Happy Sawan Somwar 2024, Wishes, Images, Messages & WhatsApp Greetings To Share In English & Hindi

Happy Sawan Somwar:- Sawan Somwar is praised each Monday during the period of Sawan. Sawan, the fifth month in the Hindu calendar, is regarded as a very favorable month for Lord Shiva worship. On Sawan Somwar, devotees fast and pray to Lord Shiva from dawn to dusk. They additionally visit sanctuaries and wash in blessed waterways or lakes.

During Sawan, some people also observe the Sawan Vrat, a 16-day fast. This festival is attended by millions of Hindus from various parts of the world. Share sincere wishes, captivating images, and motivational quotes to make this Sawan a truly memorable experience for your loved ones as devotees of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati prepare for it.


Happy Sawan Somwar 2024

The forthcoming heavenly month of Happy Sawan Somwar, otherwise called Sravana or Shravan, is anxiously anticipated by Hindus as they get ready to celebrate and respect Master Shiva and Goddess Parvati. This year’s Sawan will take place from July 4 to August 31, 2024, which is rare after almost two decades.

As a time of spiritual devotion, fasting, and joyful celebration, this festival is very important to Hindus, especially to devotees of Lord Shiva. Regularly falling during the storm season in India, the downpour is viewed as a heavenly gift from Ruler Shiva and an image of the restoration of life.

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Happy Sawan Somwar

Happy Sawan Somwar 2024 Details

Article Name Happy Sawan Somwar 2024, Wishes, Images, Messages & WhatsApp Greetings To Share In English & Hindi
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Sawan Wishes, Images, Messages and Greetings

Sawan Wishes, Images, Messages and Greetings

  • May Lord Shiva’s blessings be upon you and your loved ones on this auspicious Sawan day.
  • Sawan, otherwise called Shravan or Sravana, is a heavenly month in the Hindu schedule. ( HT photo) May the sacred chants of “Om Namah Shivaya” reverberate in your heart, bringing you a profound connection to the divine and positive energy throughout your life. Wishing you a favored Sawan!
  • May the sacred month of Sawan carry you nearer to your otherworldly objectives and fill your existence with joy and harmony.
  • As you submerge yourself in the heavenly emanation of Sawan, may your requests and contributions arrive at the home of Master Shiva, bringing satisfaction, success, and timeless ecstasy. Happy Sawan Somwar!
  • May the heavenly elegance of Master Shiva favor you plentifully in this promising month of Sawan.
  • In this auspicious month of Sawan, may you rise above obstacles and embrace divine purity and enlightenment like a lotus emerging from muddy waters. Thanks, Sawan!
  • As the sacrosanct month of Sawan starts, may it carry you nearer to the heavenly and satisfy every one of your desires.
  • This Sawan, may the heavenly sounds of Damru and Lord Shiva’s divine energy bring harmony and happiness into your life. Happy Shravan!
  • May this Sawan be a period of decontamination and otherworldly development for you. Happy Sawan
    Allow your requests to arrive at the feet of the master Shiva and he raises your fortunes in this period of Sawan!
  • May Lord Shiva’s blessings fall on you and those you care about like rain falls on the earth. Happy Sawan!

Happy Sawan Somwar, Quotes, WhatsApp And Facebook Status

Happy Sawan Somwar, Quotes, WhatsApp And Facebook Status

On the off chance that you’re likewise looking for Happy Sawan Somwar Wishes, Statements, Pictures, WhatsApp and Facebook Status then, at that point, you’re at the ideal locations as here you will get Cheerful Sawan Somwar Wishes, Blissful Sawan Somwar Statements, Blissful Sawan Somwar Pictures, Cheerful Sawan Somwar Wishes Statements in Hindi, Cheerful Sawan Somwar WhatsApp and Facebook Status to send on this strict day. These desires won’t just convey your desires yet will likewise fill in as a gift of Master Shiva. This year, there will be a sum of seven Sawan Somwar or Sawan Mondays in the Sawan 2024. The seven Sawan Somwar are as follows:

10 July 2024 – First Sawan Somwar

17 July 2024 – Second Sawan Somwar

24 July 2024 – Third Sawan Somwar

31 July 2024 – Fourth Sawan Somwar

7 August 2024 – Fifth Sawan Somwar

14 August 2024 – Sixth Sawan Somwar

21 August 2024 – Seven Sawan Somwar

The Happy Sawan Somwar have an extraordinary importance as Somwar are by and large devoted to Master Shiva and during the Sawan, the significance of Somwar increments more. Individuals visit sanctuaries, go to Ruler Shiva, and furthermore keep quick on this day.

Assuming that you’re searching for Blissful Sawan Somwar Wishes, Statements, Pictures, WhatsApp and Facebook Status for the Sawan Somwar 2024 then you can go with the Cheerful Sawan Somwar Wishes, Statements, Messages, Pictures, WhatsApp and Facebook Status partook in the article to impart to your known ones on the favorable long periods of Sawan Somwar.

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Happy Sawan Somwar Wishes


  • May the almighty Lord Shiva bless you and your family with good health and happiness! Happy Sawan Somwar.
  • May Lord Shiva Bless You and Your Family With All Happiness and Health. May He Protect Us All From Evil and Give Us Strength to Face the Challenges of Life. Har Har Mahadev! Happy Sawan Somwar To You And Your Family!
  • May the glory of the divine Shiva, remind us of our capabilities and help us attain success. Happy Sawan Somwar.
  • May Lord Shiva and Mata Parvati shower you with their choicest blessings on the pious occasion of Sawan Somwar.
  • May the blessings of Bholenath always stay with you and your family. Here’s wishing you a blissful Sawan Somwar.

Happy Sawan Somwar Quotes


  • On the auspicious occasion of Sawan, shower elders, children, and your beloved with your love and blessings. Blissful Sawan Somwar.
  • This Happy Sawan Somwar, may Bholenath obliterate all your distress and take out every one of the difficulties to assist you with having a cheerful and solid existence.
  • Good tidings on the Devout Month Shravan. May Mahadev grant us happiness, prosperity, and peace. Mahadev, Har Har.
  • Sawan Somwar is a day when you stir your inward cognizance to find the motivation behind your being. Feel the Supreme Power’s presence both within and outside of you.
  • Experience the mysterious excellence of the climate on the promising day of Shravan Somwar and feel Ruler Shiva’s heavenly presence. I am sending you and your loved ones this Happy Sawan Somwar greeting.

Sawan Somwar Images


Wishes, quotes, and messages for Happy Sawan Somwar can be conveyed through stunning images. You can easily download the below Happy Sawan Somwar Images and immediately share them on WhatsApp, Facebook, and other social media platforms. These Cheerful Sawan Somwar Pictures contain different visuals like different photographs of Ruler Shiva, all the jyotirlinga of Master Shiva, composed mantras of master Shiva, and so forth.

Happy Sawan Somwar Wishes Quotes In Hindi

1. भगवान शिव का आशीर्वाद आपके जीवन को आनंद और खुशियों से भर दें। सावन सोमवार की शुभकामनाएं। हर हर महादेव।

2. कर्ता करे ना कर सके, शिव करे सो होय, तीन लोक नौ खंड में, महाकाल से बड़ा ना कोय | सावन सोमवार की शुभकामनाएं।

3. मंदिर में घंटियों का आज शोर है लगता है आज फिर भोलेनाथ क दिन सावन सोमवार का जोर है

सावन सोमवार की शुभकामनाएं।

4. शिव की महिमा अपरंपार शिव करते सबका उद्धार उनकी कृपा आप पर सदा बनी रहे और भोले शंकर आपके जीवन में खुशियां ही खुशियां भर दें। सावन सोमवार की शुभकामनाएं।

5. क्रोध, लोभ और मोह से मिल जाएगी मुक्ति बोलो हर-हर महादेव, बोलो जय-जय बाबा बर्फानी। सावन  सोमवार की शुभकामनाएं।

6. बिगड़ा नसीब भी संवर जाता है बंद किस्मत का ताला खुल जाता है अंधेरे में भी खुला दरवाजा नजर आता है। जो सावन सोमवार पर महादेव के चरणों में झुक जाता है।

7. विश्व का कण-कण शिव मय हो, अब हर शक्ति का अवतार उठे, जल, थल और अंबर से फिर, बम-बम भोले की जय-जयकार उठे। सावन सोमवार की शुभकामनाएँ।

8. हैसियत मेरी छोटी है पर मन मेरा शिवाला है.. कर्म तो मैं करता जाऊंगा क्योंकि साथ मेरे डमरूवाला है। सावन सोमवार की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं। ॐ नमः शिवाय।

9. आँख मूंदकर देख रहा है,

साथ समय के खेल रहा है,

महादेव महा एकाकी जिसके लिए जगत झांकी,

वही शून्य है वही इकाई

जिसके भीतर बसा शिवाय!

ॐ नमः शिवाय्

10. शिव की महिमा होती है अपरंपार,

जो सभी भक्तों का करती है बेड़ा पार.

चलो आओ जुड़ बैठे शिव के चरणों में,

मिल कर बांट लें हम भोले का यह प्यार.

सावन मास की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं.

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Happy Sawan Somwar WhatsApp And Facebook Status

  • Shiva is both my greatest possibility and my greatest hope. Om namah shivaye.
  • This Shravana, may all of your prayers to Lord Mahadev be answered, and may your life be filled with joy, warmth, and light.
  • During This Time, “Om Namah Shivaya” Is the Main Serenade on Our Psyches. May this assist us in maintaining our health and avoiding negativity. You will receive numerous blessings from Lord Shiva. Blissful Sawan Somwar!
  • You can discover your life’s purpose and awaken your inner consciousness by fasting on Shravan Somwar. Blissful Sawan Somwar.
  • This Sawan Somwar, may Lord Shiva help you live a happy and healthy life by removing all of your problems and removing all of your sorrow.
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Happy Sawan Somwar 2024 FAQ’S

For what reason in all actuality do individuals keep Sawan Somwar quick?

In addition to having religious significance, Sawan Somwar fasts provide a chance to cleanse your digestive system. Because a diet rich in sugar and deep-fried foods can cause more harm than good, it’s important not to eat too much of either.

When did Sawan begin and end his career?

This year, Sawan begins on Tuesday, July 4, and continues through Thursday, August 31. The Sawan will be exceptional this time, as after a long hole of 19 years, the favorable season of Shrawan will keep going for quite some time because of Adhik Shrawan Maas.

Which day of the week is Shravan Somwar?

Falling on the fifth month of the Hindu lunar schedule, every Monday (Shravan Somwar) is committed to Ruler Shiva, and every Tuesday to Goddess Parvati during the long stretch of Sawan. Fasting is common on Tuesdays in honor of Goddess Parvati.

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