GDS Online Transfer Portal Form, [PDF], Application Form, Documents

GDS Online Transfer Portal Form:- The application form for Gramin Dak Sevak (GDS) transfers from one position to another is sharing in this object. It can download from the link offered under or got from the relevant department.


GDS Online Transfer Portal Form

All kinds of Gramin Dak Sevak have a limited transfer facility (GDS). If the transfer is inside the Region, the Regional PMG must approve it. If it is within the Circle, the Head of the Circle must approve it. The transfer includes 2 Circles, the consent of two worried Head of Circles is necessary.

GDS Online Transfer Portal Form

GDS Online Transfer Portal Form Overview

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The Transfer Method of the GDS online transfer portal

  • Appeal for transfer applications should be created every year between April & June.
  • The Divisional Head shall get applications on the predetermined Proforma that is involing Annexure-I. The application will filed by the properly endorsed head of the engagement/recruitment unit/division.
  • The divisional head will officiary channel all applications to the suitable approving power, jointly with a factual report and guidelines.
  • At Circle Offices, Regional Offices & Divisional Offices, a individual register in the specified Proforma shared here as Annexure-Il is to be continued for recording transfer approval of all kinds of GDS.
  • All applications will scheduled as per seniority as of the date of GDS’s engagement, and transfer orders may transmitted in July.

Transfer Terms of GDS online portal form

The expert power has shared the signatory grant to be in touch the next conditions on the Limited Transfer Facility of Gramin Dak Sevak, which supersede all earlier orders –

  • Only 1 opportunity at major will be shared to male GDSs & 2 chances at most will be offered to female GDSs.
  • The send out will at his or her own appeal and cost to a unoccupied post at his or her place of alternate in the village or home division of his or her or the partner, or to a location that has advised for medical use of.
  • Before a transfer appeal can think about, a least engagement length of 2 years from the starting of regular engagement on a GDS Post shall needed for men.
  • Female GDS employees must commit for a least of 1 year from the date of their regular employment in a GDS character.
  • For GDS with disorder & GDS with dependents with disorder or mental retardation, a least engagement time period of 1 year from the starting point of regular engagement on GDS Post will be demanded.
  • Transfer appeal from GDSs who are off-duty or who are the subject of disciplinary action, a police inquiry, or a court case won’t taken into thought.
  • The length of earlier employment shall taken into thought when surety eligibility for departmental investigation and yearly raises. In no event shall GDS have any right to give back to the earlier engagement/recruitment Unit/Division.
  • Unless a GDS is transferred within the same engagement/recruitment Sub Division/Unit/Division and the transfer is accepting by the qualified system, the GDS will rank lower on the seniority list of the new unit set side by side to all other GDS who are on the seniority list of that unit as of the date the transmit is command.
  • Mutual Exchange facilities may created available to all GDS upon fulfillment of their engagement periods, which may be 1 year for female GDS and 2 years for male GDS, each.
  • The next conditions grant for the convey of the GDS at his appeal –
  • BPM Level 2 to BPM Level-2 in TRCA slab 3.
  • TRCA slab-2 from BPM Level-1 to BPM Level-1.
  • In TRCA slab-2, from ABPtr[/Dak Sevaks Level-2 to ABPIWDak Sevaks Level-2.
  • TRCA slab-1 from ABPM/Dak Sevaks Level-1 to ABPM/Dak Sevaks Level-1.
  • In the same TRCA segment, go from BPM Level-1 to ABPM/Dak Sevak Level-2 (PostalRMS).
  • ABPM/Dak Sevak Level 2 (Postal) to BPM Level 1 in the same TRCA slab, shared that the GDS creates the mandatory living quarter for managing BO equally the standards advise for BO and fulfilling the requirements for educational background, computer certification, etc, order by the Department from time to time.

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He or she must complete the required BPM training before enrolling as a Level-l BPM.
  • In the same TRCA slab, appeal the transfer of ABPM/Dak Sevak from Postal to RMS.
  • Shifting from RMS to Postal, or from Dak Sevak to ABPM/Dak Sevak at the same TRCA level. Dak Sevak from RMS shouldn’t shift to Postal Dn as BPM, even so .
  • The TRCA slab will not reduce as a outcome of a appeal transfer, and the amount of GDS-earned boost will abide the same.

All appeal transfers must involve the compulsory verification documents, like police verification reports for caste, education, and employment, in order to view.

GDS Application for transfer from one post to another

Following is the format of the application for the transfer from one post to another –

Statement for transfer from one post to next

The following is to fill in GDS online transfer portal form –

GDS Online Transfer Portal Form, [PDF], Application Form, Documents

 Required Documents For GDS online transfer portal form

  • Aadhar card,
  •  PAN card,
  • voter identification card,
  • driver’s license, passport,
  • utility bill,
  • water bill,
  • gas bill.

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How to complete & fill up the application procedure for the GDS online transfer form?

Here are the some tip to follow –

  • The GDS’s Name
  • GDS’s post with the title “Sub Division/Circle”
  • The day that the regular GDS involvement started
  • Academic Data
  • Either single or wed
  • Current TRCA Level with Slab
  • GDS Name of BO/SO/HO/RO and the post for which the transfer is appealing
  • The appealed transfer to the following subdivision, division, or circle is
  • Motives supporting the appeal for transfer

Documentary proof that the patient’s preferred location is the hospital or clinic indicated by their doctor is their home village, home division, or spouse’s home.

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GDS Online Transfer Portal is an amazing web-based tool that makes the process of transferring money between bank accounts much simpler. Not only is it user-friendly, but it also offers a host of features that can make the transfer process as smooth and seamless as possible. In this conclusion section, we’ll take a look at some of the best features of this Transfer Portal, and discuss why you should consider using it to transfer money between bank accounts.

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