Reasoning Questions And Answers 2024

Reasoning Questions And Answers – Questions and Answers on Reasoning with Solutions Many businesses, governmental agencies, and institutions at the national and state levels are holding competitive exams or selection tests based on reasoning to evaluate candidates’ abilities and capabilities. As a result, many people are searching online for numerous sites to practice and learn about the topic of reasoning. Here, we’ve included the Reasoning quiz questions and solutions to make the process simpler. You can pass any online exam with ease if you study all the reasoning topics offered here.


Reasoning Questions And Answers

Thus, we are offering the Complete Source concerning the Reasoning Questions And Answers With Solutions here on this website. On this website alone, all users can discover the solutions as well as the appropriate explanation. Undoubtedly, this will aid many candidates. Reasoning Quiz with Solutions is primarily for those who have applied for interviews, entrance exams, and competitive exams. You can now practice them all and check your responses.

You no longer have to be concerned about the Solutions or the right responses. Because we offer the answers, solutions, and a proper explanation beside each question. Therefore, we are all familiar with those who lament that they missed an opportunity because of a poor showing in the reasoning portion. We have compiled a tonne of Reasoning Questions and Answers with Solutions here to aid all of these people.

Reasoning Questions And Answers

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Logical Reasoning Questions And Answers

Logical Reasoning is one of the Reasoning’s key categories. Candidates can therefore discover both the General Reasoning Questions and Answers with Solutions and the Reasoning Questions And Answers through this page. The preparation of Logical Reasoning Questions and Answers is frequently neglected. These actions cost them points in that area. This causes many competitors to miss their chance to move on to the following rounds.

The reasoning portion of various competitive, campus, or entrance tests is the most crucial piece, however many of the competitors may not be aware of this. By using the Logical Reasoning Questions and Answers with Solutions to practice, you may now improve your logical reasoning abilities. All that is left for you to do is practice. Only you will achieve high scores and pass the Reasoning Section after that.

Verbal Reasoning Questions And Answers

Verbal reasoning is just as important in competitive exams as logical reasoning is. The only thing left for you to do is to carefully review the Verbal Reasoning problems, Answers, and Solutions listed below. then put them into practice. Consequently, this will help you comprehend the Concept. We all know that a large number of people are currently preparing for competitive exams for organizations like the Public Service Commission, SSC, Railways, and others. In order to qualify for such Exams, applicants must unquestionably earn high marks in each of the categories. For this reason, mastering verbal reasoning is crucial.

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Non Verbal Reasoning Questions And Answers

This section contains questions and answers about nonverbal reasoning. And it’s free of charge. As a result, everyone can readily use them and check them out. Now, as we all know, many people will naturally search for the appropriate location that includes Non Verbal Reasoning Questions and Answers when preparing for various competitive exams. Therefore, in order to construct this place, our staff has compiled many questions about nonverbal Reasoning Questions And Answers.

Additionally, our staff has endeavored to deliver accurate responses, Solutions, and Explanations. Check the Questions offered here as a result. And put them to use. The themes for nonverbal reasoning were presented. Therefore, click on each to check the questions on it. The themes include analytical reasoning with mirror images, series analogy classification, and other things.

Data Interpretation

When working on the Data Interpretation in the Reasoning Section, many people run across difficulties. Now, this is a great opportunity for you. Investigate the sources listed in this area that deal with the interpretation of reasoning from data. And exercise it. You’ll eventually be able to do well. And when preparing for the Reasoning Data Interpretation, all candidates should keep in mind the necessity of having a foundation in the fundamentals. Understanding the fundamentals of data interpretation is crucial. Please bear that in mind.

Therefore, it is crucial to grasp all the key ideas and tips if you wish to be able to answer the reasoning questions about data interpretation. Therefore, you can definitely get the fundamental knowledge by practicing the offered Reasoning Questions. To do well on the Data Interpretation Section, focus on topics like bars, tables, line graphs, and pie graphs.

Data Sufficiency

Also another challenging area that many candidates encounter in Reasoning Questions. in essence, a series of questions that also includes two statements. And those Statements include some data. All participants must now assess whether or not the information offered in the statements is sufficient to respond to the reasoning question. Along with the details provided in the Statements, you should also utilize your knowledge to decide whether:

  • If only Statement I is required to respond to the DI Reasoning Question, but Statement II is insufficient.
  • If only Statement II is required, but Statement I is insufficient, then the Reasoning Question can be answered.
  • Now, if neither Statement alone is sufficient to answer the Questions but both are, you can choose this.
  • In this instance, the individual statement is used alone to address the reason question.
  • In the event that neither of the two Statements is sufficient to respond to the Reasoning DI Question, you must now select this.
  • And more information must be added.

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Reasoning Questions And Answers For SSC Exam PDF Download

All people may now learn about the Reasoning Questions and Answers For SSC Exam by checking out this area. Additionally, the fact that we are offering these in PDF Format is a bonus. so that they are simple to download for all competitors. After that, students are free to practice whenever they wish. Well, passing tests like those administered by the Staff Selection Commission requires a tonne of practice. Additionally, you must act quickly because the clock is ticking when taking the Reasoning Questions And Answers part. Everyone should be spontaneous and have a firm grasp of the fundamentals in order to respond quickly to the reasoning questions in exams like the SSC. Please review the section of this article titled Questions for Reasoning. Aim to use them for checking. Better yet, download them. This will aid in your better planning.

Reasoning Questions And Answers For Bank Exams PDF Download

Aspirants must achieve a high enough score in each section to pass any bank exam, including those for IBPS, RRB, and private banks. However, a large number of students suffer in the reasoning section. The main cause of this scenario is improper reasoning knowledge. moreover, improper preparation. also due to omitting major subjects. Please review this section, which contains the Reasoning Questions And Answers Exam Questions and Answers. Additionally, we posted them in PDF format. Simply download them and use them as a resource for your planning. You can all check the questions on this page about a variety of themes, including puzzles and seating arrangements, syllogisms, data sufficiency, coding-decoding, blood relationships, order and ranking, alphanumeric, symbol series, logical reasoning, and others.

Reasoning Questions With Solutions For Placement PDF

In fact, many people experience difficulties in the reasoning section of placement tests in addition to when taking government exams or entrance exams. therefore, to improve the people’s convenience in this condition. The reasoning test questions and answers are posted here for placement. It will also be in PDF format. All that’s left to do is download them or check them out here and practice. Later, you can continue to practice.

We hope that you all gain something from the resources regarding Reasoning Questions and Answers with Solutions that are provided on this page. Want more of these educational updates? then visit frequently and bookmark this page by pressing Crlt+D for more updated information on Reasoning.

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Logical Reasoning Question With Answer

To keep a firm grasp, aspirants should practice ever-more questions on the topics of logical reasoning. Here are a few logical reasoning quiz questions and their answers:

Logical Reasoning Questions And Answers Example For Competitive Exam_50.1

Logical Reasoning Questions And Answers Example For Competitive Exam_60.1

Logical Reasoning Questions And Answers Example For Competitive Exam_70.1

Logical Reasoning Questions And Answers Example For Competitive Exam_80.1

Logical Reasoning Questions And Answers Example For Competitive Exam_90.1

Directions (11-13): In each question below is given a statement followed by two assumptions numbered I and II. An assumption is something supposed or taken for granted. You have to consider the statement and the following assumptions and decide which of the assumptions is implicit in the statement.
Give answer
(a) If only assumption I is implicit
(b) If only assumption II is implicit
(c) If either I or II is implicit
(d) If neither I nor II is implicit
(e) If both I and II are implicit

Q11. Statements: Instead of burning the leaves, bury them in compost pits, by which it gets converted to natural manure, making it beneficial for the soil. A notice issued in public interest by Department of Environment
I. Whenever leaves are burnt in the open, the air gets laden with tiny particulate matter which raises air pollution to alarming levels, which cause severe respiratory disorders and eye infections to those exposed to it.
II. Benefits gained from ashes of leaves burnt are not as much as the benefits gained from the natural manure obtained from leaves by burring it.

Q12. Statements: “A tempting cup of garma Georgia now awaits you at every street corner. So, no matter whom you are or where you go, a Georgia Vending Machine will hand you the same clean, delicious cup of tea in Regular, Adrak, Elaichi and Masala and if you’re looking for a change try the Regular, Mocha and Cappuccino coffee. One sip will make you realize why every other alternative is a mere compromise!” An advertisement
I. Most of the people need delicious cup of tea or coffee with a change in taste.
II. Every person is addicted to either tea or coffee.

Q13. Statements: “If you ask me about the daunting challenges that I face, I would say that my government’s first priority is to improve the existing law and order situation. Then follows the issue of prices of commodities.” ___ Mr. ROY, a newly appointed PM of country CLINTON
I. If a citizen of country CLINTON can sleep peacefully, he/she can then think of providing food to his/her family, ponder over education and move about freely in the country.
II. Prices of the commodities affect the common man greatly.

Directions (14-18): Study the information alphanumeric symbol series given below and answer the questions based on it.

A 5 @ D G # 2 J % $ E G N 1 7 @ & L J 5 1 @ 6 K P & 2 $ 4 V 5 6 @ 2 S 5 & M 6 P

Q14. Which of the following element will be sixth from the left end when all the symbols are dropped and then starting thirteen elements are reversed?
(a) E
(b) N
(c) G
(d) 5
(e) None of these

Q15. How many symbols are there in the above series which are immediately preceded by a digit and immediately followed by a letter?
(a) One
(b) Two
(c) Three
(d) Four
(e) More than four

Q16. Which element is fourth to the left of the element which is eighth to the right of the one which is third from the extreme left end of the series?
(a) #
(b) @
(c) 2
(d) 7
(e) None of these

Q17. In the series, if the number 5 is inserted after every fifth element when counts from the left end then how many pairs are there in the series in which a letter is immediately followed by 5?
(a) Less than five
(b) Five
(c) Six
(d) More than six
(e) None of these

Q18. If all the even numbers and vowels are dropped from the series and then the order of elements in the series gets reversed, which of the following element is sixth from the left end and ninth from the right end of the arrangement respectively?
(a) ’ @ ’ and ‘G’
(b) ‘G’ and ‘6’
(c) ‘S’ and ‘N’
(d) ‘5’ and ‘$’
(e) None of these


Logical Reasoning Questions And Answers Example For Competitive Exam_100.1

Logical Reasoning Questions And Answers Example For Competitive Exam_110.1

Logical Reasoning Questions And Answers Example For Competitive Exam_120.1

Logical Reasoning Questions And Answers Example For Competitive Exam_130.1

Logical Reasoning Questions And Answers Example For Competitive Exam_140.1

S11. Ans.(b)
Sol. For I-Although statement I is an environmental fact but assumption, I is not implicit on the basis of the given statement. Because the given statement is concerned with soil pollution whereas I assumption is concerned with air pollution which is quite deep and not directly related to the given statement.
For II: But assumption II is implicit as it explains about the benefits of burring leaves over burning it.

S12. Ans.(a)
Sol. Assumption I is implicit.

S13. Ans.(d)
Sol. I is not implicit. II is not implicit because the PM only assumes that law and order affects the common man more than prices do.

S14. Ans. (c)
Sol. If all the symbols are dropped, we will get:
A 5 D G 2 J E G N 1 7 L J 5 1 6 K P 2 4 V 5 6 2 S 5 M 6 P
Now, if starting thirteen elements are reversed, we will get:
J L 7 1 N G E J 2 G D 5 A 5 1 6 K P 2 4 V 5 6 2 S 5 M 6 P
Now, ‘G’ will be sixth from the left end.

S15. Ans. (b)
Sol. Two symbols are there which are immediately precede by a digit and immediately follow by a letter =@ and &
5 @ D G # 2 J % $ E G N 1 7 @ & L J 5 1 @ 6 K P & 2 $ 4 V 5 6 @ 2 S 5 & M 6 P

S16. Ans. (c)
Sol. Third element from the left end = @
“E” is 8th to the right of “@”.
“2” is 4th to the left of “E”.

S17. Ans. (d)
Sol. If number 5 is inserted after every fifth element we will get seven letters which are immediately follow by 5.
A 5 @ D G 5 # 2 J % $ 5 E G N 1 7 5 @ & L J 5 5 1 @ 6 K P5 & 2 $ 4 V5 5 6 @ 2 S 5 5 & M 6 P 5

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S18. Ans. (a)
Sol. Now, ‘@’ is the sixth element from the left end of the arrangement. ‘G’ is the ninth element from the right end of the arrangement.

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