Seema Haider Wiki, Biography, Age, Husband, Family, ISI Agent or Not

Seema Haider Wiki:- Seema Haider is a Pakistani woman who gained significant attention in July 2023 when reports surfaced that she had illegally entered India in May 2023 along with her four children and settled in Greater Noida with her alleged Indian lover-turned-husband, Sachin Meena, whom she had met through the popular online gaming platform PUBG and now BGMI in India.

Her story has sparked curiosity and controversy, as some have suspected her of being a Pakistani spy, while others have admired her courage and love.


Seema Haider Wiki

The news reports say that they became close after chatting on the online game PUBG. The woman has four kids and left everything behind because of the violence she faced in her life.

Some of the probes are doubtful about the woman’s intentions and wonder why she would risk coming to India. Was it only for her love, Sachin Haider ? He lives in Greater Noida, which is very close to Delhi. It is hard to believe that a Hindu boy fell in love with a Muslim woman who was married and had children. Read more to find out the crucial details.

Seema Haider Wiki, Biography, Age, Husband, Family, ISI Agent or Not

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Seema Haider Wiki Details

Name Seema Haider
Latest News Seema entered India without legal permission to be with her lover, Sachin Meena. She lives with him and his family and has embraced Hinduism completely. She has also urged the Indian Government to let her stay in India as she has sincerely adopted Hinduism and does not want to go back to Pakistan.
Husband Gulham Haider (Ex) and now Sachin Meena
Children 4
Age 27/28 Years
Is Seema an ISI Agent or Not? The officials are working to reveal the original facts for the same.
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Seema Haider Biography

Sachin Haider was born as Seema Ghulam Haider in 1996 in Kot Diji district, Sindh Province, Pakistan. She belongs to the Baloch ethnicity and was raised as a Muslim. She did not attend any school; however, she studied under the charitable educational programs run by various NGOs in her hometown. She has two sisters and a brother, Asif, who works in the Pakistan Army.


Sachin Haider first marriage was with Ghulam Haider, whom she met when he unintentionally returned her missed call. They fell in love and got married in February 2014, despite facing opposition from her family. They settled in the Bhittaiabad locality of Karachi, where she gave birth to their four children: Farhan Ali (renamed Raj), Farwa (renamed Priyanka), Fariha Batool (renamed Munni), and Farha Batool (renamed Pari).It is rumored that Ghulam also has two children from a previous marriage.

Fall in love with Sachin Meena

Sachin Haider life changed when she started playing online games to pass the time, as her husband had moved to Saudi Arabia in 2019 as a laborer. She came across Sachin Meena, an Indian man from Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, while playing PUBG in 2019. They became friends and soon developed romantic feelings for each other. They also exchanged phone numbers and started talking on WhatsApp and video calls.

Seema Haider decided to leave her husband and Pakistan for Sachin Meena. She obtained a divorce from Ghulam Haider in 2020 and planned to elope with Sachin Meena. In March 2023, she arranged a secret meeting with him in Nepal, where they got married. They also made several Instagram reels with the children of a hotel receptionist during their stay.

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Illegal entry in India

In May 2023, Sachin Haider made a daring move by illegally entering India along with her four children. She disguised herself and her children to resemble rural Indian people and managed to evade the security agencies. She also adopted Hinduism and became a vegetarian after her marriage to Sachin Meena . She settled in Greater Noida with Sachin Meena and his father, who accepted her as their daughter-in-law.

However, their happiness was short-lived, as the Uttar Pradesh Police arrested them on July 4, 2023, after they tried to legalize their relationship. The authorities accused Seema Haider of illegally entering India, while Sachin Meena and his father were charged with assisting her. They were released on bail three days later, but Seema Haider was restricted from traveling or changing her address.

Is Seema Haider ISI Agent?

Sachin Haider story has raised many questions and suspicions about her true motives and identity. Some have alleged that she is a Pakistani spy who was sent by the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) to gather information about India. They have pointed out the inconsistencies in her age, name, and documents. They have also questioned how she managed to enter India undetected and live here for over a month without any verification or scrutiny. They have demanded a thorough investigation into her case and possible links with the ISI.

On the other hand, some have defended Seema Haider and praised her for her love and courage. They have argued that she is not a spy but a victim of circumstances. They have empathized with her plight and struggle as a woman who faced oppression and violence in Pakistan. They have supported her right to choose her partner and religion. They have appealed to the authorities to grant her citizenship and protection in India.

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Sachin Haider story is still unfolding and has not reached a conclusion yet. She is currently under probe by various agencies for allegedly being a Pakistani spy. Her fate and future depend on the outcome of the investigation and the legal proceedings. She has expressed her desire to stay in India with Sachin Meena and her children. She has also claimed that she loves India more than Pakistan and that she is ready to face any consequences for her actions.

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