Strongest Man in the World 2024-Top 10 List, Names, Weight

Strongest Man in the World:- Ten of the strongest men in the world who are officially recognized and have competed in the world’s strongest man competition make up this list.

In essence, this is a parallel and rival competition system in which contestants from around the world compete. The man who comes out on top wins the competition and becomes the strongest man in the world for the rest of the year, up until the next one.


Strongest Man in the World 2024

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The Strongest Man in the World is a title that has been claimed by many over the years, but who will be the strongest man in the world in 2024? That’s the question we’ll be exploring in this blog post. We will take a look at the current state of the sport and discuss how the competition is evolving to try and find the next “Strongest Man in the World.”

We will also provide tips on how to improve your strength and physique so that you can reach the top of your game and claim this prestigious title. So whether you’re a beginner or an experienced athlete, this blog is for you! Top 10 List, Names, Weight & extra details of the Strongest Man in the World is in this article. Read to know more.

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Strongest Man in the World 2024

Are you looking to be the strongest man in the world by 2024? If so, you’re in luck! In this blog post, we’ll discuss the history of strength training and how it can help you achieve your goals. We will also provide tips on how to start a Strength Training Program and how to maximize your results. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned trainer, this information is essential for reaching your fitness goals. So read on to learn all you need to know about strength training and how it can help you become the strongest man in the world by 2024.

1. Tom Stoltman

Tom Stoltman

  • Nationality: British
  • Born: 30 May 1994 (age 28 years)
  • Weight: 180 kg (397 lb)
  • Age in 2024 : 30

a professional strongman from Britain who is 6 feet 8 inches tall and weighs 180 kilograms and has been crowned World’s Strongest Man twice and Britain’s Strongest Man once. He became the only Briton to win World’s Strongest Man twice by winning it in 2021 and 2022. He holds the world record for lifting five 100-180 kg concrete balls in 16.01 seconds and is also known as Atlas Stones.

2. Zydrunas Savickas

Zydrunas Savickas

  • Nationality: Lithuanian
  • Age in 2024: 48
  • Height: 1.91m
  • Weight: 170kg (375 lbs)
  • World’s Strongest Man: 4 Times

Zydrunas, who is 6 feet 3 inches tall and weighs 180 kilograms, is one of the strongest strongman competitors ever. In 2009, 2010, 2012, and 2014, he won the World’s Strongest Man competition four times. With five victories in the Arnold Strongman Classic, Savickas also holds the record for most victories. He is also the first person to win both the Arnold Strongman Classic and the IFSA Strongman World Championships in the same year.

3. Martins Licis

Martins Licis

  • Nationality: Latvian-American
  • Age in 2024: 32
  • Height: 1.9m
  • Weight: 161kg (355 lbs)
  • World’s Strongest Man: 2019

Standing at 6 ft 3 inches, he is a professional Latvian-American strongman who is one of 4th toward win both “World’s Strongest Man & Arnold Strongman Classic competitions.” He won WSM in 2019, Arnold Strongman Classic in 2022 & Rogue Invitational in 2021.

4. Oleksii Novikov

Oleksii Novikov

  • Nationality: Ukrainian
  • Age in 2024: 27
  • Height: 1.85m
  • Weight: 135kg (298 lbs)
  • Strongest Man Award: 2020

The 2022 Shaw Classic began on August 13 in Loveland, Colorado, and Oleksii Novikov, the 2020 World’s Strongest Man, has already established a new world record. The Ukrainian strongman set a new world record by pulling 549 kilograms (1,210 pounds) on the Hummer Tire Deadlift. The Instagram video that can be found below, courtesy of World’s Strongest Fan, shows the lift.

5. Brian Shaw

Brian Shaw

  • Nationality: American
  • Age in 2024: 41
  • Height: 2.03m
  • Weight: 200 kg (440 lbs)
  • Strongest Man Award: 4 Times

He is 6 feet 8 inches tall and a whopping 180 kilograms in weight. Brian is a professional strongman competitor from the United States. In 2011, 2013, 2015, and 2016, he won the World’s Strongest Man competition four times. Additionally, in 2011, 2015, 2016, and 2018, he became the first person to win the Arnold Strongman Classic.

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6. Eddie Hall

Eddie Hall

  • Nationality: British
  • Age in 2024: 35
  • Height: 1.91m
  • Weight: 164 kg (361 lbs)
  • Strongest Man Award: 2017

He has a height of 6 ft 3 inches & a weight of 181 kg. Eddie is a British professional strongman &former powerlifter who held the world record as the deadlift at 500 kg. He is the 1st & only man toward deadlift 500 kg & was crowned the World’s Strongest Man in 2017.

7. Mariusz Pudzianowski

Mariusz Pudzianowski

  • Nationality: Polish
  • Age in 2024: 46
  • Height: 1.86m
  • Weight: 142 kg (313 lbs)
  • Strongest Man Award: 5 Times

The fight always seemed destined toward end badly as Materla, who at 222lbs was outweighed by his naturally bigger 256lb opponent.

Pudzianowski landed hard in the first 20 seconds of the fight, injuring Materla. However, a clinch ensued, and “Cipao” was allowed to recover before they resumed shooting.

A brief break as a low blow led toward Materla’s only moment of success on the night as he momentarily wobbled Pudzianowski, but fir a couple of seconds later, the fight was over by less than 2min, on the clock.

8. Phil Pfister

Phil Pfister

  • Nationality: American
  • Age in 2024: 52
  • Height: 1.98m
  • Weight: 170 kg (375 lbs)
  • Strongest Man Award: 2006

Phil Pfister is an American former strongman competitor & winner of the 2006 World’s Strongest Man competition on September 23, 2006 in Sanya, China. He was the 1st American toward  win since Bill Kazmaier in 1982. Pfister stands 6 ft 6 in & weighs 375 pounds.

9. Maxime Boudreault

Maxime Boudreault

  • Nationality: Canadian
  • Age in 2024: 31
  • Height: 1.92m
  • Weight: 150 kg (330 lbs)

Giants Live has not disclosed the reason for Janashia’s withdrawal from the competition as of this writing. He has also not provided a justification on his public platforms.

Following Janashia’s departure and Boudreault’s addition, the 2022 Strongman Classic will take place in London in early July. Boudreault will make his first appearance at the Strongman Classic in 2022. Whether he performs well in London on July 9 will only be determined by time.

Boudreault finished third at the WSM in May 2021, behind Oleksii Novikov (second) and Tom Stoltman (first) during that competitive season. Later, in November 2021, Boudreault won the first Magns Ver Magnsson Strongman Classic in a variety of Icelandic locations. The latter was the athlete’s inaugural professional victory.

10. Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson

Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson

  • Nationality: Icelandic
  • Age in 2024: 34
  • Height: 2.06m
  • Weight: 146 kg (322 lbs)

He is tall, 6 feet 9 inches tall, and weighs 205 kilograms. He is also known as The Mountain from Game of Thrones. He is an actor, professional strongman from Iceland, and a former basketball player. In addition to winning the title of Europe’s Strongest Man in 2014, 2015, and 2016, Hafór also took home the title of World’s Strongest Man in 2018.

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In this blog post, we’ll explore the top strongest men in the world as of 2024. We’ll take a look at their backgrounds, training methods, and the unique physical abilities that have allowed them to achieve such impressive results. We hope you enjoy this blog post and that it provides you with some insights into the world’s strongest men and their remarkable achievements. Thank you for reading!

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