HBO Max India Plans Price Launch Date And Everything Else That We Know So Far?

HBO Max:-The launch, price, and plans for HBO Max India have been the subject of numerous reports. The streaming service seems to want to enter the Indian market, which has been profitable for other OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney. Users will have access to exclusive HBO shows and movies, such as Justice League by Zack Snyder, when HBO Max launches in India.

Through its Warner Media Direct subsidiary, AT&T owns the streaming service. A quick look at the prices, launch date, and other details of the rumored HBO Max plans in India are provided below.


HBO Max India Plans

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There are already a lot of OTT services from all over the world available in India. However, it appears that a global player will enter the market once more. OnlyTech reports that HBO Max will soon be available in India. Additionally, the website has discovered pricing and information about its India subscription plan. In the meantime, official confirmation of the exact launch details is still requir. Let’s take a look at the online information about the HBO Max Plans available in India.

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HBO Max India Plans Details

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HBO Max plans

In the United States, Latin America, and the Caribbean, HBO Max services are currently available. Later in 2021, the company intends to expand it to specific European regions. For new customers, HBO Max costs $14.99 (Rs 1,101) per month without ads in the regions where it is available. You can subscribe for $9.99 (Rs 735 per month) if you don’t mind ads. In a few of these nations, the HBO Max subscription is also free with AT&T service and the HBO cable TV channel.

HBO Max India plans and their prices

The plans for HBO Max in India have not yet been announced, but according to the company’s most recent survey, they may be available in three different tiers, starting at Rs 69 per month. These HBO Max India plans are describ in detail below.

HBO Max Ad-supported Plan

It’s expect to be price in India at Rs 69 per month and will offer HBO Max shows and movies in standard definition with ads in between. Besides, users will be able to stream content on up to 2 devices at a time, get movies after a year of their theatrical release, and shows after their season finishes.

HBO Max Mobile Plan

It’s possible that the second plan on the HBO Max India plan list will cost Rs 139. It is claimed that subscribers to this plan will be able to stream without advertisements in standard definition; However, only mobile phones will be supported. On your laptop and smart TV, you won’t be able to watch movies and TV shows. Additionally, HBO Max movies and shows are expected to be available within a few weeks of their theatrical release under the plan.

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HBO Max Standard Plan

On the HBO max India pricing that was leak, this is the plan that costs the most. Users who subscribe to this plan will be able to stream 4K content without encountering any advertisements, at a cost of Rs 329 per month. In addition, you will be able to stream simultaneously on three different devices. According to the HBO Max Rs 329 plan, users will have immediate access to the most recent films and television shows as soon as they are releas worldwide.

Annual Plans of HBO Max India

We anticipate HBO Max launching annual plans in India with discounts of up to 50% in addition to these monthly plans. Its “Annual Mobile plan” and “Standard yearly plan” can set you back upwards of Rs 1,974 per year, respectively.

According to the initial report about the prices of HBO Max plans in India by OnlyTech, all plans will support Dolby Atmos sound and allow users to create five profiles per account. It went on to say that the streaming service in India will come with subtitles in Indian languages and localization. A Kids profile and a Personalized home screen feature will also be available.

HBO Max India launch date

The launch date for HBO Max India has not yet been announced, but the streaming service is anticipated to launch soon. In a fireside chat at the APOS Summit last year, Gerhard Zeiler, head of international Warner Media, did reveal the company’s plan to launch its streaming services in the country. Ziegler stated, “You have to be strong in Asia-Pacific if you want to be a strong global player.” We don’t have the scale we want or where we need to be in India. HBO Max will be the engine that will power us there. However, he did not go into specifics about the launch.

What is HBO Max?

You can watch movies and TV shows online on your laptop or mobile phone with HBO Max, a streaming service. The previous year saw its debut. Warner Bros., which owns a variety of franchises, including DC Entertainment, Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter, is aiming to provide content through the service. The HBO Max content catalog also includes Crunchyroll and Studio Ghibli anime, as well as shows and movies from HBO, the name of the television service.

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What Shows Are Getting Removed From HBO Max?

Aquamanile, a DC HBO Max Original, serves as the opening film. Following King of Atlantis, Esme & Roy, The Fungi’s!, and additional HBO Max Original animation shows follow. Summer Camp Island and the Infinity Train. A number of Cartoon Network shows, including Dodo Elliott From Earth, Mao Mao, Heroes of Pure Heart, Mighty Magi Words, and OK K.O.!, are lost as a result. Victor and Valentino, Uncle Grandpa, and We the Heroes Even acquired games like Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures were cut. We have a running rundown of all the HBO Max shows that have been taken out such a long ways too.

Where Will the HBO Max Originals Go?

The HBO Max Originals  big question is this. However, the response is hazy. We do not have any concrete answers because even the creators of HBO Max’s gorgeous animated series Summer Camp Island, Julia Pott, were unaware of the removals or their fate. With HBO Max now available across devices, it’s been hard to keep track of which of the network’s original series are being renewed or cancelled. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered! In this article, we’ll take a look at the five HBO Max Originals that are set to leave the network soon, and give you an idea of where they might go next.

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It’s been a great ride guys! HBO Max India has been an amazing experience for all of us and we would like to thank you all for your support. As we wind down the operations, we’ll be shutting down the website and social media accounts. Stay tuned for more news soon. Welcome to the final installment of our blog series on HBO Max India. In this series, we’ve looked at how HBO Max India is using technology to change the way people watch content, and how the platform is benefiting both viewers and creators alike. In this final installment, we’ll discuss HBO Max India’s plans for the future and how it plans to continue benefiting its viewers and creators. Thanks for reading!

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