Infinix InBook X1 Pro Review 2024: Design, display Battery Performance and software, Back, Finally Reveled

Infinix InBook X1 Pro Review – Proceeding on with the slant of overwhelmingly smartphone companies entering the PC space with tablet offerings, the Infinix InBook X1 Pro is simple to inspire. Considering the cost point and the specs on offer, the tablets come over as fabulous esteem for cash, but they’re not without a few compromises. The greatest of them all is that the complete lineup is powered by the quickly maturing Intel 10th Gen processors, but is that truly a obstacle for regular utilize? That’s anticipated considering this is often a low-power ultrabook CPU that, till the 10th era, was generally implied for office work.

The H-series chips are for inventive workloads, so can’t hold Infinix to fault here for need of control utilization. Having said that, I had more than dozen tabs open on Firefox, counting one with video playing, and I had no issue launching other programs. In case you need to know fair how much behind you’ll be in terms of execution as compared to the 11th Gen tablets, here are the benchmark scores as compared to its closest competition.

Infinix InBook X1 Pro reviews 2024

What's In the Article

Infinix has continuously slithered up the stepping stool within the smartphone industry with its budget gadgets. But the Translon-holdings-backed brand is taking after the lead of unmistakable Chinese players by continuously wandering into other markets as well. The brand as of late forayed into the laptop industry with the InBook X1 series scratch pad. The first-generation Infinix tablets come with up to Center i7 intel chipsets and are well-loaded in terms of features.

With the InBook X1 laptop series, Infinix has attempted to set up modern guidelines within the reasonable portable workstation showcase. This isn’t the primary time any smartphone brand is attempting to snatch a hold of the tablet showcase with a pocket-friendly alternative. Xiaomi and Realme are among such well known brands which as of now are giving a intense time to the existing players within the laptop showcase.

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Infinix InBook X1 Pro Review

Infinix InBook X1 Pro Details

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About Infinix InBook X1 Pro

The Infinix InBook X1 Pro like the remaining InBook series laptops wears a striking skin that will right away get heads to turn with its looks. The InBook X1 Pro highlights a metal body which makes it strong. The company has utilized aircraft-grade aluminum combination to plan its to begin with tablet series. What upgrades the request is the brushed metal wrap up on best that gives a blend of matte and reflexive request. This dual-texture skin on beat gives the InBook X1 series a particular request permitting them to stand out from the swarm.

Whereas the tablet highlights a thin frame figure, it is marginally strong. The tablet weighs around 1.48 Kg which makes it heavier than the competition. That’s the as it were downside you might discover in terms of design.  We would like to highlight that the tablet cover isn’t totally smudge-proof. You’ll take note fingerprints and tidy getting gathered on the beat. Gratefully, it has a few levels of resistivity from picking up fingerprints and you’ll be able effectively wipe off the marks utilizing any cloth or tissue.

The top includes a bulging jutting outline that makes a difference with making the board lifting easy. The pivot quality is not too bad and offers a liquid involvement whereas opening and closing the cover. All the network ports are situated strategically on the laptop’s side outline. We are going be talking of all the ports and keypads in a whereas. It is worth highlighting that the InBook X1 Pro encompasses a 180-degree level screen plan.

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Infinix InBook X1 Pro Price in India 2024

Infinix has too launched the InBook X1 laptop series with a Center i5 processor for which you may have to be shell out Rs. 45,999 (8GB RAM+ 512GB SSD) and a Center i7 show that will fetched you Rs. 55,999 (16GB RAM+ 512GB capacity setup). Not fair the chipset, other highlights advertised by the InBook X1 series laptop are at standard with the competition.

Infinix InBook X1 Pro Features

The Infinix InBook X1 Pro doubtlessly contains a rugged build, but the quality of the trackpad may be a bungle here. The large-sized keypad offers a great writing involvement generally. In any case, the criticism with the numeric keys and the space bar isn’t as great as the in sequential order keys. Particularly, the space bar might donate wrong tap criticism when pressed once. That said, the InBook X1 laptop series doesn’t have a illuminated console. This may well be a bummer for a few of the clients. In any case, the by and large writing involvement has been better than average with the large keypad that has keys set at an well-suited separate. The Infinix InBook X1 Pro’s trackpad doesn’t live up to the desires. This is often another of those variables that we found isn’t up to the check and may have been better.

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Specs and Features

The Infinix InBook X1 Pro comes in three execution variations, fueled by Center i3, Center i5 and Center i7 processors. Outstandingly, these are 10th gen Intel processors, having a place to the G-series implied for low-power ultra books. All but the best variation include 8GB LPDDR4X RAM and 65W quick charging utilizing USB-C cable. The base variation highlights 256GB capacity, whereas the other two variation comes with 512GB capacity, all PCIe 3.0 assortment. The show, console and trackpad are the same over all configs, as it were the Center i7 variation gets an extra unique mark sensor. It too includes all the essential ports, something that the budget Realme Book skips on, together with a metal chassis and coordinates webcam.

Performance and Cooling

As specified prior, the Infinix In Book X1 Pro lineup is fueled by 10th Gen Intel processors combined with M.2 SSD capacity and LPDDR4X RAM. The cheapest within the lineup runs on the G-series 10th Gen Center i3 implied for low-power ultra books, whereas the foremost costly is fueled by the Center i7 1065G7. We got the last mentioned for survey, and off the snare, it feels like a not too bad entry-level tablet. So either way, the InBook X1 Pro would be an appealing alternative to consider.

Include to that the truth that it comes with Windows 11 out of the box. As distant as crude execution goes, the Center i7 InBook X1 Pro will effectively control you through the regular every day errands of checking and answering to emails, inquiring about data, working on office docs and going to online classes. This specific variation highlights 16GB RAM, which is bounty for normal utilize.

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Display and Audio

The InBook X1 Pro highlights a 14-inch Full HD show which fulfills the fundamental prerequisites of a conventional mixed media involvement. The screen is appraised for fair 300nits of brightness, that’s great sufficient to work inside, but not within the sun. The screen features a matte coating that cuts down on reflections, but closes up quieting the colors as well. Encourage, it as it were has NTSC scope, and the color yield is distant from the wealthy and dynamic output from the likes of the Realme Book that highlights a shinning 2K show.

At that point once more, typically not implied for high-res interactive media utilization. For its utilize cases that incorporates going to online gatherings, browsing the internet, and doing office stuff, it’s superbly fine. It’s not like you can’t observe a video on this, fair that your phone screen would likely be part more shinning and dynamic.

Battery Life

Separated from a metal body, another thing premium in all the Infinix InBook X1 Pro variations is the back for 65W quick charging. It highlights a mobile USB PD 65W Type-C charger that tops up 70% of the battery in around an hour. The battery itself is greater than normal. Infinix pressed a 55Whr battery that endures a conventional 4-5 hours at full brightness whereas browsing and tuning in to music on amplifier. Battery life would have been a issue, but the capacity to quick charge it doesn’t make it feel as well much of a compromise. Hell, indeed the Xiaomi 30000mAh control bank overseen to charge the tablet.

Infinix InBook X1 Pro reviews 2024 FAQ’S

Is Infinix InBook X1 worth buying?

The speakers on the gadget are brilliant similar to the battery duration. The InBook X1 stands alone in terms of portability and overall design. In conclusion, I have no hesitation in recommending the Infinix InBook X1 to working professionals or students with budgets under Rs 50,000.

Is Infinix X1 Pro worth buying?

Despite the Infinix InBook X1 Pro's rugged construction, the trackpad's quality is subpar. Overall, the large keypad provides a satisfying typing experience. However, the feedback isn't as good as it is with the alphabetical keys and the space bar.

How long does Infinix InBook X1 battery last?

The battery capacity is 55Wh and Infinix promises 13 hours of video playback time, plus charging to 70 percent in 55 minutes.

Does Infinix x1 Pro have graphics card?

Intel Ice Lake 32 EU UHD Graphics G1: integrated graphics card in the new generation of Intel Ice-Lake G1 SoCs.

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