Omicron BF.7 Symptoms, Precautions & Vaccine, COVID-19 Cases In India

Omicron BF.7:-One who gets infected will get fever, cough, sore throat, and a runny nose. The symptoms of Omicron BF.7 are similar to those of other strains. In China, this Coronavirus Omicron strain is wreaking havoc at the moment. If the number of omicron BF.7 instances continues to rise at this rate, it is projected … Read more

How Corona Vaccine Works – Vaccine Mechanism of Action

How Corona Vaccine Works – Numerous kind of vaccines work in many manner to provide safeguard. But with all versions of vaccines, the body is sinister with a give of “memory” T-lymphocytes also  B-lymphocytes that will recollect how to struggles that virus in the future. After immunisation, the body normally produces T- and B-lymphocytes a … Read more

Download Covid Vaccination Certificate By Mobile Number Direct Link

Download Covid Vaccination Certificate- 19 Vaccine Certificate Download 2022 Process through Now it is very easy to download Immunization Certificate using Covid App, Arogya Satu, WhatsApp and Digilocker App. If you have been given either of the two available doses of Covixin or Covishiled you Do need to download the Vaccine Certificate 2022. It … Read more

Pregnancy Week 9 Symptoms, Belly, Cramps, Precautions

Pregnancy Week 9 – You ten to one won’t seems pregnant to others at 9 weeks, but your body will changement. There’re fully a few before pregnancy signs that are fetching  more visible. You may note that your clothes starts to feel tighter when you’re pregnant casue of your waistline has set off thicker or … Read more

Yellow Fungus Infection, Symptoms, Cause, Treatment

Yellow Fungus Infection- Yellow fungus infection is an infectious fungus identified in reptiles & hardly in peoples. The infection is fatal than other fungal infections. Some patients are identify with this infection time of the post-COVID stage. Yellow fungus infection, a well as whoop mucor septic, is a kind of fungal infection motive by fungal … Read more

India Monkeypox Cases – Total Cases, Active Case Now

Monkeypox Virus – Monkeypox is an illness caused by the monkeypox virus. It is a viral zoonotic infection, meaning that it can increase from animals to humans. It can as well as increase from people to other people and from the nature to people. Concerns have raised about cases of monkeypox in other parts of … Read more