IPS Ravi Sinha Biography, Wiki, Education, Family, Age, Career, Birthplace

IPS Ravi Sinha Biography:- An officer responsible for overseeing the essential duties of the army has recently been promoted by the Research & Analysis Wing. This officer’s name is “IPS Ravi Sinha.” Before joining the RAW, he was a senior IPS officer.

Sinha was initially assigned to the Chattisgarh Cadre and is a member of the 1988 batch. He has been promoted to head of RAW thanks to his hard work, dedication, and enthusiastic spirit. In order to control criminal and terrorist activities, it is one of the country’s most important foreign agencies. A collection of foreign intelligence, advice to Indian policymakers, counterterrorism, strengthening India’s strategic interests abroad, and other functions are among RAW’s primary responsibilities.


IPS Ravi Sinha Biography

On Monday, IPS officer Ravi Sinha succeeded Samant Goel as head of the Research and Analysis Wing. On June 30, the latter will have completed his four-year tenure with the external spy agency. The 59-year-old has been with R&AW for more than two decades and currently serves as the organization’s second in command.

The 1988 group IPS official from Chhatisgarh had before been taking care of the activities wing of the covert operative organization. His appointment as Secretary RAW for a period of two years has received approval from the Ministry of Personnel. He had previously served in Jammu and Kashmir, the northeast, and other nations.

IPS Ravi Sinha Biography

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IPS Ravi Sinha Biography Overview

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IPS Ravi Sinha Wiki

Samant Goel was the head before who supplanted Anil Dhasmana and presently, Ravi Sinha is a swap for Official Samant. His business will be in operation for two years. RAW has been handling the pro-Khalistan elements case for the past four years. As a result, in order to gain further access to the RAW projects, it was necessary to appoint a skilled and experienced officer.

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IPS Ravi Sinha Education

A person’s ability to study effectively is crucial. Even your character’s fundamentals are based on your education. A well-informed human being never succumbs to life’s difficulties; rather, he always perseveres in the face of them and strives for success. In order to finish his education, IPS Ravi attended St. Stephen’s College in Delhi. He is particularly interested in intelligence and technology. He joined the country’s armed forces from J & K after continuing his research into the phenomena.

IPS Ravi Sinha Biography Family

Ravi Sinha comes from a well-known family. His family has supported both his passion and education. He continues to develop each day as a result of their consistent push toward his goals. However, because they have not been officially disclosed, we are omitting any additional information regarding his family.

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IPS Ravi Sinha Biography Age

IPS Ravi Sinha is 59 years old. He had taken care of his fitness and health throughout his career. In order to solve any given case, he required extensive knowledge of spying and terrorist activities. He thinks it’s important to take a consistent approach to something. He has never taken his age for granted because he is aware that it will grow over time. However, his mindset will always be with him. Subsequently, he generally attempts to harp on great books, past instances of India and more perspectives to acquire appropriate bits of knowledge.

IPS Ravi Sinha Career

The officer started working in Madhya Pradesh in 1988. He was later given responsibility for the state of Chattisgarh. Later, he worked in Jammu and Kashmir, where he was responsible for important tasks. He is now capable of enhancing the skills of young RAW members thanks to his years of experience. Now, in RAW, IPS Ravi Sinha was referred to as an officer. The joining took place on Monday, June 19, 2023, in accordance with all applicable Government regulations.

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IPS Ravi Sinha Birthplace

IPS Ravi Sinha, head of the operational division in, is committed to carrying out his duties in an appropriate manner. He is a knowledgeable individual with a positive outlook on life. The officer was born in Bhojpur, Bihar. He finished his education in other Indian states and passed the UPSC in 1988. The nation is proud to have officers with such talent and dedication. A big thank you for their career as officers and for protecting us!

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