Honda Rebel 500 Price In India 2024, Booking, Features, Colour, Waiting Time

Honda Rebel 500:- For decades, Honda has been synonymous with innovation, quality, and reliability in the world of motorcycles. Among Honda’s diverse lineup, the Rebel 500 holds a special place as a modern classic that perfectly balances style, performance, and versatility.

This lightweight cruiser caters to a wide range of riders, from beginners seeking a smooth introduction to motorcycling to seasoned enthusiasts looking for a nimble and enjoyable ride. In this article, we will explore the, its history, design, performance, technology, and the captivating experience it offers to riders around the world.


Honda Rebel 500

Rebels are the ones who won’t think twice about, similar to the Honda Rebel 500 will not pick between power, accuracy and style. It’s ready to convey each of the three in overabundance. Because of the immortal cruiser styling, a lean twin-chamber motor and easy to understand powerband. While contemporary highlights like a full Driven lighting bundle.

Our Honda shoe/help grip and discretionary non-freezing stopping mechanism make for a solid ride down the straights as well as the twisties. New varieties during the current year will coordinate impeccably with your number one stuff or extras, assisting you with customizing a cutting edge cruiser that won’t be disregarded. Or on the other hand look at the Radical 500 ABS Exceptional Version for a model that comes total with our most well known extras, similar to the precious stone join seat and front lamp cowl.

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Honda Rebel 500 Details

Name of the vehicle Company Honda
Vehicle Name Honda Rebel 500
Article about Honda Rebel 500 Price In India 2024, Booking, Features, Colour, Waiting Time
Category Bike News

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Aesthetics And Design

The Honda Rebel 500 is a true head-turner, boasting a classic cruiser silhouette with modern touches. Its low-slung design, bobber-inspired look. And minimalist bodywork create a nostalgic charm that harks back to the golden era of motorcycling.

The clean lines, blacked-out components, and chrome accents lend the Rebel 500 a sense of refinement and sophistication. The attention to detail is evident in every aspect of the bike’s design, making it a visual delight for riders and onlookers alike.

Performance And Power

Despite its retro appearance, the Honda Rebel 500 packs a punch in terms of performance. At its core lies a liquid-cooled 471cc parallel-twin engine, engineered for both efficiency and excitement. The engine delivers smooth power delivery, ideal for city cruising and open-road adventures alike.

With a broad torque curve and responsive throttle, the Rebel 500 provides ample power for confident overtaking and spirited riding. The six-speed transmission ensures seamless gear shifts, contributing to an engaging and enjoyable riding experience.

Comfort And Ergonomics

Comfort is paramount on any motorcycle, and the Honda Rebel 500 prioritizes rider well-being. The low-slung seat height and forward-mounted footpegs create a relaxed and laid-back riding position, reducing strain on the rider during long journeys.

Additionally, the swept-back handlebars offer a comfortable reach, enhancing rider control and promoting a more upright posture. The ergonomics of the Rebel 500 make it accessible to riders of varying heights, ensuring an inclusive riding experience.

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Handling And Maneuverability

The Honda Rebel 500 shines when it comes to handling and maneuverability. With its lightweight chassis and low center of gravity, the bike feels agile and nimble in various riding scenarios. Riders can confidently navigate through city traffic, conquer winding roads, and tackle tight corners with ease.

The Rebel 500’s handling capabilities contribute to its user-friendly nature, making it a suitable choice for riders at different skill levels.

Advanced Technology

Despite its classic appearance, the is equipped with advanced technology to enhance the riding experience. The bike features a modern LCD instrument cluster that provides essential information at a glance, including speed, fuel level, and gear position.

Moreover, the Honda Rebel 500 may include Honda’s optional anti-lock braking system (ABS). Further enhancing rider safety and confidence on the road.

Customization And Personalization

The Honda Rebel 500 encourages individuality through a range of customization options. Riders can explore various aftermarket accessories, including saddlebags, windshields, and custom exhaust systems, to personalize their bike and tailor it to their unique style.

Honda also offers factory-approved accessories to further enhance the bike’s aesthetics and functionality. Allowing riders to create a Rebel 500 that reflects their personality.

The Versatility Of The Rebel 500

One of the key attributes of the Honda Rebel 500 is its versatility. Whether it’s the daily commute to work, weekend leisure rides, or extended journeys, the Rebel 500 handles each scenario with grace and ease.

Its adaptable nature makes it an appealing choice for a wide range of riders, from urban commuters seeking practicality to seasoned riders seeking a nimble and enjoyable cruiser for their adventures.

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Community And Culture

Beyond its impressive features, the Honda Rebel 500 is part of a vibrant community of riders and enthusiasts. Owners of the Rebel 500 often come together for group rides, rallies, and events, forming a tight-knit culture that celebrates the joy of motorcycling.

The camaraderie among Rebel 500 riders further enhances the ownership experience, fostering friendships and connections that endure beyond the roads they travel.

Embracing Rebellion

The name “Rebel” signifies more than just a model designation; it represents the spirit of rebellion that motorcyclists embody. Riders on the Honda Rebel 500 embrace a sense of freedom and individuality, breaking free from the monotony of daily life and embarking on journeys of self-discovery and exploration.

Honda Rebel 500 Specification

The cruiser accompanies 41mm adjustable front fork, twin back safeguards, 296mm front circle and 240mm back plate with double channel ABS. The 16-inch front and back tires are shod with fat 130-segment front and 150-area back elastic individually. When sent off, it will basically opening between the reasonable Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 and the top notch Kawasaki Vulcan S and Harley-Davidson Road 750 in the Indian market.

Displacement 471 cc
Engine Type Liquid-cooled, DOHC
No. of Cylinders 1
Max Power 47.5 PS @ 8500 rpm
Max Torque 43.3 Nm @ 6000rpm
Front Brake Disc
Rear Brake Disc
Fuel Capacity 11.2 L
Body Type Cruiser Bikes

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Safety Features

Speedometer Digital
Odometer Digital
Tripmeter Digital
Fuel Gauge Digital
Pass Switch Yes

Dimension And Capacity

Width 820 mm
Length 2205 mm
Height 1090 mm
Fuel Capacity 11.2 L
Saddle Height 690 mm
Ground Clearance 125 mm
Wheelbase 1490 mm
Kerb Weight 191 kg
Engine Oil 3.2 L

Motor And Battery

Peak Power 47.5 PS @ 8500 rpm
Drive Type Chain Drive
Transmission Manual


Suspension Front Telescopic forks
Suspension Rear Showa twin shock
Brakes Front Disc
Brakes Rear Disc
ABS Dual Channel
Tyre Size Front :-130/90-16, Rear :- 150/80-16
Wheel Size Front :-16 inch, Rear :-16 inch
Wheels Type Alloy
Frame Steel Diamond
Tubeless Tyre Tubeless

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Honda Rebel 500, Starting Price Rs 4.50 Lakh. The traces its roots back to the 1980s when the original Honda Rebel was introduced. With its user-friendly design and approachable nature. The Rebel series quickly gained popularity among new riders and those seeking a casual, laid-back cruiser experience.

Fast forward to the present day, and the Rebel 500 embodies the spirit of its predecessors while embracing contemporary styling and modern technology. The Rebel 500 represents Honda’s commitment to providing riders with a timeless and accessible motorcycle that blends tradition with innovation.

How To Book Online Honda Rebel 500?

Booking the Honda Rebel 500 online can be a convenient and straightforward process. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

  1. Research and Choose the Dealership: Start by researching authorized Honda dealerships or official websites in your region or country. Ensure that the dealership you choose is legitimate and authorized to sell Honda motorcycles.
  2. Check Availability: Once you’ve found a suitable dealership or website, check the availability of the, Some dealerships may have the bike readily available, while others might require you to pre-order or wait for stock availability.
  3. Visit the Official Website (If applicable): If Honda offers online booking directly through their official website. Visit their site and navigate to the booking or product page for the .
  4. Contact the Dealership (If applicable): If the dealership doesn’t have an online booking system, you can contact them directly through phone or email to inquire about the booking process. They will guide you through the necessary steps.
  5. Fill out the Booking Form: If you’re booking through the official website, you will likely be required to fill out a booking form. This form may ask for your personal details, contact information, address, and possibly some identification documents.
  6. Select the Model and Variants: Choose the specific model and variant of the you want to purchase. Verify all the details, including color options, features, and accessories.


The Honda Rebel 500 epitomizes the spirit of rebellion on two wheels. With its classic cruiser aesthetics, modern performance, advanced technology, and versatility. The Rebel 500 is a compelling choice for riders seeking an engaging and enjoyable motorcycling experience.

Honda’s commitment to creating accessible and appealing motorcycles shines through in the Rebel 500. Which caters to both new riders and seasoned enthusiasts. As the Rebel 500 continues to carve its legacy in the motorcycling world, it inspires a new generation of riders to embrace the freedom and excitement that motorcycling has to offer.

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Honda Rebel 500 FAQ’S

Is Rebel 500 a good beginner bike?

Although it is primarily a beginner bike, it is also ideal for shorter riders, with an extra low seat height and a simple, comfortable rider triangle. Updated June 2024: Honda continues to tinker with their best-selling Rebel cruisers, and the 500 is no exception.

How much does a Honda Rebel 500 cost?

It features a small headlight cowl and a diamond-stitched seat. ABS braking is optional and well with the upgrade. The 2024 Honda Rebel 500 starts at $6,449 USD / $8,984 CAD.

Is Honda Rebel 500 coming to India?

The price of Honda Rebel 500 is expected to be Rs. 4.50 Lakh. What is the launch date of Honda Rebel 500? The estimated launch date of Honda Rebel 500 is October 2024.

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