72 Hoorain Movie Release Date 2023, Time, Story line, Star Cast, Trailer When Is It Coming Out?

72 Hoorain Movie Release Date:- The movie 72 Hoorain’s first look has been released; Specifically, the movie’s teaser has also been released. The information received regarding the 72 Hoorain 2023 release date indicates that Sanjay Puran Singh Chauhan, who has been shot twice, will direct the film.

Ashok Pandit, Anirudh Tanwar, Kiran Dagar, and Gulab Singh Tanwar produced this film, which was directed by a winner of a National Award. Fundamentalists and leftists will undoubtedly feel sick to their stomachs after viewing the movie’s teaser. Additionally, a wide variety of contentious facts are emerging. However, it remains to be seen whether or not this film, like The Kerala Story, can showcase its dhamal and be outstanding.


72 Hoorain Movie Release Date

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The controversy surrounding the film 72 Hoorain Movie Release Date 2023, like that of The Kerala Story, began as soon as the trailer for the movie was released. Fans have been eagerly anticipating the 2023 release of 72 Hoorain, and their resentment at the film’s release is widespread. There was a storm when the movie’s trailer was posted on YouTube. That is, the image of the movie that is currently being released appears to indicate that the big movie will have a significant impact.

Let us inform you that the film 72 Hoorain, which was produced by Sanjay Puran Singh and released a teaser shortly after its release, appears to have been the target of controversy. The 72 Hours 2023 release date, which has been set for July 7, 2023, is thought to be going to hit theaters hard. Let us now discuss how this movie has surpassed many other major releases in terms of the IMDb rating. For this reason, you must read this article all the way to the end.

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72 Hoorain Movie Release Date

72 Hoorain Movie Release Date Overview

Article Caption 72 Hoorain Release Date
Category Entertainment News
Movie Name 72 Hoorain
Release Date 07 July 2023
Directed by Sanjay Pooran Singh Chauhan
Produced by Gulab Singh Tanvar,

Ashok Pandit

Aniruddha Singh Tanvar

Kiran Dagar

Main cast Pavan Malhotra

Aamir Vashir

72 Hoorain Release Date 2023 Trailer

You are aware that many people are opposed to the film 72 Hoorain, which will be released on July 7, 2023, due to the background noise in the 72 Hoorain Movie Release Date 2023 Trailer. “The path of Jihad that you have chosen will lead you straight to Jannah,” it says, “will also work to make the audience aware.” As soon as it comes to the forefront, it will.

According to the teaser that has been released, Ashok Pandit wrote in the caption, “How would you feel if you received a very cruel and painful death instead of the 72 hoors that terrorists are assured of getting?” The new information suggests that the first look at the upcoming film 72 Hoorain has been made public.

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72 Hoorain Star Cast

The film 72 Hoorain was directed by the renowned Sanjay Puran Singh, who has won two National Awards. Aamir Bashir and Pawan Malhotra play important roles in the movie. In addition, important roles are played by Natottam Bain, Rashid Naaz, and Ashok Pathak. The film’s producers are Gulab Singh Tanwar, Kiran Dagar, Anirudh Tanwar, and Ashok Pandit.

72 Hoorain Release Date

The movie 72 Hoorain, directed by Sanjay Pooran Singh, is scheduled to hit theaters on July 7, 2023. A lot of outrage was generated prior to 72 Hoorain Movie Release Date 2023 The Kerela Story, which also touches on the delicate subject of terrorism and brainwashing. As a result of their belief that the film is anti-Islamic propaganda, a number of individuals are calling for its removal from social media.

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72 Hoorain Movie Review

The makers of the movie 72 Huron explain how criminals slowly turn people into suicide bombers by poisoning their brains. The 72 Hoorain Movie Review says that we should also think about the fact that attackers are like us, and that these minor attackers are victims of terrorists’ inferiority complex and perverted superstitions and walk the path to destruction. Additionally, they are so convinced that if they follow the Jihad path, they will obtain 72 virgin girls.

There are now numerous varieties of jihad, such as food jihad and love jihad. 72 Hoorain’s 2023 release date: The fixed date of July 7, 2023 You will automatically become aware of all of these things as soon as it comes to the forefront. Aamir Bashir and Pawan Malhotra are starring in 72 Huron, which is significant.

72 Hoorain Plot

The story of the movie is based on how the leaders of many terrorist groups offer Muslim teenagers jannat and 72 hoors in order to get them to jihad against non-Muslims and kill non-Muslims. The topic is very sensitive because some people think that this movie could make people from different communities more divided.

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72 Hoorain Movie in Hindi

Terrorism is a poison that affects the entire world right now, but the most important question to ask is, where do these terrorists come from? It does not exist at all if they are from another planet. 72 Hoorain Movie in Hindi According to the information, these terrorists are similar to us, but they are brainwashed by injecting a lot of poison into their brains.

The 72 hoorain are mentioned in this movie, according to the proposed July 7, 2023, 72 Hoorain Release Date. Additionally, these terrorists are trained to commit murder in the name of Jihad. The Hindi film “72 Hoorain” tries to show how terrorists are brainwashed during training to believe that they will have 72 virgin girls in heaven when they die, and that the terrorists have complete faith in this.

72 Hoorain Release Date: Movie Controversy

The film’s makers explain how the preparators gradually poison the brain. The movie may do exceptionally well at the box office, as recent films based on such sensitive topics as “The Kashmir Files” and “The Kerala Story” have.

Wrapping It All Up

Muslim men were promised hoors, which translated to “beautiful virgin ladies,” when they died in the battle. Young men of innocent age are taught that terrorism is the best route to Jihad. One of the most common enticing baits is jihad. Keep in touch with us for additional information about the movie.


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72 Hoorain Movie Release Date 2023 FAQ’S

What is the release date for 72 Hoorain?

The delivery date of the film is July 7, 2023.

Who portrayed the main character in the film?

The lead roles are played by Aamir Bashir and Pawan Malhotra.

Is the 72 Hoorain trailer out yet?

Yes, on March 8, 2023, the production house released the trailer.

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