EMS IPO Allotment Status: Listing Date & Time, Refund, Direct Link

EMS IPO Allotment Status:- Investors anticipation for learning their EMS IPO Allotment Status has caused really explosive enthusiasm surrounding the EMS public offering (IPO). The IPO process will be completed on September 18, 2023, and the start of the allocation phase will follow.

This article explains the processes and strategies involved while acting as your guide as you check the progress of your share allocation for the EMS IPO. In order to learn more about the EMS IPO Allotment, including key dates, simply read this article through to the conclusion.


EMS IPO Allotment Status

What's In the Article

News on the shares they were allotted for the EMS Limited IPO has been keenly awaited by investors. On September 18, 2023, the EMS IPO Allotment Status will be finalized. At that time, you will learn if you were successful in obtaining a share in EMS Limited through the IPO. Investors will get information on their allotted shares as a result of this important step.

We have created a tutorial on how to monitor the allocation status for the EMS IPO both online and offline in order to keep you updated about your investment. Our tutorial will provide you all the necessary instructions to check your allocation status, regardless of your preference for technology-based means or an offline approach.

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EMS IPO Allotment Status

EMS IPO Allotment Status Details

Article Name EMS IPO Allotment Status: Listing Date & Time, Refund, Direct Link
IPO EMS Limited
Allotment 15th September 2023
Refund 18th September 2023
Category Government Scheme
Demat Account Credit 20th September 2023
Listing on BSE & NSE 21st September 2023
Allotment Status Released
Allotment Link Check Here

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EMS IPO Important Dates

For information on the crucial dates surrounding the EMS IPO Allotment Status, see the list below:

Basis of Allotment (September 18, 2023)

The finalization of the share distribution to investors will take place on this day. It is the day when you will learn how many shares from the EMS Limited IPO you have received. For investors, this is a crucial time since it clarifies their investment in the IPO.

EMS Limited IPO Refund

On September 19, 2023, EMA Limited will release a refund for the oversubscribed shares of its limited initial public offering (IPO). For all unallocated shares, the amount will be directly transferred to the appropriate payment method. To receive the funds for the EMS Limited IPO, one won’t need to take any action; the company will process them automatically. To determine whether you have received the refund or not, you can check your bank account on the refund release date.

EMS IPO Demat Account Credit

The share that will be awarded to investors on September 18, 2023 will be credited to the Demat Account on September 20, 2023, so those who purchased shares of EMS IPO Allotment Status during the Initial Public Offering (IPO) between September 8, 2023, and September 12, 2023 should be aware of this. Be aware that only the shares that are allotted to the investor will be credited to their demat account; any oversubscribed shares will be refunded rather than credited.

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EMS Limited IPO Listing Date

The initial public offering (IPO) of EMS Limited will be listed on both the Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange on September 21, 2023, exactly one day after the shares are credit to the demat account.

How To Check EMS IPO Allotment Status Online?

Here is a simple step-by-step tutorial on how to check the EMS IPO Allotment Status:

Online Method

  • Visit the K Fintech website at ipostatus.ris.kfintech.com.
  • Go now to the section under “EMS IPO Allotment Status.”
  • Look for a section on the website title “IPO Allotment Status.”
  • From the list of IPOs, pick “EMS Limited”.
  • You must now supply some details. Just your application number or the demat account number may be enter, not your application number plus PAN (Permanent Account Number).
  • There might be a verification using CAPTCHA. Just finish it off as need.
  • You will be able to monitor the EMS Limited IPO’s allotment status after clicking “submit,” at which point the system will process your request. It will display the number of shares that you were given in the EMS Limited IPO.

Offline Methods

You may check the EMS IPO Allotment Status using your bank account or Demat login if you prefer offline methods:

Using Bank Account

  • Access the online banking website of your bank.
  • Find a section title “IPO Allotment” or something like.
  • “EMS Limited IPO” should be chosen.
  • Give the specifics of your application.
  • Your allocation status will be visible.

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Using Demat Login

  • Log into the Depository Participant (DP)-provide Demat account.
  • Look for “IPO Allotment” on the menu.
  • Look for and choose “EMS Limited IPO.”
  • Enter the details of your application.
  • Check the status of your allocation.

I’m done now! With these easy procedures, you may check the EMS Limited IPO allotment status online or offline.

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EMS IPO Allotment Status FAQ’S

What is the expect price of EMS Limited IPO?

Considering the upper end of the IPO price band and the current premium in the grey market, the estimate listing price of EMS share price is ₹299 apiece, which is 41.71% higher than the IPO price of ₹211. ‘Grey market premium’ indicates investors’ readiness to pay more than the issue price.

Does Icici Bank support ASBA?

Yes, this can be done provide that your bank have core banking facility and the ASBA form is submit at a branch which is identified as designate branch by the bank.

Which is better for IPO ASBA or UPI?

The bank blocks the fund (lien mark on account) directly in the investor’s bank account when using ASBA. When choosing UPI as a payment option, the customer has to take additional steps to approve the fund blocking mandate request using UPI mobile app. Not possible.

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