Message From World Bank

Technical education is and will be a key enabler of growth and prosperity as India embraces the challenges and opportunities of the global knowledge-based economy and society. We are extremely pleased with the renewed partnership that the World Bank has established with MHRD in support of TEQIP. This innovative initiative is the longest standing tertiary education project supported by the World Bank, globally.

TEQIP, in its third page, benefits from important know-how and lessons learned during previous phases. It includes new components such as an emphasis on institutions located in states where developmental challenges are more acute, partnerships between institutions that have successfully participated in previous phases and newly participating institutions, the involvement of Affiliating Technical Universities in recognition of their vital role, and for the first me, standardized measurement of student learning outcomes in engineering education. In other words, TEQIP has become a very dynamic and flexible tool supporting technical education in India.

In the next 20 years India will continue to benefit from a large demographic bonus in comparison to other countries. To translate this demographic transition to a dividend requires transformation of the technical education sector by significantly improving its quality and relevance. This is where participation in TEQIP provides institutions the opportunity to use the best local and international practices to enhance the quality of engineering education. The World Bank team looks forward to actively engaging with participating institutions on this renewed initiative.