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UPI Transaction Charges:- An idea has been proposed by the National Payments Corporation of India (NCPI), and it will be put into action on April 1, 2024. Using Prepaid Payment Instruments (PPIs), a 1.1% interchange fee will be deducted from any Unified Payment Interface (UPI) transaction exceeding Rs 2000. Digital wallets like Paytm, Google Pay, and Apple Pay are examples of PPIs. The UPI Exchange Charges 2024 will just apply to the shipper level exchange and not to the client level. The NCPI UPI Charges will not apply to the transaction between bank accounts.

According to the most recent updates, the NCPI Interchange Fee 2024 aims to raise bank and payment service provider revenue. Recently, these organizations have been confronting issues with the rising expense of exchanges and this move will attempt to determine the developing issue. Prior to the introduction of a new suggestion, users of PPIs have become confused as no fees were deducted from the transaction. The users will become more informed and clear up all the ambiguity thanks to this article.


UPI Transaction Charges 2024

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The improved on clarification of the UPI Exchange Charges 2024 can be made sense of with the given model. If a merchant transfers Rs 2500 to another merchant through any PPI platform, a 1.1% interchange fee will be deducted from the merchant’s account.

A consumer’s account will not be charged anything if they send the same amount through the same PPI platform. Again, no fees will be charged if the merchant performs the UPI Payments Transaction RBI 2024 by transferring funds from one bank account to another. The outline table provided below provides readers with brief information regarding the aforementioned updates.

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UPI Transaction Charges

UPI Transaction Charges 2024 Overview

News Name UPI Transaction Charges from 1st April 2024
Implemented by National Payment Corporation of India
Transaction Charges 1.1% on Transactions above Rs 2000/-
Effective From 1st April 2024
UPI Free Limit 2024 2000/- on Merchant
0/- on Customer
GPay Free Limit 2024 2000/- on Merchant
0/- on Customer
PhonePe Free limit 2024 ₹2000/- on Merchant
₹0/- on Customer
BharatPe Free Limit 2024 ₹2000/- on Merchant
0/- on Customer
Paytm UPI Free Limit 2024 ₹2000/- on Merchant
₹0/- on Customer
Article Category Tech
Portal www.npci.org.in


UPI represents brought together installment interface which is an ongoing installment framework which permits the client to move cash between the ledger quickly in only under a moment. Customers are able to make purchases of goods and services using the digital payment wallet method known as the PPI without using actual cash. PPI stands for prepaid payment instrument. The NPCI represents Public Installments Enterprise of India which is a not benefit association that works the UPI and PPI framework the nation over and it is claimed by a consortium of Indian banks and works under the direction of the Hold Bank of India.

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Unified Payments Interface Transaction Charges from April 2024

UPI Exchange Charges are the expenses that shippers charge to handle UPI Exchange Charges 2024 with clients who spend in excess of 2000 rupees, as per a new update. The merchant will deduct 1% of the total amount from the UPI inter charges whenever a transaction exceeds 2000 rupees.

  • for transactions up to Rs. 1,000 without incurring any UPI Transaction Fees.
  • The UPI exchange expenses are Rs for exchanges worth 2000 rupees. 22 from this conversation.
  • Rs. The UPI exchange fees for 10,000 transactions are Rs. 110 from this conversation.

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NPCI UPI Provision Free Limit

When a transaction totals more than Rs 2000, the interchange fee is deduct from the merchant’s account. The NCPI has designate the 1,1 percent figure as the UPI Exchange Charges 2024, which will be deduct from the particular transaction. In the event that an exchange of more than Rs 2000 is finish for the vendor by anybody, then, at that point, 1.1% trade charges will be deducte. The customer or client won’t need to stress over the exchange expenses.

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UPI Charges RBI Provision 2024

The unique payment interface’s growing importance in the customers’ day-to-day lives reduces their reliance on cash. The NPCI diminish the trader’s UPI Exchange Charges 2024 with an end goal to support more utilization of UPI, yet UPI has as of late reestablish charges starting on April 1, 2024.

UPI Interchanges 2024 Unaffected By New provision

A few parameters will not be change by the new provision. The following is a list of the UPI Exchange Charges 2024 that the New Provision 2024 will not affect. There will be no deduction for an interchange fee if you fall into any of these categories.

  • Peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions: The interchange fee deduction provision will not apply to any transaction in which a person is collaborating with another person. People carry out these kinds of transactions every day.
  • P2PM (peer-to-peer merchant) transaction: Private ventures that have a month to month exchange of Rs 50,000 by means of UPI then these changes will likewise stay unaffect by the trade expenses.
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UPI Transaction Charges 2024 FAQ’S

How much will GPAY 2024 cost?

As of late the public installment enterprise of India otherwise call NPCI present another approach of charges which was execute from first April 2024 in which 1.1% bury charge expenses was deducte by UPI exchanges ₹2000 by prepaid installment instrument PPI the Google pay Paytm telephone pay Apple pay Bharat pay at the some .

How much will UPI payments cost in 2024?

Merchant (the person or business receiving the payment) UPI transactions of more than 2,000 yen using prepaid payment instruments (PPIs)—wallets or cards—will be subject to an additional interchange fee of 1.1% beginning April 1, 2024.

What new rules apply to UPI transactions?

From April 1, 2024, UPI trader exchanges of over ₹2,000 will draw in a trade charge of 1.1 percent. Ledger to financial balance base UPI installments or typical UPI installments won’t have any charges.

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