Ather Launches Three New 450 E-scooters In India; Priced At Rs. 1.29 Lakh Onwards

Ather Launches Three New 450 E-scooters In India: Ather Energy has uncovered not one yet three new bikes in its setup: a 450S and two 450Xs. While the names stay unaltered, the X trim is presently accessible in two trims with various batteries and highlights. Then again, the 450S currently uncovers its whole specs. We should investigate every one of the three Ather 450 contributions. According to media reports, the Ather 450S is situated to act as a more financial plan accommodating electric bike, meaning to support Ather Energy’s piece of the pie in the savagely cutthroat electric bike industry. This model is expected to straightforwardly match the impending Ola S1 Air, scheduled for send off sooner rather than later.

A 450S and two 450X motorcycles have been discovered by Ather Energy, making a total of three new bikes in its fleet. The X trim is now available in two trims with different batteries and features, but the names remain the same. However, the 450S presently reveals all of its specifications. Each of the three Ather 450 contributions should be looked into. According to media sources, the Ather 450S is positioned to serve as a more budget-friendly electric bike, supporting Ather Energy’s share of the lucrative but fiercely competitive electric bike market. This model is anticipated to directly match the upcoming Ola S1 Air, which is set to launch as soon as possible.

Ather Launches Three New 450 E-scooters In India 2023

As per a report by Business Today, the Ather 450S is probably going to embrace a plan much the same as the Ather 450X, consolidating comparable elaborate components like Drove headlamps, smoothed out pointers, and a particular Drove taillight. Nonetheless, there may be a variety in the instrument bunch. It is guessed that the Ather 450S will highlight a non-contact LCD show, recognizing it from the completely touchscreen point of interaction of the 450X. The impending model will house a more modest 2.9 kWh battery pack, giving a scope of 115 km and a most extreme speed of 90 km/h.

The organization has authoritatively expressed that the beginning cost will be ₹1,29,999. Extra data with respect to different models is as yet forthcoming, however Ather might present refreshed adaptations in view of the Ather 450X stage. Following a new acclimation to the Notoriety 2 endowment program, the costs of the 450X were raised, presently crossing from ₹1.47 lakh to ₹1.67 lakh. Conversely, the Ather 450S is situated to begin at a more reasonable cost. There’s plausible of a middle person variation that could act as a connection, filling the cost differential between these two models.

Ather launches three new 450

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Ather Launches Three New 450 E-scooters In India Details

Article Name Ather Launches Three New 450 E-scooters In India; Priced At Rs. 1.29 Lakh Onwards
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Has The Ather 450 lineup undergone any design changes?

As a result, the turn indicators positioned on the handlebar cowl and the LED headlight incorporated into the apron give you the same crisp front end. For the new 450S and the 450Xs, even the overall bodywork is similarly small. The side panels develop creases and cuts that further the EV’s youthful appearance.

Differences Between the Three Ather 450 variants

Each of the three variations vary concerning highlights and internals. The Ather 450S accompanies the pristine’s seven-inch DeepView Show. Then again, the two 450X trims get a seven-inch TFT touchscreen model.

Then, there are the battery pack and engine determinations where the three 450 e-bikes contrast. Ather has outfitted the 450S with a 2.9kWh battery connected to a 5.4kW (top power) engine. It gets a most extreme scope of 115km and a maximum velocity of 90kmph (same for every one of the three models). Then, the 450S gets two battery choices: 2.9kWh and 3.7kWh. The more modest battery professes to offer a 111km territory and the bigger unit gets 150km. In any case, both are fueled by a 6.4kW engine as it were.

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The Three New Ather Scooters Hardware

On telescoping front forks and a monoshock, all three types are mounted. The braking system, meanwhile, consists of a single front and rear disc as well as combined and regenerative braking. The 450S and 450X variants use the same tyre arrangement. They have 12-inch alloy wheels with tubeless 90/90 front and 100/80 rear tyres.

Can all three models get the Pro Pack?

The Pro Pack will be available from Ather for all three models of the 450 e-scooter. It offers you access to the SmartEco, Eco, Ride, and Sport riding modes on the 450S. Five riding modes are available for the 450X, including SmartEco, Eco, Ride, Sport, and Warp. Other features include navigation, tow/theft notifications, ride data, inter-city parking, guide-me-home lights, coasting regen, and more. However, customers must pay an additional fee of roughly Rs. 20,000 to use the Pro Pack.

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Some of the exciting features that were showcased in the live event of Ather Energy Are-

  • Reverse Feature: The bike accompanies a converse component. At the point when you are playing out this activity, it will be displayed on the dashboard.
  • Additional button on left handlebar: The left handlebar of the bike has four new switches that can assist you with getting to various choices on the dashboard without checking the handle out. For instance, evolving brilliance, getting to route, setting the course, and so on.
  • Inter-city trip planner: A between city trip organizer is formally a piece of Ather and presently you can take this bike for a twist for significant distances.
  • Better UI/UX: The Dashboard has been stacked with multiple times higher difference tones and multiple times the fragment to grandstand highlights. This will upgrade the client’s insight while riding.
  • Auto-charge: Presently, you can auto-charge your bike by simply leaving the gas pedal. When the gas pedal is left, it will juice up your bike hence adding somewhat more reach.
  • Fall-safe feature: The engine gets power cut consequently when the bike goes past 60 degrees. Presently you can without much of a stretch get it from the handlebars, reset it and you are prepared.


According to a Business Today article, the Ather 450S would likely have a design very similar to the Ather 450X, combining similar intricate components like Drove headlights, smoothed-out pointers, and a specific Drove taillight. However, the group of instruments could be diverse. The Ather 450S is anticipated to emphasize a non-contact LCD display, distinguishing it from the 450X’s entirely touchscreen point of engagement. A relatively modest 2.9 kWh battery pack will power the next model, providing a range of 115 km and a top speed of 90 km/h.

Ather Launches Three New 450 E-scooters In India FAQ’S

Who is the CEO of Ather scooter?

Tarun Mehta is the Co-founder & CEO at Ather Energy . Additionally, Tarun Mehta has had 1 past job as the Deputy Manager at Ashok Leyland .

Who is the owner of Ather 450X company?

It was founded by Tarun Mehta and Swapnil Jain in 2013. It currently manufactures electric scooters named the Ather 450X and the Ather 450X Pro. It has two EV manufacturing facilities one in Whitefield, Bangalore and other in Hosur, Tamil Nadu.

Is Ather Energy a startup company?

Ather Energy is a Bengaluru-based startup that launched India's first intelligent electric scooter, providing mobility solutions to people from a range of backgrounds.

Is Ather Energy listed in India?

Ather Energy is a private company and not publicly traded.

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