Driving License: Apply Online for DL (new & Renewal), Documents, Fees

Driving License:-As you would know how strict the government is regarding traffic these days, if you are a driver of two or four wheelers on the road then you would know what is the importance of driving license, in addition to this if you are caught without a driving license If you go, you are fined heavily.

Along with this, you can also find out the name of the owner from the vehicle number, DL Status, e-Challan Status, online application for Driving License, Sarathi Parivahan Sewa (mParivahan), Check Driving License by Name & Address, RTO Information.


Driving License

What's In the Article

If you want to get your driving license online sitting at home and also you want to know how to apply for driving license online sitting at home, then today we will give you complete information about it through this article. To get driving license apply online, you must have ID proof and some important documents, because you need these documents while applying for driving license online.

Driving License: Apply Online

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Driving License Details

Name of article Driving license
Launched by Government of India
Beneficiary Citizens of India
Objective To provide driving license with help of official website
Category RTO
Official website sarathi.parivahan.gov.in

Driving Licence Objective

The most important document you need to drive on the road is a driving license. People must visit government offices to apply for a driving license. It is a waste of time to visit government offices. The Indian government has made an online driving license application process available to deal with this situation. India’s citizens no longer have to go to any government offices to apply for a driving license. They only need to visit the official website to submit an application. People will now be able to get a driving license from home. This will help you save a lot of money and time. Online availability of driving licenses will also guarantee system transparency.

Types of driving license

If you are doing Driving License Apply Online, then you should know that how many types of driving license are made online, so that you can make your driving license online as per your requirement-

Learning License: A learning license is a license issue by the Regional Transport Office (RTO) which acts as a beginner’s driving license. To obtain a learning license, the driver must be aware of all the traffic rules and regulations and must pass a written test. Learning license holder can apply for permanent license after 3 months or within 6 months.

Permanent License: Permanent license is issue after the learning license expires or the applicant learns to drive.
Duplicate Driving License: Duplicate Driving License is issue by the RTO in case the original Driving License is lost/stolen.

Heavy Motor Vehicles: This license is issue to the drivers of Heavy Motor Vehicles / Goods Vehicles.
International Driving License: International Driving License is issue to those drivers who want to drive their private vehicles in other countries as well.

Light Motor Vehicle License: These types of vehicles come under the LMV category. LMV license holder can drive light motor vehicle like car, jeep etc.

Age limit for driving license apply online

Following is the age limit for driving license apply online-

  • For the candidate who is applying for Driving License Online, the person should be a citizen of India and should be mentally sound.
  • The age of the applicant should be above 18 years.
  • 16 years of age is valid for a 2 wheeler without gear, just the consent of the parents of the applicant should be there.

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has grant permission to the Ministry of Road Transport and Highway to use digital platforms to provide a variety of driving license-relate services. The Ministry of Highway and Road Transport has issued a circular. Moth has announce in the circular that online services for driving license and registration certificate applications will be available. With the help of Aadhaar authentication, citizens can now renew their driving licenses and obtain duplicate RCs and relate services.

  • For this purpose, they are not require to visit regional transportation offices. Because these services are now available online, the process will be simplifies, and services won’t require any contact. Aadhaar authentication is require for all users of these online services.
  • With the assistance of advertisements, individual notices, social media, and other means, the ministry will take all necessary steps to promote it.

Each Indian citizen is given an Aadhar, a 12-digit identification number. A draft notification for linking driving license and RC with Aadhar has been issue by the union government. Indian citizens regard Aadhar cards as one of their most essential documents. Aadhar authentication is require to take advantage of various government subsidies and programs.

A driving license and certificate of vehicle registration will be linked to the Aadhar card. A draft regarding the portal’s contactless service has been release by the ministry of road transport. In accordance with the guidelines for good governance, this draft order has been propose, and the ministry has sought feedback on it.

Aadhaar Authentication For Notified Contactless Services

Aadhaar authentication will be require for all 16 types of contactless services offer by the portal. Change of address, learner’s permit, vehicle ownership transfer, and other services are among these. Therefore, in order for any individual to take advantage of these services, he or she must undergo Aadhaar authentication; however, in the event that the citizen does not possess an Aadhar card, the services will still be accessible to him or her without the Aadhar, subject to the production of an Aadhar enrollment ID slip. For the time being, this Aadhaar authentication service is entirely voluntary. To take advantage of the service, a person must personally visit the office if they do not wish to undergo Aadhaar authentication.

System Transparency as a result of Aadhaar Authentication

Fake documentation and the possession of multiple driving licenses by individuals, which pose a significant threat to India’s road safety, will be eradicate by Aadhaar authentication. Because of this, there will be fewer people at regional transportation offices, and these offices won’t have any agents or touts in them. With this system, there will only be 20% of people at the RTO because most services will be available through the portal with Aadhaar authentication after that, and very few people will need to go to the RTO. Citizens who want to use the online and contactless driving license service will soon need to use Aadhaar authentication. The ministry of road transportation and highway issues the draft.

How To Apply For Driving License Online?

You can follow the following steps to apply for driving license online –

  • If you want to apply for driving license online, then you must first go to the official website – parivahan.gov.in/parivahan
  • Here you have to click on “Drivers / Learners License”.
  • Now a new page will open in front of you in which you have to select your state.
  • After selecting the state and submitting it, a new page will open in which many options will be given, if you are applying for learning license then you have to click on “Apply for Learner License”.
  • If you have made a learning license, then you have to click on the second option i.e. “Apply for Driving License”.
  • If you are applying for the first time, then you will click on “Apply for Learner License”, after clicking, a new page will open, in which your driving license form will be complete in how many steps.
  • After that click on “Continue”, after this a new page will open in which the date of birth of the applicant will be sought, fill it correctly and submit it.
  • After this, fill whatever information will be aske from you, submit your form and make the payment.
  • After this you can book your slot in the nearest RTO office and you can choose the date and time accordingly.
  • You will have to be present at your chosen RTO office on the date and time you choose.
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Documents required for Online License Apply

The following documents are require for online driving license apply / driving license online apply –

Permanent Address Proof: Election Card, Aadhaar Card, Passport, Tax Receipt of your house, Connection Receipt of Electricity Bill, Ration Card, Address Proof issue by Government Employees, Residence Certificate issue from Tehsil etc. You must have one thing.

Age Certificate: Your age is simply check with this certificate whether you are 18 years old or not, in this you have to submit Birth Certificate, High School / 10th Marksheet or Sanad, PAN Card, Date of Birth Affidavit issue by Magistrate, etc. You must have one of the following.

Identity Card: In the identity card, you should have any one thing from Aadhaar Card, Election Card, PAN Card, Passport, Ration Card etc.
If you have the above documents, then you can easily apply for driving license online.

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