How To Play Teen Patti And What Are The Rules You Should Know?

Teen Patti Game:- Originated in India, Teen Patti is a famous gambling card game. It is popular not only in India however across South Asia. A simplified variant of this game is as well famous as ‘flash’ or ‘flush.’ The British card game, 3 Card Brag, is stated to be the original plan from which Teen Patti was affected since both the games have many similarities. Teen Patti is broadly enjoyed by people of India during events or social get-together due to its deep link with the culture.

Do you desire to learn the instructions of Teen Patti or pick up some strategies to better your talent? Look no further! We can tell you everything you require to know about this fun gambling game. 


How To Play Teen Patti?

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The Teen Patti game, meaning ‘3 cards’ in English, is a card game originating from the Indian subcontinent and is famous through South Asia. The game has similarities to the English game of 3-card brag, taking its guide from Poker.
Teen Patti needs three to six players. Since it’s a gambling card game, the 1st thing to be completed is placing a bet, just such as rummy or poker games. Commonly, this 1st bet has to be of a fixed amount. This fixed amount can be pre-decided according to the player’s will. Every player has to place this fixed amount as a wager. Once the bets are colleting, 3 cards with their face down are dealt to every player. The least amount of cash at stake is whooping the boot amount. This amount is gathering in a pot, which is occurring in the middle of the table. There are various kinds of Teen Patti variations such as Banko, Auction, Muflis, Joker, AK47 & other more.

How To Play Teen Patti?

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How To Play Teen Patti Overview

Article Name How To Play Teen Patti?
How To Play Teen Patti? Click Here
Origin Indian subcontinent
Alternative names Tri-card
Type Gambling
Family cards
Players optional (maximum 10)
Skills Counting
Cards 52
Deck Anglo-American
Play Counter-clockwise
Playing time unlimited
Category How To Guide
Chance Medium

Teen Patti

Teen Patti is a famous gambling card game that originated in India. Not just in India, but across South Asia, it is well-known. Teen Patti is said to have been affected by this game’s simplified version, which is also known as ‘flash’ or ‘flush.’ Because of its strong link to the culture, Teen Patti is widely popular among Indians throughout festivals and social gatherings. The desi vibe that this game gives off, despite its Western origins, is what attracts players to it. In reality, it is performed by anyone from the family or among friends of all ages. Every home in India has heard of it.

Teen Patti Tricks & Tips

The 3 Patti instruction might appeared a bit hard, but keeping some handy tips in mind can assist you play like a professional. You can search pro players in Adda52 and other poker portals for a fun-filled gaming experience. Upper we have mentioned all Teen Patti and here are some general terms & condition for playing Teen Patti –

  • Always concur upon the current stakes you desire to play.
  • Study adversary and their playing pattern
  • Utilize the slideshow alternate when you are not sure.
  • When you’re in suspense, you can decide to pack your cards.
  • Play buff with weak cards; confuse others to the extent that they fold.

Teen Patti Rules

The Aces have been ranked as the highest with 2 being the lowest. The aim is to have the top three-card hand and boost the pot before the game ends. The rankings are as given –

Ranking of the cards from highest to lowest –

Trail or Set (three of same rank)

3 cards of the same rank. 3 aces are the highest with 3 two’s exists the lowest.

Pure Series or the Straight Flush

3 consecutive cards from the same suit.

Sequence (or run)

3 consecutive cards, but not from the same suit.


3 cards of the same suit that are not in a order.

Pair (2 cards of same rank)

Between 2 duo, the 1 that has the highest value is the winner. In case the duo have the same value, then the kicker’s card will sure the winner.

High Card

This is the hand in which the 3 cards aren’t in an order, not all are from the same suit and there are not any 2 cards that have the same value. If 2 players have a common high card, the following highest card will be comfortable with to clear the winner.

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Final Thought

The game of Teen Patti is not only about winning the game and the pot money, however it as well has to do with you analyzing other players’ psychology. Above, we have shared the 3 Patti instruction that would be helpful for beginners and for anyone who desire to better their game.

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