Moto E7 Power Review: Clean Software And Big Battery, Pros & Cons

Moto E7 Power Review:- The Moto E7 Power was launched as of late inside the Indian publicize as a budget promoting, counting to the hotly-contested segment. It is evident that Motorola needs its phone to be ultra-competitive. While budget phones are not accurately feature-rich, it’d be sensible to say that the E7 Power does offer a few things that are worth enjoying, but there are a few of things that aren’t. In this review of the E7 Power, let’s briefly see what those things are and within the event that it is worth buying the contraption.

Motorola’s stock Android-like utilization makes it straightforward to operate the UI and isn’t as well overpowering on the processor. You besides get a sensibly gigantic 5,000mAh battery that will get the work done and keep you truant from the control connection for a day. In any case, many of the other perspectives of the phone do take off one requiring for more, checking sub-par execution, typical cameras, and a arrange that doesn’t genuinely stand out.


Moto E7 Power Review 2023

What's In the Article

Motorola has taken an India 1st approach with the launch of the Moto E7 Power, a unused participant within the budget category. The phone is made in India and will be solely accessible by means of Flipkart at a sub-10K cost.

A few of its highlights incorporate a near-stock Android computer program, a 5000mAh battery, eMCP capacity, LPDDR4X Slam, and USB Type-C charging. With these, it points to require on Poco C3, Micromax In 1b, Realme C15, Redmi 9i, and the likes. So, in this Smartprix review of the Moto E7 Power, we’ll evaluate how power-packed this thing truly is. And by the time we hit the closing line, you’ll know whether it fits your charge.

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Moto E7 Power Review

Moto E7 Power Details

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About Moto E7 Power

Strong polycarbonate development with exceptionally small flex and a inflexible plan welcomed me when I opened the Moto E7 Power box for the primary time. The Tahiti Blue color alternative and the or maybe cleaned wrap up in put of a finished see sit fine with me. The phone doesn’t weigh as much as I had thought, and the edges bend ever so delicately for a comfortable in-hand feel. The unique mark sensor coordinates with the Motorola symbol is placed fair at the proper stature close to the dual-camera setup. You too get an extra Google Collaborator button on best of the normal volume rocker and control button. The Moto E7 Power gives a sizeable 6.5-inch HD+ IPS LCD board with a not too bad sum of brightness and somewhat oversaturated tones to the color plot in common.

You’ll be able alter the profile as per your inclination within the settings menu. Optics on the gadget are dealt with by a 13MP essential shooter and a 2MP large scale shooter. When displayed with plentiful light, the E7 Power will drag off shots that see very great. Enumerating is marginally off and the energetic extend isn’t the finest, but the center speeds and presentation calibration work well for the foremost part. On the front could be a 5MP selfie camera that moreover works well in sunshine conditions and keeps up skin tones precisely.

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Moto E7 Power Price in India 2023

In case stock Android is something you’re trying to find in your budget gadget at that point the Moto E7 Power merits a closer see, but I’d recommend you consider the 4GB RAM variation which is estimated at Rs 8,299.

Moto E7 Power Features

Motorola has stuck with its stock-Android skin which is clean, bloatware-free, has great integration of Google administrations, and is, in common, not processor-heavy. The whole UI is very user-friendly and has choices for simple one-handed utilization. Also Motorola offers you up to 2 a long time of computer program upgrades which ought to let clients at least get Android 11 within the future. The unique mark confirmation is very smart. The 5,000mAh battery works very well, with one of the reasons being that the chipset isn’t exceptionally control hungry. With direct to light utilization, the Moto E7 Power can effectively final for up to two days off a single charge. It moreover performed well on my standard battery test of circling a video at half brightness and came up with an noteworthy 28 hours.

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Battery and Performance

The thing that comes to intellect from that Control title has got to be the battery. On the box, it claims up to 2 days. Well, E7 Power sacks a 5000mAh cell that ought to effectively run for a day and with humble utilize, indeed cover the major parcel of the another day. That said, it scored 8Hr 38 mins (with 15% remaining) within the PC Stamp Work 2.0 battery test, which is an hour behind what we got with the Moto E7 Also (reviews), but ought to be great sufficient for most users in any case.

The bundled 10W charger takes around 2Hr 30 mins to fill the tank from 15% to full. The rest of the innards include a 12 nm-based MediaTek Helio G25 CPU with 8x Cortex A53 centers clocked at a max speed of 2.0GHz. This arrangement is sponsored by up to 4GB RAM and 64GB eMCP ROM. This capacity standard comes with a built-in memory arrangement for improved inter-chip communication. It ought to be consequently hypothetically speedier and productive than eMMC found inside modern phones.

Connectivity, Calls, and Audio

Network alternatives incorporate 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0, GPS, Double 4G SIMs (cross breed opening) with VoLTE bolster, and 2×2 MIMO throughput. As for call quality, I didn’t have any issue, nor did the other party. The common sound quality is tinny. It comes from a little opening by the back that gets effortlessly blocked depending on how you hold the phone and how you put it on a surface. So, you’re superior off with a earphone.

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Design and Display

The jack is at the best. By the foot, there’s a mic and a USB-C attachment. Glory be! Moto wins a point in my book for its harbor choice. The right-arm side is where you’d discover all the three impeccably material buttons the control key, volume rocker, and the Google Collaborator trigger. While the situation of the last mentioned at a finger’s extend maintains a strategic distance from coincidental presses, I wish it was remappable. The E7 Power faces a 6.5-inch IPS LCD board that’s HD+ in determination. A enormous surface offers more breathing space for touch and vision. But, the 720×1600 pixels in such a canvas implies less pixel thickness viz. 269 PPI in this case.

My other bandy with the screen is that it is as well dim exterior. The versatile brightness is forceful. So, I had it off. As for inside, it is okay for media and unremarkable exercises. On, there’s a flawless notice Driven, an earpiece, and the standard drop indent with the sensor looking at you. It can’t check confront in spite of the fact that. So, you have got to depend on the raise unique mark scanner, which is smart sufficient. Rest, there’s fair the most camera board. More on that within the succeeding session.


Moto E7 Power is outfitted with a 5MP front camera and a 13MP+2MP team by the back. You get to record from both sides. In sunshine, the comes about are beautiful great with obliging points of interest. It vacillates when it comes to controlling the presentation, which is particularly recognizable in highlights. Moreover, the colors are much lighter than they are really. There appear more regrettable when seen on the local screen. So, seeing them on a mobile workstation screen is prudent for distant better; a much better; a higher; a stronger; an improved”>a stronger thought. As nature’s clock strikes night, the camera starts to battle. Still, given with a conventional light source, you’ll capture a few neat stills. When it comes to selfies, Zoom gatherings, and representations, the spotty edge discovery, and brushed-off subtle elements make it endurable at best.

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Moto E7 Power Pros & Cons

The Moto E7 Power isn’t the flashiest of gadgets but for its starting price, you are doing get strong development and a bulky battery that endures a whereas. The sunshine photography and a clean computer program encounter with the guarantee of future upgrades are too a few enormous positives of the gadget. In any case, a powerless chipset and low RAM on the beginning variation isn’t progressing to be conducive for anything more than essential smartphone utilization. Charging speeds are quite slow while the night photography on the gadget will keep you needing more. On the off chance that stock Android is something you’re trying to find in your budget gadget at that point the Moto E7 Power merits a closer see.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Clean software
  • Long battery life


  • Cameras are not good
  • Boring design
  • Sub-par performance
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