Sonal Kukreja Miss Diva Wiki/Biography, Age, Height, Family, Photos, D.O.B

Sonal Kukreja Miss Diva Wiki/Biography:- Sonal Kukreja, an accomplished Indian model, entrepreneur, and beauty pageant winner, came into the limelight by securing the prestigious title of Miss Supranational India 2024. This significant achievement was earned at the Miss Diva 2024 beauty pageant, which took place in August 2024. The crown was bestowed upon her by the previous year’s winner, Pragnya Ayyagari.

For more in-depth insights into Sonal Kukreja’s life, including her biography, age, height, family, photos, and date of birth, this article provides comprehensive details. Sonal Kukreja was born on October 14, 1997, which means she is currently 26 years old as of 2024. Her astrological sign is Libra. She received her education at Maharani Gayatri Devi Girls’ School in Jaipur, and in 2015, she pursued a Bachelor of Arts degree in advertising at Pennsylvania State University in the United States.


Sonal Kukreja Miss Diva Wiki/Biography

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Sonal Kukreja has recently achieved the title of LIVA Miss Diva Supranational 2024. This accomplishment will see her representing India in the forthcoming Miss Supranational 2024 competition. Her coronation was carried out by Pragnya Ayyagari, the previous titleholder. Sonal competed alongside 15 other participants in the Miss Diva 2024 event.

The 11th edition of Miss Diva 2024 unfolded at The LaLiT in Mumbai, with JioCinema serving as its official broadcasting partner. Hailing from Jaipur, Sonal Kukreja possesses a strong passion for traveling, allowing her to explore new destinations and cultures while embarking on a personal journey of self-discovery.

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Sonal Kukreja Miss Diva

Sonal Kukreja Miss Diva Wiki/Biography Details

Name Sonal Kukreja
Age 25 Years
Height 5 ft 9 inch
City Jaipur, Rajasthan
Profession Entrepreneur & Fashion Model
Category Wiki
Nationality Indian
School Maharani Gayatri Devi Girls’ School
College The Pennsylvania State University
Winner LIVA Miss Diva Supranational 2024
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Sonal Kukreja Miss Diva D.O.B

Sonal Kukreja birthplace is Delhi, but she was raised in Jaipur. Unfortunately, specific details regarding her date of birth are currently unavailable. In an interview, Sonal described herself as an extroverted individual with a natural curiosity and a willingness to embrace new challenges.

In addition to her achievements in the world of pageantry, Sonal is also an entrepreneur, having co-founded Unicas, a crypto financial institution. She boasts a substantial following of over 22.9K on Instagram and maintains an active presence on various other social media platforms. Sonal journey in beauty pageants included her participation in Miss Diva 2021 prior to her victory in Miss Diva Supranational 2024. In the 2021 competition, although she didn’t clinch the title, she earned the honorable position of 1st runner-up.

Sonal Kukreja Miss Diva Age

Sonal Kukreja, aged 25, emerged victorious among 16 contestants in the Miss Diva 2024 pageant, securing the coveted title of Miss Diva Supranational 2024. Her educational journey began in Jaipur, where she completed her initial schooling. Subsequently, she pursued higher education at Pennsylvania State University, focusing on Marketing and Public Relations.

Amid the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Sonal demonstrated her altruistic spirit by collaborating with others to provide groceries and meals to daily wage workers who had lost their livelihoods due to the pandemic’s impact. She also actively engaged in exploring solutions to address the financial and economic crises brought about by the pandemic. Sonal is a strong advocate for the importance of freedom and believes that this fundamental aspect of life should be discussed and emphasized more frequently.

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Sonal Kukreja Miss Diva Height

Kukreja stands tall at 5 feet 9 inches (1.75 meters). Several years ago, she ventured into the startup world, co-founding a company that empowers individuals to save, invest, and attain financial independence. Sonal strongly holds the belief that access to a quality education and the right opportunities can liberate people from the constraints of financial difficulties.

Sonal emphasizes that financial freedom is a key to self-sufficiency, enabling individuals to provide for themselves and their loved ones comfortably. In an interview, Sonal expressed her faith in the power of positive thinking. Beyond her entrepreneurial pursuits, Sonal has a diverse range of interests, including dancing, meditation, music, writing, and traveling. She is known for her compassionate nature and attentive listening skills, always ready to lend a helping hand to others. Additionally, Sonal describes herself as a risk-taker who thrives on embracing new challenges.

Sonal Kukreja Miss Diva Family

Sonal Kukreja was fortunate to grow up in an environment where she enjoyed the freedom to make her own choices and shape her desired life. Her parents played a significant role in her upbringing, offering strong support and encouraging her to take responsibility and develop inner strength. While there isn’t a wealth of information available about Sonal’s family, it’s evident that their guidance had a profound impact on her.

At the age of 15, Sonal faced a pivotal moment in her education where she contemplated giving up on her studies. It was during this critical juncture that her father recommended a book titled “The Secret” to her. Despite initially feeling hopeless, Sonal decided to give the book a chance and read it. “The Secret” turned out to be a powerful source of motivation, teaching Sonal the importance of changing her thoughts. She diligently applied the principles she gleaned from the book, particularly those her father recommended, to her studies and transformed into an outstanding student. Her hard work and newfound mindset resulted in her achieving a remarkable 10 CGPA in her Xth board examinations. Since that transformative moment, Sonal has continued to apply the same principles in her daily life, crafting her own reality through the power of her thoughts.

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Sonal Kukreja Miss Diva Photos

Sonal Kukreja holds the belief that a woman should exude passion and kindness from the depths of her heart. She underscores the importance of financial independence as it empowers women to make their own choices and enjoy a sense of freedom. While Sonal acknowledges that money is not the sole measure of a fulfilling life, she recognizes its role in providing financial freedom, which in turn enables individuals to exercise autonomy in their decision-making.

Check out some of Sonal Kukreja’s photos:-

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Sonal Kukreja Miss Diva Wiki/Biography FAQ’S

Who is Sonal Kukreja?

Beautiful Sonal Kukreja from Delhi was crowned Miss Diva Supranational 2024 on August 28. The diva will now be representing India at the Miss Supranational 2024 pageant. While speaking to ANI, Sonal Kukreja said that she wants to do the crown she has won justice for greater good.

Who is indian diva?

The reigning Miss Diva Universe 2022 is Divita Rai who was crowned by the outgoing titleholder Harnaaz Sandhu, who was Miss Universe 2021. Rai represented India at Miss Universe 2022 where she placed in the Top 16.

What is the meaning of Miss Diva?

Miss Diva is a prestigious and well-known pageant in India that is also a part of Femina Miss India. Miss Diva’s primary objective is to choose India’s representative for Miss Universe.

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