Mparivahan APP – Parivahan Sewa, RC/DL Status Check and How to Use Mparivahan Mobile App

Mparivahan APP –The MParivahan app was launched by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highway as part of the Digital India program. Road Transport offices-related online services and facilities are provided by this application. Since its launch, the M-parivahan mobile app has brought together more than 1300 RTO offices into a single application.

People have been able to get high-quality services and facilities thanks to the digitalization of road transportation offices. Additionally, RTO’s working environment has improved in quality. This article can be read by many people who are unfamiliar with the MParivahan app and its features. The M app’s usability, all of its features, and descriptive information are provided here.


Mparivahan APP

What's In the Article

Nowadays, using a smartphone is easy and common. As a result, the government is attempting to connect with individuals to provide online services. The Road Transport office’s services will be more easily accessible to citizens as a result of this. The mobile-based MParivahan app gives Indian citizens instant access to a variety of information and services. It aims to make the system more user-friendly and transparent.

The Mparivahan APP has a virtual registration card, a driving license, an encrypted QR code, a transport notification for citizens, the location of the RTO office, and other Road Transport Office-related facilities.

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Mparivahan APP

Mparivahan APP Details

Name of the App M-Parivahan
Concerned Authority Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH), Highways
Launch year January 2017
Launched By Shri Nitin Gadkari
Application Type Mobile Based Application both Android and iOS
Developed By National Informatics Centre (NIC)
Target Users Citizens of India
Available for Operating Systems Android & iOS both
Category  How To Guide
mParivahan website URL
Official Transport Department Portal Parivahan Sewa

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Benefits of the M-Parivahan App

  • You can learn a lot about a vehicle that is registered in India by using the mParivahan App.
  • If you do not have your original physical vehicle document, you can show the traffic police your digital Driving License (DL) or Registration Certificate (RC) during the check.
  • In point of fact, merely having your digital documents on hand at the time of checking is sufficient and acceptable.
  • With the help of this app, you can find information about any lost, stolen, accidental, or parked vehicle. Simply enter the registration number. to obtain the outcome.
  • Verification of card information Verification of used car information If you want to buy a used car, you can use the app to verify its registration and age.
  • In the event of a collision with the vehicle, notification and alerts.
  • Dashboards for DL and RC that are distinct
  • Even if you are offline, you can still provide information about a vehicle by simply entering the vehicle number.
  • The virtual DL/RC’s QR code can be used as a sticker.
  • Provide details regarding your towed vehicle.

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Salient Features of m-Parivahan Mobile App

This digital platform is one of the government’s initiatives that makes e-governance easier and moves us closer to realizing the Digital India dream. You can learn more about the application’s main points by looking at its most prominent features. Check out the following features:

  • The NIC-developed Mparivahan APP Mobile App is a Government of India application.
  • The citizens can install it without paying for it.
  • It offers a user-friendly interface that makes it simple for every citizen to access all of its services.
  • a single application for all national citizens.
  • The validity of documents presented via the M-parivahan app or other platforms like Digilocker is the same as that of physical documents.
  • There are three distinct languages available to citizens: English, Hindi, and Marathi, depending on their preference. Soon, additional languages will be added.
  • Available for the iOS and Android operating systems.

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Services and Features of mParivahan portal

You will find brief descriptions of each feature that NIC has included in M Parivahan for the convenience of citizens in this section.

    • RC Information
      This option helps you to provide detailed information about your Registration Certificate. Under this RC dashboard, you can check your RC details by entering your RC number.
    • DL Information
      This option takes you to the DL dashboard where you can view your DL information by entering your DL number.
    • Search DL with DOB
      This option of mparivahan online app facilitates you to search your DL with the help of your Date of birth. You have to enter your DL number and date of birth to check the details of your DL.
    • Search Challan
      By this option, users can search challan (if any). It can be viewed either by entering the RC Number or by the DL number.
    • Pay Tax
      Under the Road Tax services option, you are provided three options viz.
      – Pay Tax-
      – Check Pending Transactions
      – Reprint Receipt
      To proceed with these services you need to enter the valid vehicle no.
      • Emergency Services
        This feature is one of the important features of this app. In this option, users get an emergency number which they can dial in case of any accident or any other problem. With this, you can also create your own emergency profile and contacts which will be notified in case of any mishap.

    Check how to create an emergency profile on mparivahan?
    – Open the app.
    – Click on the emergency services option given at the top of the dashboard or click on the menu bar to get the same.
    – Click on “Create Now”
    – Enter the details (DOB, Gender, Blood group, height, weight) to complete the emergency profile and click “Next”
    – Add emergency contacts (can be more than one) and Save.

    • Our Services
      Under this, you get the following information-
      – DL mock test- Online mock test for applying for DL
      – Nearest Pollution Checking Center
      – Nearest RTO- Helps to find out the nearest RTO in your region.
      – Salient Features- Provide information about app features through a video
    • Registration
      Here you get each and every information about RC viz.-
      – Temporary Registration
      – Permanent Registration
      – Renewal of Registration
      – Duplicate RC
      – No Objection Certificate
      – HP Endorsement
      – HP Termination
      – Address Change
      – Reassignment of Vehicle
      – Trade Certificate
      – Duplicate Trade Certificate
      – Ownership Transfer
      – Diplomatic Vehicles
      – Registration Display
    • License Information
      Under DL information you get to know about-
      – Learner’s DL
      – Permanent DL
      – Renewal of DL
      – Duplicate DL
      – Addition of Class
      – International Driving Permit
      – License Related Fees
    • Shared/Received RC
      You can also share your RC with your contacts on the mParivahan app (if necessary). View your shared and received RC details with this feature. RC can only be shared with contacts who are also mParivahan app users and are in your contact list.

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  • Notification
    You can get regular and real-time notifications of all road transportation-related activity by selecting this option at the dashboard’s top. You can find a variety of notifications about shared/received RC/DL, emergency services, app version updates, and other topics under this icon. Ministry notifications and General Notifications are included in this feature.
  • Language Selection
    You can select the language in which you want to use this feature to access the application. The app currently supports only three languages. Soon, the list will include additional languages.

How To Download Mparivahan APP Online?

To make use of the mParivahan app’s services, one must first download it and register. Let me walk you through a process one step at a time:

  • Open the Play Store on an Android or iOS phone.
  • Select the “mParivahan” app option after searching for “mParivahan.”
  • Open the app on your phone after installing it.

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Set Up mParivahan Account?

One can use the following steps to set up a mParivaham account:

  • Click on “Sign in” after choosing “Menu.”
  • To continue using the app, enter the registered phone number if you have an account; Select the “Sign up” option if you need to sign in.
  • Verify the mobile number by entering the OTP that was sent to the phone after entering the mobile number and checking the “Terms and Conditions.”
  • The mParivahan account is currently active.
  • The name and phone number will be shown on the application’s homepage, and one can use the services that are listed there.

Create Virtual RC on mParivahan App?

On the mParivahan application, one must create a virtual RC in order to access it. The following is a step-by-step guide for creating a virtual RC using the mParivahan app:

  • Open the mParivahan application online.
  • The dashboard page for the virtual RC will open after you select your name in the application’s upper right corner and then select “My RC.” Click “Search” after entering the RC number in the search bar.
  • The entire information about the vehicle that is registered under that RC will be shown.
  • Click “Add to Dashboard for Virtual RC” further down.
  • You will receive the prompt message “Go to the dashboard to check your RC.” The virtual RC is now created and displayed in the dashboard. To verify, enter the Chasis Number and Engine Number.
  • Choose the “Virtual RC details” option. A QR code will also appear in addition to the complete RC information.
  • You can download and use this QR Code whenever you need to.

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How to Create Virtual DL on mParivahan App?

Additionally, the mParivahan application permits the creation of a virtual DL that can be downloaded and displayed at any time. The following is a step-by-step guide for creating a virtual RC using the mParivahan app:

  • Open the mParivahan application online.
  • Select “My DL” by selecting your name in the application’s upper right corner.
  • “Create Virtual DL” is your option.
  • The virtual DL dashboard page will open. Click on “Search” after entering the DL number in the search bar.
  • Under that DL, all of the information about the registered vehicle will be shown.
  • Select “Add to Dashboard for Virtual DL” from the drop-down menu.
  • To confirm, enter your birth date.
  • The virtual DL is now created and displayed in the dashboard. You will receive the prompt message “Go to the dashboard to check your DL.”
  • Choose the “Virtual DL details” option. A QR code will also appear in addition to the complete DL information.
  • You can download and use this QR Code whenever you need to.

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Services Offered by mParivahan

To make life easier for citizens, mParivahan provides a variety of services. Here are a few of the services:

Information About RC

This option allows one to obtain comprehensive information regarding the registration certificate. By entering the RC number, you can check all of the details on the RC dashboard.

Information About DL

One can obtain comprehensive information about the driving license through this option. You can check all of the information by entering the DL number into the DL dashboard.

Closest RTO

Additionally, the mParivahan online application assists users in locating the RTO closest to their location.


By entering the number on a driving license or registration certificate, users of mParivahan can search for any challans.

Licence Information

The Licence Information Gives you the Details Regarding

  • Learning driving licence
  • Permanent driving licence
  • Renewal of a driving licence
  • Duplicate driving licence
  • Class addition
  • International permit for driving
  • Fees related to licencing

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Emergency Services

One of the application’s most important features is this. If this option is selected, individuals are provided with an emergency number that they can dial in the event of an accident or other problem. A profile with emergency contacts that can be notified in the event of an emergency or mishap can also be created using this feature.

  • Open the program.
  • From the dashboard, select the “Emergency Services” option.
  • Choose “Create Now.”
  • Select “Next” after entering information such as your birth date, height, weight, and so on. Select “Save” after entering the emergency contact numbers you wish to save.

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