You Can’t Get a Better Gift than a Health Cover for Your Parents

Get a Better Gift than a Health Cover for Your Parents: Our parents are the first superheroes in our lives, protecting us at all times. We wish to provide them with as much comfort as possible to make them smile because we love them without conditions. Parents’ Day is undoubtedly a time when we may somewhat express our respect and care for them, even though one day a year is never enough to fully capture the love and thanks we have for them.

As you think about what to get them this year, let me make a modest recommendation: give them health insurance coverage. It will add value, provide them with financial stability, and assist them in times of need. So this year, think outside the box and give them a gift that truly reflects their unique personalities and brings joy to their lives.

Get a Better Gift than a Health Cover for Your Parents

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When it comes to showing appreciation and care for our parents, many of us often consider practical gifts like health insurance. While health coverage is undoubtedly crucial, there are times when we want to express our love and gratitude in a more personal and meaningful way. This article explores thoughtful and heartwarming gift ideas that go beyond health insurance to make your parents feel truly special and cherished.

While health insurance is undoubtedly important and practical, it may not be the most exciting or personal gift choice. Instead, consider selecting something that speaks to their interests, hobbies, or cherished memories. Whether it’s a personalized photo album filled with family photos, a weekend getaway to their favorite destination, or a cooking class to help them explore their culinary passions, there are countless ways to show your love and appreciation for your parents that go beyond simply covering their healthcare needs.

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Better Gift than a Health Cover for Your Parents

Get a Better Gift than a Health Cover for Your Parents Overview

Article Name Get a Better Gift than a Health Cover for Your Parents
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Adequacy of the sum insured

Adequacy of the sum insured – My first recommendation is that you consider inflation when picking the sum insured, since what seems appropriate today may not be sufficient in the future. A large insured amount will guarantee that your parents have adequate coverage in an emergency and that their years of savings won’t be lost on paying medical expenses. Additionally, choosing a high insured value is wise given that our parents are becoming older and are more prone to health problems.

Pre-existing Diseases

Pre-existing conditions, which are generally speaking the illnesses or medical issues that already exist at the time of acquiring the health insurance. Include conditions like high blood pressure, thyroid problems, diabetes, etc. to name a few. Pre-existing condition waiting periods for health insurance coverage range from one to four years. When choosing a plan, do your homework to understand the waiting periods for these pre-existing conditions. It will help you understand the coverage.

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Many insurance policies come with a sub-limit that applies to specific treatments. As an illustration, even though the insurance value insured is Rs 10,000, the policy may set a sub-limit of Rs 50,000 for an operation for illness “A”. In the event that the insured person receives surgery for condition “A,” this will limit the insurer’s liability to Rs 50,000. To avoid surprises later, be aware of the sub-limits for such conditions in the policies.

While health cover is certainly important, it’s always nice to think outside the box and get something that will truly bring joy to their lives. Consider their hobbies and interests – whether it’s a cooking class for the food enthusiasts, a spa day for some relaxation, or concert tickets for the music lovers. You can also opt for personalized gifts that show how much you care, such as a custom photo album or a heartfelt handwritten letter. The key is to choose something that reflects their individuality and brings them happiness.

Co-pay clause

Co-payment is the portion of the claim that falls within the insured’s responsibility. For instance, if your coverage has a co-pay of 25%, you would be responsible for paying 25,000 rupees out of the permissible claim amount of 1,00,000. The insurer would then cover the remaining 75,000 rupees.

Alternatively, you could opt for a more sentimental gift, such as a personalized photo album filled with memories or a heartfelt letter expressing your love and gratitude. By thinking outside the box and choosing a gift that truly reflects your parents’ interests and personalities, you can create a meaningful and memorable gesture that will bring them joy for years to come.

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Pre & post-hospitalisation coverage

Before being admitted to the hospital, a patient must go through a number of diagnostic procedures that doctors recommend to fully understand their medical condition. These costs may cover things like blood tests, X-rays, MRIs, and CT scans, among other things. Post-hospitalization costs are those that develop after the patient is released from the facility. These post-discharge costs include prescription drugs, follow-up medical advice, and tests to track your recovery. A broad insurance is one that includes pre- and post-hospitalization coverage. Particularly as one ages, post-hospitalization costs rise, necessitating a wider policy that will provide total financial security when needed.

When purchasing a policy, it is crucial to accurately disclose to the insurer your parents’ medical history since this can help you prevent problems down the road, especially when filing a claim. Additionally, claims may be rejected in the future if information is withheld or misrepresented. Reviewing an insurer’s performance and looking at their ability to resolve claims should be done before choosing one. You and your parents will avoid future inconveniences if the claims process is simple and straightforward. Select an insurance with strong claims management capabilities so that you may tend to your parents in their hour of need without worrying about the cost of care.


While health insurance is undoubtedly important, expressing love and appreciation for your parents through thoughtful and personalized gifts can be just as valuable. The above gift ideas offer a way to celebrate the special bond you share with your parents and create lasting memories that will cherished for years to come. Ultimately, the best gift is one that shows you know them well. Appreciate their love and support, and want to make their lives more enjoyable and fulfilling.

When it comes to showing your appreciation for your parents, there are many thoughtful gifts that can go beyond a health cover. While health coverage is undoubtedly important, it may not be the most exciting or personal gift choice. Instead, consider giving them an experience they will cherish forever, such as a weekend getaway to their favorite destination or tickets to see their favorite band in concert.

Get a Better Gift than a Health Cover for Your Parents FAQ’S

Is it worth to buy health insurance for parents?

Receive coverage for both pre- and post-hospitalization expenses within a specified duration in the policies. By doing so, you will remain protected during the time of diagnosis as well as recovery. The majority of top insurers have excellent claim settlement ratios and will efficiently settle your claims without any difficulties or delays.

Which age is best for health insurance?

If you have the financial means, it is advisable to purchase health insurance immediately upon reaching 18 years of age. Let's explore some compelling reasons why obtaining health insurance at a younger age is highly advantageous: 1. Reduced Premiums - Your age significantly influences the cost of your health insurance premium.

Can I take health insurance for my parents in India?

Most health insurance companies in India offer medical coverage to parents up to the age of 65 years. However, some senior citizen health insurance plans offer coverage to parents up to the age of 80 years.

Is Mediclaim transferable?

Can I transfer my current health insurance policy to a different insurance provider? Absolutely! You have the option to port your health insurance policy to another company. This process, known as porting, requires you to transfer your existing health plan to a new one provided by the insurer of your choice.

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