Indian Army Salary 2024 Indian Army Rank Wise Salary Structure Pay Scale Allowance

Indian Army Salary- Every year, Army releases notifications for thousands of recruitment & lakhs of Applicant apply for the recruitment without even collecting the full information. In research, it was found that most of the Students who participate in Army Bharti did not know what their starting salary would be when recruited.

Most of the youth nowadays want to join the Indian Army because they see a secure future in it & this is completely understandable. But, one must have proper command before applying for the Indian Army. So, ask yourself the question why join the Indian Army 1st, then jump to a conclusion.


Indian Army Salary 2024

What's In the Article

The Indian Army offers a good amount of salary to its employees. Working for the Indian Government is highly prestigious & well paid. However, in the case of defense services such as the Indian Army, Indian Airforce & similar, the pay scale is well balanced with allowances. Joining the Indian Army comes with a lot of perks.

The aspirants need to observe that the authorities pay a fixed amount base on a structure format as provide by the Government of India. Moreover, there is not one rigid pay that they receive. The amount entirely depends upon the position & level of the candidate. Here we have provided all the details pertaining to the Indian Army Salary in the following article.

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Indian Army Salary

Indian Army Salary 2024 Details

Article Name Indian Army Salary 2024
Year 2024
Category Career Guide
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About Indian Army

The great standing volunteer Army in the world has never had to scour the populace for draft or conscription. There are always more men eager to don olive green than the demand at any one hour. But this does not reflect a situation where a large unemployed workforce would get into uniform to keep body and soul together. More to the point is the basic attitude of our people to the call of arms, discover also by the British, some three centennial, before.

There are very many who join up for long service tenures under the colors, by inclination & choice also familial habit and honors. If a young man or woman, sound of body, mind and of Indian origin, is incline to spend most of his useful working lifespan in the kind of desolation that the country’s meadow areas’ adjoining the borders provide, can he or she cannot be block.

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Indian Army Rank Wise & In hand Salary

The position to which recruits in the Indian Army Salary are assigned determines their pay. The wage scale established by the authorities determines the advancement of the hired candidates. They are required to get a specific sum and other benefits as determined by the Indian government. They must remember that there are always chances to take promotional exams, advance to senior level and receive wage raises. Employees of the Indian Army are strictly given allowances and salary in accordance with the regulations of the Indian government. The following salaries have been announced in accordance with the recruitment notices provided by the Join Indian Army officials.

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Indian Army Rank Wise Salary Structure After 7th Pay Commission

All line in the Indian Army Salary fall under one of the levels give in the above table. The table describes the starting salary for each level. For example, if the merit of army rank is 3rd then the starting salary of that rank will be Rs. 21700.

Sepoy or Rifleman

  • Level in pay matrix – 3
  • Starting salary (without allowances) – ₹ 21, 700
  • Retirement age  – 19 years of service OR 42 years of age whichever is sooner.

Lance Naik

  • Level in pay matrix – NA
  • Starting salary (without allowances) – NA
  • Retirement age  – 24th years of service OR 49th years of age whichever is sooner.


  • Level in pay matrix – 4
  • Starting salary (without allowances) – ₹ 25, 500
  • Retirement age  – 24th years of service OR 49th years of age whichever is sooner.


  • Level in pay matrix – 5
  • Starting salary (without allowances) – ₹ 29, 200
  • Retirement age  – 26 years of service OR 42 years of age whichever is sooner.

Naib Subedar

  • Level in pay matrix – 6
  • Starting salary (without allowances) – ₹ 35, 400
  • Retirement age  – 30 years of service OR 52 years of age whichever is sooner.


  • Level in pay matrix – 7
  • Starting salary (without allowances) – ₹ 44, 900
  • Retirement age  – 30 years of service OR 52 years of age whichever is sooner.

Subedar Major (SM)

  • Level in pay matrix – 8
  • Starting salary (without allowances) – ₹ 47, 600
  • Retirement age  – 34 years of service OR 54 years of age whichever is sooner.

Honorary Lieutenant

  • Level in pay matrix – 10th
  • Starting salary (without allowances) – ₹ 56, 100

Honorary Captain

  • Level in pay matrix – 10B
  • Starting salary – ₹ 61, 300
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  • Free Services from Hospitals
  • Concession in the Travel Expenses of Air or Rail Travel
  • Loans available on Low Interests
  • Ration Availability
  • Facilities of Canteen
  • Casual Leaves available for 20th Days
  • Study Leave of up to 2nd Years with Full Pay and all Benefits
  • Lifelong Pension
  • Gratuity in case of Death Cum Retirement & Foreign Postings
  • Encash of Leave up to 300 Days of Last Pay Drawn

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