How To Remove Watermark PDF?

How To Remove:-On the off chance that you’re somebody who often chips away at PDF records, you should definitely realize how bothering it very well may be the point at which its pages are implanted with watermarks. They upset the viewpoint of the record as well as keep the clients from perusing its items. Thus, it is ideal to eliminate the PDF watermark for a superior understanding encounter. Thinking about how?

This article records the most straightforward on the web and disconnected strategies to erase watermarks from PDF documents for nothing on Windows and Macintosh. Be that as it may, before we get to the how-to part, we should find out about what is a watermark and why some PDF records have them.


How To Remove Watermark PDF?

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How then can a PDF file’s watermark be removed? You need a PDF watermark remover to fix this issue. We’ll show you the best five free and paid methods for removing PDF watermarks in this post. Using Ease PDF to convert PDF files to Word and remove watermarks from Word is the cost-free alternative. A professional PDF watermark remover like Adobe Acrobat Pro or Power PDF is also an inexpensive and straightforward option. We will also discuss a different online method for removing watermarks.

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Remove Watermark from PDF in Word

To begin, we will suggest two cost-free methods to remove the watermark from a PDF. To use either option, you must first convert the PDF to Word before you can remove the watermark in Word. online PDF to Word converter or Microsoft Word itself are both options.

What is a watermark?

Most of the time, a watermark is text, an image, or a pattern that is added to a document either before or after the content that is already there. For instance, official documents that contain sensitive information may have pages marked with a “CONFIDENTIAL” watermark.

Similar to a stamp, it is permanently embedded in the document and cannot be moved, altered, or deleted by anyone reading it. A PDF file can now have multiple watermarks, but each one must be added to a separate page or range of pages.

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Why do PDF files have watermark?

  • Perhaps the most common reason why users add a watermark to their PDF documents is to prevent unauthorized use. Since watermarks make it difficult to read the document, it ends up enhancing the security and privacy of its contents.
  • PDF watermarks are also widely used by people to claim ownership of its contents. This can help prevent violations of the copyright law as well as theft and misuse of content.
  • Another reason to use a PDF watermark can be to prove the authenticity of the document or tell an original from its copy, especially in a professional setting.

How to remove watermark from PDF file online for free

  •   Log in to your Google Drive from your Windows or Mac device.
  •  Upload the watermarked PDF file to the drive.
  •  Right-click on the uploaded file and select Open With > Google Docs.
  •  Once the file opens in Google Docs, the watermark automatically becomes editable. Delete the watermark manually.
  •   Save the doc as PDF and you’ll have a new PDF file with no watermarks attached.

Using online PDF editor

For PDF documents, there are a number of professional online editors available. piffler is one such online tool that lets you edit, create, and manage PDF documents online with a variety of features. Using this online tool, you can remove PDF watermarks in this step-by-step guide.

  • Go to the official website of piffler.
  • Import the watermarked PDF file from your computer or a cloud source.
  • Once the document is added, a new screen will open for editing it. Click on the Edit Watermark PDF button on the right.
  • On the panel that opens, uncheck the box along Watermark to remove it and select the Close button.
  • On the next screen, tap Done to save the changes made and download the PDF file on your Windows or Mac device.

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How to remove watermark from PDF offline?

Here are the two most common offline methods for removing watermarks from PDF files on Windows and Mac if you don’t have access to the internet or don’t want to use online tools.

  • Right-click on the PDF file you wish to edit and choose Open With > Microsoft Word.
  • A pop-up window will appear with the warning “the resulting Word document will be optimised to allow you to edit the text, so it might not look exactly like the original Watermark PDF  Tap OK to open your PDF document in an editable Word format.
  • Now, click on the Design tab at the top of the Word file and then, select Watermark > Remove Watermark to remove all watermarks on the document. You can also delete the watermarks manually, albeit one at a time.
  • Once done, go to Save As in the main menu and choose PDF to save the edited file in PDF format.

Why do some PDF Files need a watermark?

  • One most common reason behind putting a watermark is to prevent unauthorized use of a document Watermarks PDF make documents difficult to read and thus increase the security of the document.
  • Watermarks PDF  are used to claim ownership of content. This can avoid copyright issues, issues of theft, and misuse of content.
  • Watermarks are also used to show the authenticity/legitimacy of a document. The watermarks differentiate original documents from duplicate ones.

How to Batch Remove Watermark from PDF Files

Users of Watermark PDF element can take advantage of a comprehensive set of PDF management features. Using the Batch Processing tool in PDF element, users can remove watermarks from PDFs. They are able to cater multiple documents simultaneously as a result of this. This tool simplifies operation and saves a significant amount of processing time. Follow the steps below to remove watermarks from PDF files in a batch for free.

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Which is the Best PDF Watermark Remover?

When deciding whether to use an offline or online tool to remove the watermark from PDF files, it’s important to research the best available platforms. If you’re looking for the best online solution for yourself, Google Docs may have a well-organized method for removing watermarks from PDFs online.

Google Docs is an online alternative to Microsoft Word that provides all of the essential features of a word processing program. This online tool has many different features that can be used to make major changes to a PDF file. However, Watermark PDF element may be the ideal choice for users who do not prefer online solutions and instead want an offline solution that can assist them with a variety of operational issues.

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