Xiaomi Mi 5 Review: The Obvious Choice For A Pocket-Friendly Flagship, Pros & Cons

Xiaomi Mi 5 Review:- In case you need to gage how vital a advertise India has gotten to be to Xiaomi, you do not have to be see any encourage than its lead launches here. The brand’s make a big appearance gadget in India, the Mi 3, made its way to the nation about nine months after it was reveal in China. Its successor, the Mi 4, was launched here four months after it went official an made strides time outline, but still late. Quick forward to 2016, and Xiaomi’s lead this time around is the Mi 5. Authoritatively reveal in February, the smartphone went on deal in China in Walk, and is presently accessible in India less than a month afterward.

Like previous Mi leaders, the Mi 5 sports top-of-the-line specs, counting a Snapdragon 820 chipset, seen on other heavy weights like the LG G5 (first impressions) and worldwide variations of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge. As anticipate, the Mi 5 is accessible at half the fetch of the competition, making it an self-evident choice for individuals who need a capable gadget at an reasonable cost. So how does it admission in genuine life utilization? We’ve been testing the phone for fair over a week to tell you fair that.


Xiaomi Mi 5 Review 2023

What's In the Article

Xiaomi Mi 5 did not have a great 2015, and the company simply could not shake off its ‘budget smartphone’ image. Many buyers do not see Xiaomi as a truly premium contender, and with value-for-money offerings such as the new Redmi Note 3 (Review) getting a lot of attention, even more people see the Chinese smartphone giant as a budget specialist that is known for offering feature-fill products at low prices.

While this image has certainly help Xiaomi sell a lot of phones, it’s also made it harder for the company to make a serious impact on the premium segment in India. But 2016’s second launch from the company is a clear message of its intention to take on the bigwigs. The Mi 5 is Xiaomi’s most expensive offering yet, and signals a break away from the “budget” image. With top-end specifications that take on the Samsung Galaxy S7 (Review) at nearly half the price, the Xiaomi Mi 5 has the potential to change the mindsets of premium buyers. We review the phone and find out if this “affordable flagship” lives up to expectations.

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Xiaomi Mi 5 Review

Xiaomi Mi 5 Details

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About Xiaomi Mi 5

The primary step to making a premium smartphone is making it see and feel like a extravagance thing. Xiaomi to some degree succeed in doing that with the Redmi Note 3, and has done it once more with the Mi 5. What it has moreover overseen to do is set the two gadgets separated essentially, and the Mi 5 features a plan and construct that’s patently distinctive from the much more reasonable Redmi Note 3. It feels reasonably premium, and does not let its mid-range estimating influence that in any way. It’s too greatly light at 129g, and you’ll certainly feel the need of heave in your hands. That said, there are positive visual likenesses to Samsung’s A and S ranges, especially the Samsung Galaxy A8 (Review).

The inwards-sloping sides and bend back in specific see comparative, as do the physical domestic key at the front and limit borders around the screen. At a speedy look, the Mi 5 shows up to have completely no bezels at all to the clear out and right of the screen, but on closer review we found that there’s in truth a indicate of border, color dark to donate the impression of an edge-to-edge screen. here’s a front camera, nearness sensor, Driven marker, and earpiece at the beat, whereas the Xiaomi Mi 5 symbol finds a put within the beat clear out corner. Nearby the domestic key are capacitive buttons that can be customize with respects to position and function.

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Xiaomi Mi 5 Price in India 2023

In any case, at Rs. 24,999, the Xiaomi Mi 5 may be a fantastic smartphone for the cost, and in the event that you are doing oversee to choose one up within the streak deals, it won’t let you down. A striking shortcoming is the need of expandable storage; the phone does not bolster including microSD cards and you’re restrict to the 32GB within the phone itself. In spite of the fact that there are 64GB and 128GB variations of the Mi 5 in China, these aren’t sold in India however and there’s no word on on the off chance that or when they will be.

Xiaomi Mi 5 Features

The screen of the Xiaomi Mi 5 may be a 5.15-inch full-HD IPS LCD issue, with an noteworthy pixel thickness of 428 pixels-per-inch, and Corning Gorilla Glass 4 security. In spite of the fact that other lead gadgets don higher-resolution 1440p screens, Xiaomi clarifies that in arrange to keep the thickness of the screen and the by and large thickness of the phone moo, it was vital to restrain determination to full-HD. This isn’t a awful thing at all, since it’s appropriately sharp because it is, and near-impossible to spot any blemishes or clear need of detail. It’s too an unimaginably shinning IPS screen, with a crest brightness rating of 600nits and a least brightness of 0.7nits, which could be a altogether broader run than numerous other gadgets are competent of. The crest brightness is exceptionally valuable beneath coordinate daylight, and clarity is excellent.

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The primary thing you’ll take note around the Xiaomi Mi 5 is how commonplace it looks when compare to the Mi Note. The glass back, lightweight metal outline and clean façade of the Mi Note have been adjust to the Mi 5’s smaller impression, with some add curves in tow. Suffice to say, the Mi 5 could be a ravishing smartphone. The plan oozes premium ness, right from the quality of materials utilize to the ergonomics. Our review unit was white, but you’ll be able too get it in dark and gold. The dark variation is unquestionably the sexiest of the trio, but the glass back board can get smudgy after a whereas. We haven’t check out the gold unit however, but the white variation looks rich, and does a extraordinary work of veiling fingerprints as well.

The Mi 5 could be a exceptionally lightweight smartphone, tipping the scales at fair 129g. It’s thin as well at 7.25mm, but it really feels much more slender, much obliged to the decrease bends on either side. This too moves forward the grasp, making the Mi 5 less dangerous than we anticipate it to be. The 3D bend glass softens consistently into the outline, and you won’t discover any squeaks or gaps within the construct indeed in spite of the fact that the raise plate is actually detachable. For a few include security, Xiaomi has include a layer of Gorilla Glass 4 to the raise.


The Xiaomi Mi 5 holds the complete HD determination show of the Mi 4, and this can be alright. For a show measure of 5.15-inches, 1080p more than does the work, and doesn’t come with the battery compromises of a 2K screen. Interests, the reason Xiaomi pick for a 5.15-inch screen estimate rather than the standard 5-inches was to consolidate additional LEDs. There are 16 LEDs beneath the screen, which account for the display’s tall brightness of 600 nits. The brightness, couple with Xiaomi’s Daylight Show tech, make for a screen that’s clearly unmistakable indeed under the unforgiving Bangalore sun.

Shows have continuously been Xiaomi’s specialty (indeed the budget Redmi 2 encompasses a dazzling screen), and the Mi 5 is no special case. The immersion levels are tall, owing to the tall differentiate proportion of 1:1500, and sharpness and touch reaction are eminent. The symbols and content sit exceptionally near to the screen much obliged to the lean show board, making for an outstandingly clear screen.

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The Xiaomi Mi 5 is the as it were Xiaomi phone to run Android Marshmallow out-of-the-box, but that’s barely clear given that MIUI 7 covers the local Android client interface totally. Whereas a few may be disillusion that MIUI doesn’t allow you any of the local Android visual upgrades, there’s no denying that MIUI remains one of (in the event that not the) most excellent custom Android ROM out there. We adore the clean plan of MIUI, and the small astute changes scatter over the interface that make it instinctive to utilize. Among the pre-load apps on the Mi 5 you’ll find Facebook, WPS Office, SwiftKey, Fleksy and Mi Store.

The native Themes app gives you get to to a extend of topics and backdrops, whereas the Security app highlights a infection scanner, information utilization screen, blocklist chief, memory cleaner, battery profiler and authorizations supervisor. Since the Mi 5 is prepare with an IR Blaster, you’ll too discover the Mi Remote app, which has been upgrade with back for most set-top boxes, TVs and other electronic contraptions accessible in India.


For the Xiaomi Mi 5 essential camera, Xiaomi has utilized a top-end Sony IMX298 sensor. The raise 16MP unit highlights a wide f/2.0 opening, 4-axis optical picture adjustment and stage location autofocus. The camera is additionally competent of shooting recordings in 4K. The front camera may be a 4 UltraPixel unit, using huge 2-micron pixels to let in more light. The camera app is itself is the standard MIUI undertaking, with a large viewfinder and flips for the streak, HDR and front camera. You’ll swipe down on the screen to bring up a extend of channels that can be connect in genuine time, and swipe up to get to the different shooting modes. Among those on offer you’ll discover Sound, Embellish, Fish-Eye, Clock, Tilt-shift, Scene, Manual and Handheld Twilight (HHT).

The camera loads in a streak, and is speedy to center, which could be a reward. And whereas we’ve overseen a few fabulous large scale shots, evenly-expose scene pictures and low-light photographs with amazingly moo clamor levels, the comes about were conflicting. A few large scale shots we took had inconvenience focussing, particularly when the foundation was swarmed. A few scene shots turn out with close idealize presentation, whereas others were blown out in places.

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Of the three Xiaomi Mi 5 variations that were at first reported, it’s terrible that Indian clients are getting as it were the base show. Indeed in spite of the fact that this adaptation highlights the Snapdragon 820 chipset, it’s underclocked to 1.8GHz. There’s 3GB of Smash to work with, and 32GB of settled capacity. An Adreno 530 GPU handles gaming and design. We’re mindful that the top-end variation of the Mi 5 with 4GB of Smash, 128GB of capacity and a ceramic body is in constrained supply indeed in China, but we would have acknowledged having at slightest the 64GB choice accessible in India, considering there’s no microSD card on any of the models. Of the three Mi 5 variations that were at first declared, it’s sad that Indian clients are getting as it were the base show.

Indeed in spite of the fact that this adaptation highlights the Snapdragon 820 chipset, it’s underclocked to 1.8GHz. There’s 3GB of RAM to work with, and 32GB of settled capacity. An Adreno 530 GPU handles gaming and illustrations. We’re mindful that the top-end variation of the Mi 5 with 4GB of RAM, 128GB of capacity and a ceramic body is in constrained supply indeed in China, but we would have acknowledged having at slightest the 64GB choice accessible in India, considering there’s no microSD card on any of the models.


The Xiaomi Mi 5 highlights a 3,000mAh fixed battery with back for Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0 tech, in spite of the fact that the charger that ships within the box as it were bolsters Quick Charge 2.0. Tragically, the battery life is no place near to the Mi 4’s. Yes, it can probably final you a complete day but not with overwhelming utilization. Anticipate no more than 3.5-4 hours of screen-on-time. On a normal day, our utilization included a blend of Wi-Fi and 4G utilization, an hour or so of phone calls, WhatsApp and social media, utilizing the camera and observing 30-40 minutes of video on Netflix.

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Xiaomi Mi 5 Pros & Cons

The reality that we’re really considering the Samsung Galaxy S7 (review) as competition for the Mi 5 ought to talk volumes for how distant Xiaomi has come. The company has advanced colossally over the final six a long time, and the Xiaomi Mi 5 is confirmation to that. We’re not saying the Mi 5 is idealize, nor are we saying that it’s an elective to the Galaxy S7. But it’s near. The unconventional camera, sporadic warming and normal battery life are put-offs, but these are in no way deal breakers, particularly at its cost of Rs 24,999. The other advantage Xiaomi has right presently is the need of competition.

The opportune launch of the Mi 5 implies that the upcoming LeEco Le Max Pro (first impressions) isn’t a risk, giving Xiaomi a free run within the showcase, at slightest for presently.   With the Mi 5, Xiaomi’s at long last playing with the big guns, and it’s progressing to grant premium players like HTC and Sony a run for their cash. It’s still got a whereas to go some time recently it can capture up with the likes of Samsung, LG and Google’s Nexus run, but it’s near to bridging the hole, and the competition ought to be exceptionally afraid.


  • Sexy curved glass design
  • Crystal clear display
  • Snappy performance
  • Affordable price


  • Phone heats up occasionally
  • Cameras are hit and miss
  • No expandable storage
  • Battery life is average
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Xiaomi Mi 5 Review FAQ’S

How much does MI 5 MI cost?

Xiaomi Mi 5 cost in India begins from ₹5,999. It was accessible at most reduced cost on Amazon in India as on Jul 24, 2023. Examine the in-depth features and specifications of the Xiaomi Mi 5.

What is the nature of Mi 5 screen?

The 5.15-inch IPS panel has a pixel density of 428 PPI and a Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

Is Mi 5 a decent telephone?

Like Samsung’s System S7, the Mi 5 is an attractive blend of the most recent specs and Android programming, and it confirms a large portion of the essential boxes for a superior cell phone: a stunning display, a quick fingerprint sensor, a substantial battery, and the most recent LTE modem.

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