Amit Shah Wiki, Biography, Age, Weight, Height, Girlfriend, Wife, Family & More

Amit Shah Wiki:- Amit Shah, a name that resonates powerfully in the political landscape of India, stands as a towering figure known for his astute leadership and transformative governance. From his humble beginnings to his meteoric rise in the corridors of power, Shah’s journey is one characterized by strategic acumen, determination, and a commitment to public service.

This comprehensive article delves into the biography, background, and pivotal contributions of Amit Shah, offering insights into the man behind the influential political persona.


Amit Shah Wiki

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Born on October 22, 1964, in Mumbai, Maharashtra, Amit Shah was raised in a family with deep-rooted political affiliations. His father, Anil Chandra Shah, was actively involved in the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), a nationalist organization that played a significant role in shaping Shah’s political orientation. Shah’s academic journey led him to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry from CU Shah Science College in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Amit Shah Wiki, Biography, Age, Weight, Height, Girlfriend, Wife, Family & More

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Amit Shah Wiki Details

Full Name  Amit Anil Chandra Shah
Short Name Amit Shah
Date Of Birth 22nd of October 1964
Age 58 Years
Schooling Local School at Mehsana, Gujarat
Education Qualification B.Sc. in Biochemistry
Profession Politician
Political Party Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP)
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Amit Shah was born into a Gujarati Hindu family, belonging to the Baniya caste. His father, Mr. Anil Chandra Shah, was an accomplished businessman who owned a successful PVC pipe business. His mother, Shrimati Kusumben Shah, played the role of a dedicated homemaker. After completing his primary education, Amit Shah’s family relocated to Ahmedabad, marking a new chapter in their lives.

The influence of his mother, a devoted Gandhian, was deeply ingrained in Amit Shah’s life. Her commitment to wearing Khadi resonated with him, leaving a lasting impression. In terms of siblings, Amit Shah had a single sister named Aarthi Shah.

In December 1987, Amit Shah embarked on a new journey as he tied the knot with his life partner, Sonal Shah. The couple welcomed their son in 1988, adding to the chapters of their familial narrative. For a concise overview of Amit Shah’s family, readers can also refer to the summarized details in the table below.

Name of Father Anil Chandra Shah
Name of  Mother Kusumben Shah
Sister’s Name Aarthi Shah
 Wife’s Name Sonal Shah
Son’s Name Jay Shah
Daughter in Law Rishita Patel

Jay Shah, Amit Shah son, is a Businessman in India and a Cricket Administrator in India. He married to Rishita Patel on 10 February 2015.

Amit Shah’s Age And Height

Amit Shah, currently 58 years of age, was born on October 22, 1964. His place of birth is Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, and his astrological sign is Libra. His roots trace back to Mehsana, Gujarat, India, a town that served as his initial launchpad. Standing at a height of approximately 5’6″, Amit Shah carries a weight of 90 kg. His distinct hair color is Salt & Pepper, complemented by a partially bald crown. His eyes are a striking shade of black, harmonizing with his fair complexion.

Age 58 Years Old
Birthplace Mumbai, Maharashtra
Zodiac Sign Libra
Hometown Mehsana, Gujrat
Height (In Feet & Inches)  5′ 6″ Feet
Weight (In Kilograms) 90 Kg
Colour of the Hair Salt & Pepper (Half Bald)
Colour of the Eyes Black
Colour of the Skin Fair

Amit Shah Early Life

Amit Shah lineage traces back to a Baniya caste Gujarati family. His family’s ancestral connection with Mehsana, Gujarat, holds significance, as his grandfather held the esteemed position of Nagarseth in the town. While his father was engaged in business pursuits, his mother devoted herself to homemaking.

His educational journey began in Mehsana and later led him to Ahmedabad, where he embarked on a study of biochemistry at CU Shah Science College. It was during this phase that he earned his BSc degree and subsequently joined his father in their family business.

The inception of Amit Shah’s political voyage was deeply entrenched in his affiliation with the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) during his formative years. This ideological anchor would later serve as the springboard for his entry into the realm of active politics. The trajectory of his political involvement gathered momentum during his tenure as a student leader, during which he passionately championed student rights and actively participated in movements aimed at instigating societal change.

The initial encounter between Amit Shah and Narendra Modi transpired in 1982 within an Ahmedabad RSS circle. During this juncture, Narendra Modi was an RSS pracharak. Amit Shah’s formal association with the BJP political party commenced in 1987, a year preceding Narendra Modi’s engagement with the party.

Amit Shah’s Net Worth

Amit Shah possesses a net worth estimated at approximately Rs. 43 Crore. His asset portfolio includes a range of properties spread across various regions in Gujarat. His monthly earnings amount to a substantial figure exceeding 25 Lakh, and his annual income stands at approximately 03 Crore or more.

For a comprehensive understanding of the diverse assets and properties owned by Amit Shah, please refer to the detailed table provided below.

Cash Not known
Deposits in Bank Rs.16.70 Lakh
Jewellery 910 gm.
Worth – Rs.34 Lakh
Bonds & Debentures Rs.16.30 Cr
Commercial Building Location – Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Worth – Rs.1.50 Cr
Commercial Building Location – Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Worth – Rs.1.55 Cr
Commercial Building Location – Memnagar, Gujarat
Worth –  Rs. 15 Lakh
Agricultural Land Location – Vadnagar, Gujarat
Worth – Rs. 80 Lakh
Agricultural Land Location – Lilapur, Gujarat
Worth – Rs. 45 Lakh
Non-Agricultural Land Location – Shilaj, Gujarat
Worth – Rs.6 Cr
Residential Building Location – Gandhinagar, Gujarat
Worth – Rs. 20 Lakh
Residential Building Location – Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Worth – Rs.1.50 Cr
Residential Plot Location – Gandhinagar, Gujarat
Worth – Rs. 71 Lakh
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The trajectory of Amit Shah, from an aspiring political enthusiast to a prominent figure in India’s governance, stands as a testament to the profound influence that leadership, unwavering commitment, and strategic acumen can wield. As a pivotal architect behind the Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) victories at the polls and the formulation of transformative policy initiatives, his imprint on the nation’s political arena remains indelible. His legacy resonates through the prism of organizational prowess, far-reaching policy choices, and adept administrative capabilities, solidifying his integral role within India’s modern political landscape.

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