From Sawed Off To S12K, All PUBG Shotguns Ranked

From Sawed Off –When it comes to close-quarters battles, few weapons impart as much terror in PUBG  shotguns. these boom sticks may not offer much in terms of range, but they more than power for it in up-close lethality. These close-range massacre machines use 12 gauge explosive , which is thankfully not rare in the game. Let’s try and rank all of these shotguns available in the game. however, before we bring to that, do know that weakness are very subjective. if you are comfortable with a shotgun that has been ranked towards the lower half, that’s complete fine. This is digit’s list after all, and it should not involve your preferences whatsoever. concede begin. 

PUBG Shotgun  Lite has been alive for a while, but there aren’t any earned updates for the game. The game’s most modern version was condign made available. The concise version of the well-known BR game PUBG shotguns  Lite, bring regular updates much like the main game. About a month ago, crafton expressed the v0.22.0 upgrade, which comprised a tone of singular cosmetics. Access to the cosmetics & upgradeable skins is concluded the workshop.


From Sawed Off To S12K

What's In the Article

PUBG weapon damage stats become more and more important as you begin to think more competitively about how you play the game. Different weapon stats are important at particular times, too; DPS isn’t very important for sniper rifles, for example, but it’s one of the greater important stats for SMGs. Here on this page we’ll outline all the important stats and numbers for each of PUBG’s weapons, as well as  the latest extension , the Bizon, plus our own choice of the best weapons in PUBG, with our own argument , further down the page.

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From Sawed Off To S12K Details

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Sawed Off Shotguns Pubg

The Sawed-off is the latest inclusion to the Shotgun team of PUBG and is toted around in the Pistol slot which gives its an advantage over the regular shotguns which want a whole gun slot. it has the bottom damage among all the shotguns at . it also has the least range which make it powerful only in the early game & it becomes painful to kill people with in the later stages of the game. it can only be burdened up with two 12 Gauge cartridges & has a very high reload time. though it can unload those two capsule in quick sequence.

S12K Shotguns Pubg

The S12K is a semi-automatic shotgun, which make it a very good option for those who aren’t perfectly sure about their aim & prefer the spray and pray method of action. However, this advantage come at the cost of extensive recoil and slightly less damage. However, what grants this weapon such a high spot is the fact that it is consistent with a range of aggression  rifle extras, making it very all around.


S1897Shotguns Pubg

The S1987 is PUBG shotguns take on the classic pump-action shotgun that has been a part of shooters since day one. since this is a pump-activity weapon, there is a slight delay to each shot, so it is logical a bit of finesse. However, it makes up for it concluded sheer damage. When you have the power to abridge  an opponent to mincemeat before they understand what’s happening, who cares around the rate of fire.

DBS Shotguns Pubg

The newest extension to PUBG DBS Shotguns  Mobile, the DBS is theoretically the better dangerous shotgun in the game. It offers a burst fire of two rounds, which is pretty much suitable to kill most players when used properly . So why is it so low? Well for starters, it has pretty low range, equal for a shotgun. However, the main judgment it is so low is because it’s available via plunder drops. not only is reaching a loot bead is hard enough, but let’s be honest here, wouldn’t you rather asset an AWP, 8X scope, M249 machine gun or a Ghillie Suit

S686 Shotgun Pubg

The S686 shotgun is a break-activity  shotgun that is attractive much a full-sized version of the sawed-off shotgun. this means that it too attempt a 2-round magazine that can be let off in quick sequence . But the weapon will depend upon almost consistent  reloading. it also does pretty much the same damage as the S1897 shotgun, but with only 2 rounds in the newspaper. so you are pretty much better off with other weapon that is more versatile.

How to Buy From Sawed Off To S12 Online?

PUBG has Pistols, Shotguns, Submachine Guns, aggression Rifles, Designated Marksmen Rifles & bolt activity Sniper Rifles classified into particulars classes. we take a closer attention  at the different Shotguns in the game, & the profession  of each of these. Shotguns come with options to mod that add  magazine mods, bullet loops, muzzle mods and breath and sights. also read – new State bring new story assignment with update Details her. We will be finest the Shotguns based on three variables, which are damage, rate of fire, and reload time in the growing order.


In this article, we will be ranking every PUBG shotgun from the lowest to the highest shooting speed. We will be looking at factors like bullet drop, accuracy, and firing speed. This ranking will help you figure out which PUBG shotgun is best for you, depending on your playing style. As you can imagine, some shotguns are better suited for close quarters combat (CQC), while others are better for long-range engagements. Let’s get started!

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Where can I get Sawed-off in PUBG?

On the map Miramar in BATTLEGROUNDS, the Sawed-off is an unique shotgun type weapon that can be carried in your handgun inventory.

Is S12K a shotgun in PUBG?

In BATTLEGROUNDS, the Saiga-12K (nicknamed S12K) is a shotgun. Because it doesn't need to be manually cycled between shots, a semi-automatic magazine fed 12-gauge shotgun can lay down an obscene amount of damage over a wide area.

Is S12K a good gun?

Shotguns are effective at shooting targets from close ranges or inside buildings. You may fire several rounds at rapid speeds because the S12K is a semi-automatic shotgun. Furthermore, this weapon's destructive power is amazing.

Which is the fastest killing gun in PUBG?

It is possible to kill opponents with sniper rifles and shotguns, although they are less effective at longer ranges. Shotguns are ineffective in long-range warfare, whereas snipers cannot be deployed in close proximity.

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