How to Find Your Phone Number On Android?

Find Your Phone Number:-After buying a new SIM card, do you have any idea where to find your cell number? It can be difficult to keep your mobile number in mind. Face it, 10-digit mobile numbers are difficult to remember because you don’t give them out very often. It’s also really annoying to forget your cell number if you decide to change phones. Knowing our mobile number is crucial because we rely on OTPs for the functioning of half of the services we use in this day and age.

If you required a phone number, you would pick up the local phone book and search through the listings until you located it. These days, the phone books are substantially smaller and, in the majority of locations, only contain landline or even business phone numbers. There are many situations where knowing someone’s phone number is necessary. Maybe you’ve forgotten how to reach an old buddy, you keep getting calls from an unknown number, or you scribbled down a number without giving any context.


Find Your Phone Number

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Your cell phone number is difficult to remember, and the fact that we don’t need to share it frequently further complicates the issue. Even while your family and friends will store your phone number in their contacts, they might not remember it off the top of their heads.

It can be especially difficult to remember if you recently changed networks and have a new number. On Facebook, the biggest social networking site in the world with hundreds of millions of users, you can learn a startling amount of information with just a name, an email address, or a relationship (like a place of employment, college, or organization). You may find people on Facebook in a variety of ways, and depending on how accessible people have made their personal information, you may even be able to locate their phone number.

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Find Your Phone Number

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Easy Methods to Look for Your Number

Android Settings

The location may vary depending on your version of the Android OS. For many versions, you can use these steps.

  1. From the Home screen, open “Settings“.
  2. Scroll down and select “About phone” or “About device“. Some versions of Android display the phone number on this screen. If not, proceed to step 3.
  3. Select “Status” or “Phone identity“.
  4. Select “SIM Status“.
  5. Your phone number is listed in the “My Phone Number” section of the screen.

Automated Phone Line

  • Open the “Phone” app and dial 1-800-444-4444. Listen and you will hear the number you are calling from.
  • Open the “Phone” app and dial 1-855-343-2255, then press 1 when prompted. You will then hear your phone number.


  • Open the “Phone” app and dial 99 or *#99#.

Your phone number will be displayed on the screen.

Use Wireless Carrier Shortcuts

  • T-Mobile: Use the phone dialer and enter #686#
  • Vodafone: Disable Wi-Fi and dial *#100#
  • Telstra: Dial#150#
  • EE: Text the word NUMBER to 150
  • Text the word NUMBER to 2020
  • Straight Talk: Call 1-855-343-2255

Your phone number will be displayed on the screen.

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Call Customer Services

You can get your mobile number by calling your network provider. When you call customer service, your information, including your phone number, frequently shows up on their displays. This isn’t always the case, though; for instance, when you call customer service from your home phone. If so, you should record the number on your SIM card in case it is requested.

Call or Text a Friend

Call or text a friend you choose at random from your contact list. On their screen, your number will appear, and they will be able to give it to you.

Contact Wireless Carrier

Visit the website of your wireless provider or get in touch with them. The information you require should be available via a company person or a specific menu on the website.

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Check your SIM card packaging

If none of the aforementioned techniques are successful for you, you can check your mobile number on the SIM card packaging (provided you haven’t thrown it away yet). Mobile numbers are printed on the back of every SIM card package.

Visit a Store

You can stroll over to the retail location of the network you are connected to if none of the methods mentioned above have helped you locate your mobile number. Although retail establishments can be crowded, they are customer-focused and eager to assist.

Find a Bill or Contract

Your cell number will be printed on this if you have a mobile phone contract and the paperwork is nearby. Your number can be found on the paperwork for your original contract, upgrade, or on any paper bills you get.

Log into your online account

Some users can log into their cell phone account online. You can access your account online if you have configured this. To make this process faster in the future, you may bookmark this page in your browser.


If you’re having trouble finding your phone number on Android, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll explain how to find your phone number on Android, and give you some tips on how to keep it safe. We’ll also provide a conclusion on the article, so that you can learn everything you need to know to find and use your Android phone number.

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How do you find a cell phone number?

People and businesses can get results using ZLOOKUP and USPhonebook, both for free. Go ahead and Google for further information. For more precise results, type the person's name in quotes. You could also include contact, number, or cell in your message if you want.

Can civilians track phone numbers?

With just a phone number, it's difficult for the average person to track someone's precise whereabouts. Users may, however, locate their lost phone using their number and a Google or Apple ID in certain “find my device” apps.

Is it illegal to track mobile number?

Cell phone monitoring software isn't banned by law. The legality of their use varies depending on who uses them and when. With all of that being said, this article will demonstrate how to monitor someone's phone without them realizing using apps.

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