023

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The Compressed Natural Gas is made by compressing the natural gas which mostly contains methane to less than 1% of volume. This is think about as the safest fuel as it doesn’t have any negative collision on the environment. The utilize of CNG as a fuel to run vehicles was 1st found way back in the late 1800s. With the advent of technology and people set off more aware of the hazardous effect of the utilize of petrol & diesel on the natural environment has made many people all over the globe has supported the CNG vehicles to receive popularity. The volumetric energy density of CNG is calculating to be 42% that of liquefied natural gas and is 25% that of the diesel.

Search a catalogue of CNG price in India all over the main cities. Check out the changes in cost of CNG in India together with the historical rates of the most cities. Present India CNG price was last updated on 2023. Check Rate Chart, Trend and Map to understand more. The market CNG price available per kg in India involves all State and Central Taxes.
Fuels are an essential part of our daily life and the hike or drop in their rates directly or indirectly influences all the zones. If you’re exploring for updated CNG prices in a special region together with a graphical representation, this portal serves you with all that you demand to know.
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Name of the Article CNG Price Today State Wise List 2023
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CNG Price Rate State Wise Record

Andhra Pradesh

₹ 94.00 (+18.25)
₹ 94.00 (+19.25)


₹ 78.61 (+3.00)
₹ 86.94 (+3.00)


₹ 86.90 (+3.00)
₹ 82.16 (+5.18)
₹ 84.15 (+3.00)


₹ 84.19 (+3.00)


₹ 84.00 (0.00)

Madhya Pradesh

₹ 99.50 (+4.50)
₹ 96.06 (+1.06)
₹ 96.06 (+1.06)


₹ 67.90 (+4.40)
₹ 89.50 (+3.50)
₹ 115.00 (0.00)
₹ 67.90 (+4.40)
Navi Mumbai
₹ 89.50 (+3.50)
₹ 92.00 (+1.00)
₹ 92.00 (+1.00)
₹ 89.50 (+3.50)


₹ 84.39 (+8.16)


₹ 88.88 (+3.00)
₹ 96.40 (-2.00)

Uttar Pradesh

₹ 97.00 (+13.47)
₹ 50.00 (0.00)
₹ 81.17 (+3.00)
 Greater Noida
₹ 81.17 (+3.00)
₹ 89.81 (+2.41)
₹ 97.00 (+16.20)
₹ 85.84 (+3.00)
₹ 81.17 (+3.00)
₹ 97.00 (+16.20)

Unique Features of Compressed Natural Gas

  •  It is a form of natural gas.
  •  CNG is stored at ambient temperature and high pressure.
  •  It is a supercritical fluid.
  •  The production worth of CNG is less.
  •  CNG demand a much larger volume to store the energy equivalent.
  •  The CNG is experimentally stored at lower pressure in the form of a consumed natural gas in a tank and the same is blotting at 35 bar in many sponge such as materials like metal-organic frameworks and activated carbon.
The Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) rate in India will be set on by the government of India. The domestic rates of CNG will be based on the global rates of the natural gas which India imports from foreign.
Divide the total distance (km) by 100. Now multiply the answer by the average fuel consumption, and then multiply this number by the price of fuel (per litre).


The CNG prices today are relatively low, due to the fact that there is a surplus of natural gas. The expected increase in demand for natural gas in the coming years is expected to result in higher prices, though.

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Why CNG price is different in different cities?

The Government of India sets compressed natural gas (CNG) prices, which are influenced by worldwide natural gas costs that India imports. The cost at which CNG is marketed in the United States may change if the price of natural gas abroad rises. CNG pricing, on the other hand, can vary greatly from place to place.

How is CNG price calculated?

The government of India will set the price for compressed natural gas (CNG) in India. CNG prices in India will be set based on worldwide natural gas pricing rates, which India imports from other countries.

Which CNG gives highest mileage?

The Celerio CNG from Maruti Suzuki has a 35.60km/kg carbon footprint. The Celerio CNG is still India's most fuel-efficient CNG vehicle, having been introduced in January this year. The same 1.0-litre K10C DualJet engine powers both the S Presso CNG and the budget hatchback, with identical power outputs.

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