How to Cancel Order on Meesho, Meesho Order Cancel Process

How to Cancel Order on Meesho:-Due to the limit number of shops available, physical shopping is exhausting and limited. It takes a lot of time to visit multiple stores to get multiple products. The tech industry has made it possible for people all over the world to shop from the convenience of their own homes and countries in an effort to alleviate the frustration. Today, products can be shippe from another country in days. This is true even if you shop from outside your country and use same-day delivery services.

Numerous e-commerce sites are emerging to provide residents of India with online stores, putting India at the forefront of technological innovation. Indians can use their phones to buy groceries, household goods, automobiles, clothes, and other items. For simple purchases, the internet offers trust platforms like the Meesho app and portal.


How to Cancel Order on Meesho

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The Meesho app has been call the best online store, an e-commerce site, a life-saving app, and more. Meesho is explain by each user base on their own experiences. However, the Meesho app is a well-known social commerce or e-commerce website. The platform makes it easier for people to sell their goods online. Products relate to fashion and lifestyle (such as clothing, electronics, jewelry, shoes, etc.) can be search by customers. Because they don’t need a physical store, the Meesho app is important to women who want to run their own businesses from home.

Students looking for extra money for their studies and lifestyles also like the app. Take note that Meesho lets buyers buy products directly from sellers. Meesho picks the product from the seller and hands it to the buyer once the deal is done. This indicates that the products lack Meesho branding. The app, on the other hand, will get the money and put the right amount in the user’s bank account.

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How to Cancel Order on Meesho

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Meesho: An Online Shopping App

Meesho leads India. 1 Reselling Platform, where you can make money by sharing trendy and well-liked products on Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp. Put your profit margin on Meesho’s wholesale price if a potential purchaser likes your share product and wants to purchase it. To place an order, you must supply the customer’s address. Meesho picks up the product from the supplier and delivers it to the customer without putting any branding on the package. After the product has been deliver, Meesho takes all of the cash and deposits your margin into your bank account. If a customer does not like a product, they can return it to Meesho and get a new one.

Meesho was found in December 2015 by Vidit Aatrey and Sanjeev Barnwal, both graduates of IIT Delhi. Meesho has approximately 750 employees and has its headquarters in Bengaluru, India. Meesho was acquire by Facebook in June of this year.

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Canceling Order on Meesho

Due to a few errors, you might not like your order or receive the wrong item. The refund and order cancellation policies on the Meesho app provide buyers and sellers with direction. Before making a final decision, purchasers should check their purchases.

A refund is very different from canceling an order; It is difficult to cancel an order once the product has been shipped. Meesho will accept a product for a refund or replacement if it is the wrong color, size, or shape, not the right product, or has a problem. However, before receiving and requesting a return, the user must check it.

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How to Cancel Order on Meesho?

The user is advise by Meesho to cancel the order before it is ship; One can check online to see if their order has been ship.

  • On your device, open the Meesho app, website, or app.
  • Select the “orders” tab after logging in to your account.
  • Five choices will then appear: To move on to a new page, click the “orders” button.
  • To see the details of your order, select the “cancel order” option.
  • Enter the reasons for canceling the order if you are pleas with the cancellation decision.
  • The reason can be chosen from the page.
  • To finish the request, click “cancel product” next to it.
  • The color pink will be used to indicate that the order has been cancel.
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Meesho Customer Care

Customers with Meesho accounts can also call the customer service desk to cancel orders. To request a cancellation, call the number +918061799600. Additionally, sending an email to is simple.

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