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Bittu Bajrangi:- Bittu Bajrangi, also known as Raj Kumar, was born on April 4, 1978, in Faridabad, Haryana, India. He is an Indian Hindu leader and cow vigilante who became viral in August 2023 after he was arrested multiple times in connection to the Nuh Communal Violence in Haryana.

Bajrangi started his career as a fruits and vegetables trader at Gazipur market and Dabua market in Faridabad. Later on, he shifted his focus to becoming a cow vigilante in India. In his 30s, he joined the Bajrang Dal and engaged in various social initiatives centered around cow protection and Hindu festivals. He later formed a cow protection organization named Goraksha Bajrang Force and became an active cow vigilante.


Bittu Bajrangi Wiki

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Bittu Bajrangi is an activist of Bajrang dal and a protector of cows from Faridabad. He is also the leader of Gau Raksha Bajrang Force in the same city. Bittu lives in Faridabad, which is in Haryana. He has become quite famous for his cow vigilante activities.’

‘As a fruit & vegetable seller, Bittu Bajrangi used to trade in the local markets of Faridabad. He later became a member of Bajrang Dal and joined their activities. Bittu also took part in rallies and campaigns for festivals and cow protection as a cow vigilante.’

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Bittu Bajrangi Wiki, Biography, Age, Weight, Height, Girlfriend, Wife, Family & More

Bittu Bajrangi Wiki Details

Name Bittu Bajrangi
Real Name Raj Kumar
Birth Place Faridabad
Date of Birth April 4, 1978
Age 45 years
Known as Gau Raksha Bajrang Force
Religion Hindu
Arrested for Connections to Nuh Violence
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Real Name

‘Raj Kumar is the real name of this famous cow vigilante, but most people and his friends call him Bittu Bajrangi. He was involved in the rally that Vishva Hindu Parishad held during the recent communal clash in Nuh as a member of Bajrang Dal.’ ‘Bittu Bajrangi was arrested by the police soon after the Nuh Violence, but he was released on bail the same day. The police caught him again on Tuesday. The police have also nabbed 242 other accused in the Nuh violence case and registered more than 60 FIRs, besides Bittu.’


‘The police nabbed Bittu Bajrangi several days after the Nuh Violence case. They went to Bittu’s house in Faridabad wearing plain clothes. Bittu was caught off guard and tried to flee, but the police captured him. The whole episode was recorded on camera. The next day, the local court gave him a one-day remand.

Bittu and his 20 friends took part in the rally that the Vishva Hindu Parishad held in Nuh. They had weapons, such as swords, with them in the rally. It looked like they were ready for the violence to erupt. Moreover, Bittu and his cronies seized the weapons from the police during the violence.’

‘This was one many people getting seriously hurt from the fight between the two groups. Also, there were six fatalities, including cops. Bittu Bajrangi was a prime suspect after this, and his arrest was the first major breakthrough in the Nuh Violence case.’

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Viral Videos

The video that Bittu Bajrangi uploaded a day before the rally is suspected to have triggered the violence in Nuh. But Bittu was not held for the incendiary video, rather for bringing weapons to a religious procession. The cops, who accompanied the procession, seized the weapons from them before the violence erupted.

But Bittu and his associates took back the weapons from the police during the Nuh Violence. In the viral video, Bittu is seen taunting the Muslim community by saying “tumhara jija aa raha hai.” Bittu used these inflammatory words to intimidate and incite them, leading to the Nuh Violence.


Bittu Bajrangi cast is still unknown, but it is confirmed that he is a Hindu. Bittu took part in many major communal events and rallies for cow protection in the past few years.

But after he was arrested, the Vishva Hindu Parishad denied that he was ever a member of their group. They also said that the video that Bittu uploaded that led to the Nuh Violence was inappropriate. They claimed that Bittu was using their organization’s name (Bajrang Dal) without their permission.

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Sources reveal that Bittu Bajrangi has a wife and a daughter, but their names are not disclosed. No other details about his family members are available at the moment. We will update you with more information about Bittu’s family soon.

Bittu was born on April 4, 1978, in Faridabad, Haryana. He has been involved in various rallies and social activities such as donating blood and distributing food, but he gained attention only recently after his video sparked the Nuh Violence. He has also been arrested several times by the police.

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