Nubia RedMagic 8S Pro Reviews 2024: Design, display Battery Performance and software, Back, Finally Reveled

Nubia RedMagic 8S Pro Reviews – Nubia’s Redmagic brand has been trundling along for a long time, launching budget gaming phones with executioner equipment. Final year’s Redmagic 7 could be a extraordinary gadget in the event that you esteem execution over all else, but buggy program implies it’s a challenging proposal for ordinary utilize. Be that as it may, Nubia has at long last pressed out a few of the issues, making the Redmagic 8 Pro a much less demanding gadget to suggest than its predecessor.

Nubia has communicated its want to make gaming smartphones that are too suitable for ordinary utilize, and the Redmagic 8 Pro’s controlled plan certainly talks to this objective. The trademark translucent back has been conditioned down and supplanted totally by a strong matte back on the cheaper demonstrate. Be that as it may, it’s still a gaming phone at heart and has all the chimes and shrieks required to form it a gaming powerhouse.

Nubia RedMagic 8S Pro Reviews 2024

What's In the Article

RedMagic kicks off the calendar year with another powerhouse of a gaming phone, this time wearing the most recent Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset. This processor alone implies that it’s a competent gaming machine, as we learned with the iQOO 11, but combined with RedMagic’s imaginative cooling series and program advancement, this gadget appears like it might open the silicon’s genuine potential. With a new unused plan and capable internals, the RedMagic 8 Pro is off to a solid begin, but what’s it like to live with? We’ve been utilizing it for the past few weeks in an exertion to discover out. The RedMagic 8 Pro features a totally unused hunt for 2024, gone are the clearing bends of its forerunner, and instep, we get sharp squared-off corners and a totally level raise board.

Nubia RedMagic 8S Pro Reviews

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Nubia RedMagic 8S Pro Details

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About Nubia RedMagic 8S Pro

We’re testing the Matte colorway, which is all dark with a matte wrap up and a few gleaming subtle elements. The plan reminds us of Sony’s Xperia line, and we’re very affectionate of it. It’s certainly inconspicuous, by gaming phone benchmarks, but the standard RGB lighting does make an appearance in case you’re after a small more pizazz. The Void colorway offers a louder approach, with a straightforward back board, gold points of interest and RedMagic’s RGB cooling fan which we saw on the RedMagic 7 final year. The sharp edges cruel that the RedMagic 8 Pro looks awesome when combined with a vice-style controller, like our Game Sir X2 Pro.

We’re not beyond any doubt in case this was expecting with the plan, but it’s a pleasant coincidence for a gaming handset, and certainly the foremost consistent see we’ve overseen with the extra. Of course, not everybody will adore the sharp edges, depending on your hold fashion it might demonstrate awkward in spite of the fact that we didn’t have any such issues. The normal RedMagic touches are display on the most recent demonstrate, you get capacitive-touch bear buttons, together with a physical ruddy switch for entering the diversion space.

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Nubia RedMagic 8S Pro Price in India 2024

The Nubia Redmagic 8 Pro was at first launched only in China final December, but the worldwide dispatch to 44 markets, an increment of two over final year. The phone will as it were be accessible opened through the Redmagic site. The Redmagic 8 Pro comes in two adaptations: 12GB RAM/256GB capacity with a matte back and 16GB/512GB with a half-translucent back and additional RGB lighting impacts. These are estimated at Rs. 53,240 and Rs. 65,545, separately.

Nubia RedMagic 8S Pro Features

The Nubia Redmagic 8 Pro apportions with one of the foremost prevalent patterns in gaming equipment: the abuse of RGB impacts. The Asus ROG 6 Pro was associated to holding up a blazing announcement whereas you utilized it, but the Redmagic 8 Pro limits its RGB impacts to three little strips. Indeed the straightforward Void show tones down on the Redmagic’s trademark straightforward back, diminishing it to a little area at the best. The turning RGB fan is recognizable but can be effectively debilitated. The phone is somewhat littler than final year’s form, but much appreciated to a diminishment in bezel measure, it brags the same estimate screen of 6.8 inches. The sharp points can in some cases be a small awkward to hold, but this shouldn’t be discernible with a case.

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Renders Shared

The Nubia Redmagic 8 Pro utilized its official Weibo account to share RedMagic 8S Pro official renders ahead of the launch. These renders uncover that the much-awaited and hyped 24GB RAM smartphone will arrive in Dark and Silver colors. In terms of plan, it is exceptionally much indistinguishable to the Red Magic 8 Pro which isn’t a shock. It proceeds with the level outline plan that gives it a boxy look. You are doing not see any punch-hole or indent on the front which affirms it’ll have an under-display front camera. There are bear triggers for an made strides gaming involvement and a Game Mode flip.

The latter will moreover twofold up as an alarm slider. The phone includes a 3.5mm earphone jack at the best and a USB Type-C harbor at the foot. The RedMagic 8S Pro will fundamentally have two plan choices, one with RGB lighting on the back for the cooling fan and one without it. These choices are accessible in both Dark and Silver colors.

AnTuTu Score

In a partitioned report, the RedMagic 8S Pro has been spotted on the AnTuTu benchmarking site. The affirmed posting appears the gaming smartphone scored an noteworthy and never-seen-before 17,04,020 within the test. This can be way more than the 13,63,206 scored by iQOO Neo 8 Pro final month. The particular scores were 4,54,470 within the CPU test, 6,42,562 within the GPU test, 3,18,386 within the memory test, and 2,88,602 within the UX test. The posting notices it is the 16GB RAM and 512GB capacity variation of the phone that was utilized for the test. It was powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor clocked at 3.36GHz. Typically in line with what we have listened already almost the RedMagic 8S Pro determinations. The smartphone will dispatch on July 5 which is precisely a week absent.

Nubia RedMagic 8S Pro Reviews 2024 FAQ’S

Will Nubia Red Magic 8 Pro launch in India?

Nubia Red Magic 8 Pro mobile was launched on 16th January 2024.

Does Red Magic 8 Pro have 90 fps?

Fans of PUBG, rejoice! Lastly, the PUBG developers have enabled 90FPS for the REDMAGIC 8 Pro and 7 series devices after receiving feedback from our REDMAGIC community members.

What is the price of RedMagic 8 Pro in India?

The Nubia Red Magic 8 Pro 5G is anticipated to retail for Rs. 62,990 in India. The assessed delivery date for the Nubia Red Sorcery 8 Star 5G is December fourth, 2022.

How long does the RedMagic 8 Pro battery last?

The Red Magic 8 Pro is equipped with a substantial 6,000 mAh battery. Additionally, a cutting-edge 4nm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset, which ought to be extremely optimized and effective. In fact, the phone passed our exclusive battery endurance test with a score of excellent 131 hours.

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