Scholarship for Disabled, SC, and ST Students in Top Class Education in 2024

Scholarship for Disabled Students:- Scholarship for Disabled, SC, and ST Students in 2024 Top Class Scholarships for Students with Disabilities, Scholarships for AP, TS, SC, ST, BC, Minority, and Disabled Students for 2024, and the Central Sector Scholarship Scheme of Top Class Education for SC Students for 2024 are all examples of scholarships for students with disabilities.


Scholarship for Disabled Students 2024

The following announcements were made by the Finance Minister in his budget speech regarding the Union Budget 2005-2006: Providing meritorious students with top-notch educational opportunities is essential to empowering the scheduled castes and scheduled tribes.

The three on-going grant plans for SC/ST understudies under the Focal Arrangement – pre-Matric, post-Matric and legitimacy based – will proceed. I propose a brand-new window as an additional incentive: Any SC/ST student who is accepted into one of the aforementioned institutes will receive a larger scholarship that will cover the costs of books, a computer, tuition, living expenses, and other necessities.

Scholarship for Disabled Students Top Class Education

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Scholarship for Disabled Students 2024 Details

Name of the scholarship Top Class Education Scholarship for Students with Disabilities 2024
Title Apply for SwD Top Class Education Scholarship 2024
Subject Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities released Divyangjan Top Education Scholarship 2024
Category Scholarships
Official Website
Department of Empowerment of PWD website

About Scholarship

Students receive financial aid in the form of scholarships to further their education. By and large, grants are granted in view of a bunch of models like scholarly legitimacy, variety and consideration, athletic expertise, and monetary need. While recipients are not require to repay scholarships, they may be required to continue meeting certain requirements during their support period, such as maintaining a minimum grade point average or participating in a particular activity (such as playing on a school sports team for athletic scholarship holders). Scholarship criteria typically reflect the values and objectives of the award’s donor.

Generosity also varies among scholarships; Some cover partial tuition all the way up to a “full-ride,” which covers all tuition, housing, and other expenses. Some prestigious and competitive scholarships, like the Fulbright Scholarship and the Rhodes Scholarship for graduate students and the Robertson, Morehead-Cain, and Jefferson Scholarship for undergraduate students, are well-known even outside of academia.

Eligibility for Top Class Education Scholarship

In accordance with the terms of the scheme, SC students who have been admitted to the notified institutions in accordance with those institutions’ requirements will be eligible for a scholarship in the amount of the scholarships given to those institutions. On the off chance that the quantity of understudies conceded surpasses the quantity of grants, then, at that point, the grant will be limited to the main ones in the bury merit list.

The Post-Matric Scholarship (PMS), which is a centrally sponsored program administered by this Ministry, is open to the remaining SC students enrolled in the institute’s various courses as long as they meet other eligibility requirements.

In the event that the institute determines that there are fewer qualified applicants in the first year than there are scholarships available, the remaining scholarships may be given to students in subsequent years, such as the second, third, and fourth, etc. based on the inter-merit of the results from the previous year, students in their first year are given priority over students in their second and third years, and so on. This is done to give preference to students who still have a greater number of years to complete their course.

The student’s annual family income from all sources should not exceed Rs. 2.00 lakh. After a student has been accepted and has begun attending classes, the scholarship will be paid out immediately. If the student doesn’t pass the final exam each year or any other required final exam, the scholarship will end. He will still be eligible, however, for the Post-Matric Scholarship.

Number of Scholarship Slots and the Number of Excellence Institutes

Annexure-I contains the List of Reputable Premier Institutions that will be covered by the scheme, as well as a number of scholarship slots. The Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Government of India, will notify any necessary additions or deletions to the list based on the Steering Committee’s recommendations. There would be a maximum of 1250 new scholarships awarded each year.

Pattern of Funding

The Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment will provide the entire funding for the Scheme, which will be distributed directly to the relevant institution. The Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment may distribute the funds simultaneously with the admission.

General Provisions for Scholarships for Excellent Education

  • SC students will only be eligible to receive the scholarship if they are accept into one of the institutions that the Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment has specifier.
  • Students who receive a scholarship through the program will be require to enroll full-time in their chosen institution.
  • The institute will include the most important aspects of the scheme in the prospectus and post them on its website in order to make sure that all students have access to the benefits of this program.
  • The institute will choose SC students based on merit and send the eligible students’ applications in the prescribe proforma (Annexure-A for new students and Annexure-B for current students), along with proof of admission and any applicable fees, among other things. to make use of the scholarship.
  • Students will not be require to pay anything at all to the Institute.
  • A Utilization Certificate for the amount receive will be provide by the institute following the disbursement, which will include the signatures of scholarship recipients.
  • At the conclusion of each academic year, the Union Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment will receive a report card detailing the performance of the SC students included in the program.
  • The Head of the respective institution will conduct regular monitoring of the students’ progress and will report the results to the Union Ministry.
  • As needed, the notified institutions are required to submit periodic progress reports regarding the Scheme’s implementation to the Union Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment.
  • Denitrified will be any institution that violates the Scheme’s provisions or the Indian government’s instructions.

Coverage and Objectives

  • By providing complete financial support, the Scheme aims to recognize and promote high-quality education for students from South Asian communities.
  • Students from SC who plan to continue their education after the 12th grade will be covers by the program.
  • All institutions notify by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment will be include in the program.
  • In order to meet the requirements for (i) the full tuition fee and non-refundable charges (there will be a ceiling of Rs.2.00 lakhs per year per student for private sector institutions and Rs.3.72 lakhs per year per student for private sector flying clubs for Commercial Pilot Training), (ii) living expenses at Rs.2220 per month per student subject to actuals, (iii) books and stationery at Rs.3000 per year per student subject to actuals, and (iv) the most recent
  • The awardees will receive computers that the Institute will acquire.
  • Alternately, the Institute may also consider a maximum of Rs. 45,000 reimbursement for student computer purchase costs, provided that the computer and accessories are purchase from a reputable manufacturer or supplier.
  • Once awarded, the scholarship will remain in effect until the course is complete, subject to satisfactory performance.

Quantity of Financial Aid for Disabled Students in 2024

Top Class Education (for Graduate Degree / Post Graduate Degree / Diploma in Institutes notified by DEPWD). The Scholarship will include the following:

Components of scholarship Rate per awardee
Reimbursement of tuition fee and nonrefundable charges paid / payable to the institute Up to Rs. 2.00lakhs – per annum subject to actual amount)
Maintenance allowance Rs. 3,000/- per month for hostellers,
Rs. 1,500/- per month for day scholars
Special Allowances (related to types of disabilities like reader allowance, escort allowance, helper allowance etc., Rs. 2,000/- per month
Books & Stationery Rs. 5,000/- per annum
Reimbursement of expenses or purchase of a computer with accessories Rs. 30,000/- as a onetime grant for entire curse
Reimbursement of expenses for purchase of Aids and Assistive Devices including necessary software related to the particular disability of the selected candidate. Rs. 30,000/- as a onetime
grant for entire curse

These aids and devices might include

For the Blind / low vision 

Braille and Brailer Typewriters, Laptops with Screen Reading and Magnification Software, Talk Software for Mobile Phone Accessibility, and DAISY Recorders and Players

For Hearing Impaired

Digital binaural programmable hearing aid with button cells include.
Laptop with WiFi (Blue Tooth) capability and a mobile phone with an SMS SIM card.

Review and monitoring

The advancement of execution of the plan will be check on by a Directing A council comprising of the accompanying –

  • a) Secretary (SJ&E) – Chairperson
  • b) Joint Secretary & Financial Adviser (SJ&E) – Member
  • c) Joint Secretary(TA), M/o Tribal Affairs – Member
  • d) Joint Secretary, SC Division, M/o SJ&E – Member
  • e) Joint Secretary, Deptt. of Higher Education – Member
  • f) Joint Secretary, Deptt. of Medical Education, M/o H&FW – Member
  • g) A representative of the UGC – Member
  • h) Director/Dy. Secretary, SCD Division, M/o SJ&E – Convener
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How to complete the Top Class Education Scholarship Registration 2024

If students meet the specifier eligibility requirements and are aware of the scholarships that are available on the National Scholarship Portal (NSP portal), they can apply for them online. the prescribe procedure for submitting an effective portal application.

  • Check out on the Internet.
  • Select “New User?” Sign Up Link
  • Completing the New Registration Form
  • To apply, click the Login link.
  • Enter your login details.
  • Complete the Application
  • Take a printout of the application.

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