Lenovo Legion 5i Review 2024: Design, display Battery Performance and software, Back, Finally Reveled

Lenovo Legion 5i Review – The Lenovo Legion series has pulled in buyers who need a gaming tablet that’s a bit more sensible and grown-up. The unused Legion 5i-series of tablets, with the most recent 12th-generation Intel processors, is living verification of it. It carries forward the same tried-and-true useful plan and sets with a few of the foremost effective laptop processors Intel makes whereas being amazingly warm proficient. In straightforward terms, it puts the ‘lap’ in a gaming tablet since you’ll amusement on it without your burning your thighs medium uncommon due to the strongly warm launched from the vents. With its base setup beginning at Rs. 1.2 lakhs, the Legion 5i appears to be a big-boy laptop with a childish pizazz.

Lenovo Legion 5i 2024

The Lenovo Legion 5i may be a solid gaming laptop that provides a furious execution for gaming and efficiency errands. This furious execution can be credited to the laptop’s unimaginable list of specs and numerous series choices. However, the Lenovo Legion 5i isn’t so appealing, and the tablet could be a bit profound. In this review, I will give a full investigation of the Lenovo Legion 5i’s plan, show, ports, and network highlights. Not fair that, I will moreover explain the laptop’s CPU, RAM, GPU, capacity, and battery life exhibitions. Besides, I will display the benchmark test comes about of the laptop additionally make comparisons with a few of its closest competitors in different areas. Moreover, I will rate the tablet on a scale of one to ten based on its execution in each area of this survey.

Lenovo Legion 5i Review

Lenovo Legion 5i Details

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About Lenovo Legion 5i

Many a long time back, Lenovo rebranded its gaming tablets into the Legion lineup. Since at that point, we have seen Lenovo Legion laptops advance into way better and more alluring gaming tablets among all other brands. So, to advance the lineup indeed assist, Lenovo launched the Legion 5i in 2020. As anticipated, this laptop comes with a parcel of updates and adjustments from its forerunners, the Legion Y530 and Legion Y740. In fact, it featured as one of the foremost rugged high-performing gaming portable workstations at the time of its launch.

To create things indeed way better, the Lenovo Legion 5i does not taken a toll so much for a gaming tablet of its quality. Particularly, the tablet had a beginning cost of $1,045.00 in May 2022, when this survey article was distributed. Having said all that, I’m beyond any doubt you’re as of now inquisitive to know more around this gaming tablet. Well, proceed perusing as I unwind all that the Lenovo Legion 5i needs to offer in other areas underneath.

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Lenovo Legion 5i Price in India 2024

With its base setup beginning at Rs 1.2 lakhs, the Legion 5i appears to be a big-boy laptop with a childish energy. Obviously, it comes in two colors, and both are distinctive shades of dim Storm Dim and Cloud Dark. In expansion, there’s a modest Lenovo symbol on the cleared out and a Legion symbol on the correct.

Lenovo Legion 5i Features

It’s a desktop substitution tablet, which suggests it is overwhelming, tipping the scales at 2.4 kilos. The charger is another kilo or so, so you’ll ought to purchase a big-ish bag in case you arrange on carrying it around. Utilizing it in bed is progressing to be troublesome, so you superior sit down on a chair and table to utilize it. The choice of materials here is top-notch the chassis is made of aluminum and magnesium, taking off small scope for feebleness. Making things indeed more helpful is the ‘zero bump hinge’ plan, which suggests the cover isn’t connected to the edge of the laptop.

Instep, it sits a small more profound interior the body, which makes space at the raise for ports and vents. We completely adore this plan since the pivot never wobbles, and since there’s so much room for disseminating discuss, the Legion 5i is comfortable to keep on your lap whereas gaming. We’ll get to the warm execution in a bit.

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The modest outsides of the Lenovo Legion 5i abdicate it the ‘sleeper’ status or a laptop that can be mixed up for a boring commerce machine, but in reality, it’s a party creature. At to begin with look, it shows up to be a run-of-the-mill ThinkPad laptop for an normal corporate rodent. Obviously, it comes in two colors, and both are distinctive shades of dark – Storm Dim and Cloud Dim. In expansion, there’s a minor Lenovo symbol on the cleared out and a Legion symbol on the correct. Opening the cover uncovers a full-sized RGB illuminated console. The party inside-work exterior nature moreover proceeds to the shape and estimate of the keys. They bear the commonplace Lenovo/ThinkPad shape and have great travel and tactility. Gamers get excited about mechanical consoles, but usually one of the culminate consoles we have come over on a tablet.

Display & speakers

The Legion 5i comes with two show alternatives. Both have the same 300 nits of brightness, 15.6-inch inclining length and 100% sRGB array scope, but they contrast in determination one is full HD (1920 x 1080), though the other is WQHD (2560 x 1440). With a distinction of fair 500 bucks, it’s a no-brainer to want the last mentioned, as there’s no compromise in revive rate. The show is shinning, in spite of the fact that the colors aren’t as striking as the Mac Books. But that’s completely satisfactory. The beat and the sides are moderately lean in terms of bezels, in spite of the fact that the chin is truly thick. For gaming, this can be completely fine, but a few of our companions couldn’t offer assistance but point out the chin as wide as that of Hrithik Roshan’s.

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The little ‘i’ within the title recommends the Legion 5i is an Intel-powered fix. So, underneath its aluminum-magnesium chassis, our unit had a 12th-generation Intel i7 12700H processor. It incorporates a add up to of 14 centers, six of which are execution centers clocked up to 4.7GHz, and the rest are proficiency centers running at 3.5GHz. There’s moreover an Intel i5 12500H variant that costs Rs 5,000 less. Helping the CPU could be a choice between Nvidia RTX 3060, RTX 3070 and RTX 3070 Ti GPUs. Here’s the cool thing DDR5 RAM, and you’ll select between 16GB and 32GB capacities, clocked at 4,800MHz.

Our laptop had the RTX 3060 GPU matched with 32GB of RAM. In terms of capacity, you get two choices with either 512GB or 1TB of M.2 PCIe Gen 4 SSD capacity. We looked into the Legion 5i final year, and whereas the as it were major changes this year are within the CPUs and the memory sort, the generally bundle is estimated marginally higher. This still doesn’t harmed its value-for-money accreditations, in spite of the fact that.


The Lenovo Legion 5i packs a 4-cell, 80Whr battery and ships with a 300W connector. Our specific pre-production unit might have been imported, so we gotten a British standard plug rather than the three-pin Indian plug. Lenovo claims the Legion 5i to final approximately four hours, but in our utilization, it endured around one hour and 10 minutes. We kept our utilization unassuming, running the display at 80% brightness beside two Chrome tabs open at the same time, one playing music and one with Google Docs. Only the dGPU was utilized in this situation, in spite of the fact that exchanging to Crossover mode will assist you spare a bit more control. Whereas the figures appear typical for a gaming laptop, the AMD-powered ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14 ruined us with its astounding battery life in spite of its gaming-laptop tag.

Lenovo Legion 5i 2024 FAQ’S

How much is the Lenovo Legion 5i 2024?

The Legion 5i Pro (Gen 8) for 2024 is a more affordable alternative to the mighty Legion Pro 7i. It's available with up to a Core i9-13900HX CPU, NVIDIA RTX 4070 laptop GPU, and 165Hz QHD+ display with G-Sync, with prices starting at about $1,480.

How long does Legion 5i last?

I measured approximately 6W when idle following boot, indicating a maximum runtime of 10 hours using 60Wh. For office work, I would estimate approximately 6 hours and 10 W. It takes less than an hour if you have a heavy load.

Is Legion 5i worth it?

Verdict. If you want a gaming laptop with a Quad HD screen without spending a fortune, the Lenovo Legion 5i (2022) is a great option. Although the battery life is poor, it will be difficult to find a better deal elsewhere.

What is the price of Legion 5i 12th gen?

Lenovo Legion 5 82RB00K8IN Laptop (12th Gen Core i7/ 16GB/ 512GB SSD/ Win11/ 6GB Graph) The Lenovo Legion 5 82RB00K8IN Laptop (12th Gen Core i7/ 16GB/ 512GB SSD/ Win11/ 6GB Graph) has a starting price of Rs. 1,19,990 in India. As of July 3, 2024, it is currently available at the lowest price on Croma in India.

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