Rekha And Mukesh Aggarwal’s Relationship: Check Photos, Read Details

Rekha And Mukesh Aggarwal’s Relationship:- Bollywood actress Rekha wed to businessman Mukesh Agarwal in 1990. While he was entranced with the glamour world, the actress could stay away from the same. The actress’s biography Rekha: The Untold Story by Yaseer Usman released her relationship timeline with Mukesh Agarwal.

In this article we provide all details about Rekha and Mukesh Aggarwal’s marriage, love, married life, photos nd as well Mukesh’s death related info. So, please read this complete article in the last.

Rekha And Mukesh Aggarwal’s Relationship

Rekha would regularly visit Delhi to meet her good friend, the popular fashion designer & socialite, Bina Ramani. In one such meeting, Rekha had revealed her wish to settle down and have a family life, all she desired was a man, who would love her, wed her and would offer her a surname. It was Bina Ramani, who introduced Rekha to Mukesh Agarwal. Bina had called Rekha and told her about her ‘crazy fan’, who was a popular entrepreneur. When Bina asked Rekha either she should give her number to Mukesh, Rekha told her not to, instead she took his number.

At first, Rekha was not too anxious calling Mukesh however after Bina forced her, she had start off the 1st step and called Mukesh. Even though their 1st talk was fully formal, it is said that Mukesh was quit smitten by Rekha’s husky voice & couldn’t trust that the superstar worshipped by many and the ruler of millions of hearts had called him.

After the 1st phone call, a series of calls followed between the both. Within 1 month of their 1st phone call, the both had met for the 1st time in Bombay. From the fake and pretense of the glamour world, Mukesh’s honesty & simplicity impressed her. And on the other hand, the star-struck Mukesh was head-over-heels in love with the diva. From showering complements & flattering her in every way, Mukesh completed everything to woo her.

Rekha And Mukesh Aggarwal's Relationship

After their 1st meeting in Bombay, Mukesh persuade her to come Delhi and when she did, she suit the centre of notice of his farmhouse in Chhatarpur. She was bowling by the respect and attention she obtained in Delhi and a comfortable bond had developed between the two. He was obsessing with her diva tag and she was impressing with his devotion towards her. Rekha had once recalled that she had only met him two time and really liked his family when she had met them in Delhi.

Mukesh was a good friend of artist, Deepti Naval & could not stop talking and praising regarding Rekha. As per Deepti, Mukesh & Rekha never issue regarding each other’s past and were madly in love with each other. She as well said  “After he spoke to Rekha on the phone and the two met in Bombay and again in Delhi, Mukesh couldn’t stop talking about her. He used to gush about her… I thought he was completely bonkers over her.”

Rekha And Mukesh Aggarwal’s Relationship Details

Article Name Rekha And Mukesh Aggarwal’s Relationship: Check Photos, Read Details
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Their Hush Hush Intimate Wedding

Sunday, March 4, 1990, barely a month when Mukesh had link up Rekha for the 1st time. Restless, he visited Rekha at her residence in Bombay and proposed her for wedding. Rekha stated yes to his proposal, Mukesh beamed with joy & thrilled had told Rekha, ‘Let’s get married right away!’ Neither of their families were current at the time and calm within hours of his proposal, the 2 had cleared to obtain married the same day. Rekha was thrilling as she was finally obtaining wed, was lastly going to have a surname.

At the evening, she had well worn her most liked red & gold Kanjeevaram saree with traditional jewellery. Mukesh, Rekha and her best friend, Surinder went out in find of a temple in Juhu. They stopped at Iskon temple which was very crowding. But, in front of Iskon, there was another temple, Mukteshwar Devalaya. Mukesh told the priest that he desired to obtain wed quickly. The confused priest looked at Rekha and was amazing to look such a big star obtaining wed in a hush-hush state.

Rekha And Mukesh Aggarwal’s Photos

Rekha And Mukesh Aggarwal's Photos

Rekha And Mukesh Aggarwal's Photos

Rekha And Mukesh Aggarwal's Photos

Rekha And Mukesh Aggarwal's Photos

Rekha And Mukesh Aggarwal's Photos

Rekha And Mukesh Aggarwal's Photos

Life After Marriage

After their wed, Mukesh & Rekha went to London for their honeymoon. Their first days were blissful. And it was the 1st time the two had spent such a long time with each other. But within a week, Rekha obtained to know that they were two different people. And she as well realized something was issuing Mukesh. And after over a week in London, one day, Mukesh slyly told Rekha that like her even he has an AB in his life.

Rekha’s Withdrawal & Mukesh’s suicide

Rekha had no idea regarding his depression and he was not happy with Rekha’s acting career in Bollywood. When they obtained separated that Mukesh went into more depression and then he committed suicide. The media put her on trial and she was whooping the vamp, man-eater, etc. But she was undergrounding after some time she again appeared as queen.

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