iMemories Review 2024: Is It Scam OrLegit? Unfold Truth Today!

iMemories Review 2024: Digital conversion of out-of-date physical materials, such as home films, slides, and photographs, is provided by the well-known online business iMemories. They’ve been in business for more than ten years and have helped thousands of satisfied customers. However, a lot of customers are hesitant to use iMemories due to the rise in online fraud.

We should begin by going through what iMemories brings to the table. Digitizing old physical media is simple and quick with the help of the service. It is possible to convert VHS tapes, film reels, slides, pictures, and other forms of media into digital formats such as MP4, AVI, and MPEG. Once the media has been digitally preserved, you can use the iMemories web platform to access and share it.


iMemories Review 2024

The experts at iMemories are committed to giving people all the great tools they need to preserve precious and old memories for the rest of their lives. With their cutting edge stockpiling framework that safeguards simple film, individuals might digitize their harmed photos in general. With iMemories, people can preserve their precious memories in a digital format of their choosing rather than burying them.

After the digitization cycle is finished, individuals will actually want to watch the film on DVD, the cloud, computerized documents, or a glimmer drive. After transferring images to a thumb drive, the PhotoStick device, which is available in a variety of configurations, can be used to increase security. It eliminates duplicates, organizes data in a safe location, and lets you store photos and videos from a PC or mobile device.

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iMemories Review 2023

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Trying IMemories For The 1st Time? Here Is What You Need To Know!

To use iMemories, all you need to do is create an account and select a plan that suits your needs. They offer a selection of bundles from which to choose, depending on the quantity of data you want to convert. You can use the safe shipping system provided by iMemories to deliver your media to the business after selecting a package. After that, your media will be transformed digitally and uploaded to your internet account.

Things being what they are, is iMemories a certifiable business or a trick? Our investigation reveals that iMemories is a legitimate and dependable service. They have been in the business for over 10 years and are popular with their clients. They have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and numerous awards for their work.

IMemories Reviews: How It All Started?

As a stage for home video and photograph digitization, iMemories was sent off in 2006. The company is redefining how people enjoy family memories in today’s cloud-connected world and is a leader in social entertainment.

iMemories has built a solid reputation for quality and the trust of its customers thanks to its assistance with digitizing over a million clients’ memories. The 150 people who work for the company recently moved into a new Arizona location. The company’s culture, pay, benefits, work-life balance, management, and job security have all received positive reviews from iMemories employees and customers.

iMemories, a cloud-based storage and streaming service that lets you access your family’s entire private video and photo collection on almost any screen, gives you access to a lifetime’s worth of memories. The values and culture of the company place a high value on charity giving, inclusion, and a happy workplace.

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Explain How IMemories Digitizes Memories?

iMemories is a website for storing, sharing, and digitizing personal media like movies, slideshows, images, and documents. The straightforward cycles that gain up experiences activity are as per the following:

Sign Up For Your Account:

Making a record on the iMemories site is the initial step. You must provide your name, email address, and password during this brief procedure.

Select A Paid Package:

iMemories offers a variety of packages based on the amount of media you want to digitize. You can select a bundle based on your needs and budget.

Share Your Desired Media:

You can use the safe shipping system provided by iMemories to deliver your media to the business after selecting a package. After placing your order for a SafeShip Kit, verify your email. They will provide you with secure packaging and a pre-paid shipping label to ensure that your media arrives safely.

Digitize Your Media:

iMemories will then digitize your media utilizing cutting edge gear. They ensure that your media is converted to the best digital format possible by making use of video players and scanners of high quality.

Extract Your Digitized Files Online:

iMemories will then digitize your media utilizing cutting edge gear. They ensure that your media is converted to the best digital format possible by making use of video players and scanners of high quality.

Share And Organize:

iMemories provides a straightforward platform for sharing and organizing digital media. allowing you to share memories with loved ones, edit album titles and descriptions, and create albums.

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What All Services Can One Avail Using IMemories?

iMemories offers a range of services for preserving and sharing personal media such as videos, slides, photos, and documents.

  • These services include digitizing analog media into
  • Digital formats,
  • Storing and organizing digital media
  • Creating custom DVDs and Blu-rays
  • Sharing media with loved ones through the iMemories app.

iMemories promises to return your originals in perfect condition and can convert almost any format. The rundown of its viable organizations covering pretty much every contemporary configuration, goes this way:

  • Betamax, MiniDV, Hi8, VHSC, Digital8, VHS, and 8mm video cassettes
  • Printed, negative, or slide photographs
  • DVDs and Mini DVDs
  • Betamax, MiniDV, Hi8, VHS-C, Digital8, VHS, and 8mm video cassettes Super 8, 8 and16 mm films

To send your unique media to the organization’s office for digitization, they moreover give a SafeShip Pack.

What Types Of Media Can Be Digitized By IMemories?

iMemories can used to convert almost any format, including photographs, slides, videotapes, film reels, and more. The business safely changes over simple media into advanced structures utilizing state of the art innovation.

iMemories makes it simple to convert between any format. The company promises to return your originals in perfect condition.

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What All Items I Can Confidently Send To IMemories?

According to the iMemories website, you can submit your memories in any format for digitization without worrying because they will convert them for you.

The company says it can convert slides, pictures, videotapes, and film reels into almost any format. According to the website, you are free to send as many products as you want.

Consequently, you can send any kind of media to iMemories confidently for digitalization.

You can send as many items as you want digitized. When you send as many objects as you want to iMemories, there are no item limitations to worry about.

The format of sent files can include:

  • Analog photographs
  • Photos and videos that have been partially or entirely destroyed
  • Black-and-white images
  • Various tape types
  • Kodachrome or other color film types

The protected transportation strategy utilized by iMemories is one of the variables adding to its standing as a dependable help. They provide you with secure packaging and a pre-paid shipping label to ensure that your items arrive unharmed.

In addition, they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a full refund in the event that you are dissatisfied with their service.

You might view and share your advanced media through the easy to understand web stage that iMemories brings to the table. Moreover, they offer a versatile application that simplifies it to get to your media while out and about. Their platform’s accessibility and usability have received positive feedback.

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IMemories: Significant Features And Advantages

The iMemories protective packaging and pre-paid shipping label guarantee that your media will arrive in good condition. Their use of a tracking system enables you to monitor the progress of your package.

Practically any arrangement, including tapes, film reels, photos, slides, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg, can be changed over by the business. You can send as many objects as you want to be digitized.

iMemories provides a SafeShip Kit for transporting your original media to their digitization facilities. The company promises to return your originals in perfect condition. In addition, iMemories offers DVDs and USB drives that can customized to physically archive your most treasured memories in formats that can still play today.

The Memories app makes it simple to stream and share thousands of moments across your phone, tablet, laptop, and TV.

For its work, iMemories has received numerous awards. They have received praise for their superior service from industry professionals and customers.

The capacity to store and access your recollections carefully is perhaps iMemories’ most significant advantage. You can ensure that your memories are preserved for future generations with memories, even if your old physical medium eventually breaks down.

Comparing Why Should And Shouldn’t You Try IMemories.

High-quality digitalization services, a cutting-edge facility, a straightforward procedure, quick turnaround times, a practical app, and reasonable pricing are all highlighted in customer reviews of iMemories.

Memories also guarantees that your originals will arrive undamaged. All in all, iMemories is a reliable and trustworthy help that can help you in moving and safeguarding your critical movies, slides, pictures, and reports.

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Here’s why you might want to pass on trying iMemories:


Especially if you need to digitize a lot of files, iMemories can be expensive.

Shipping time

The transportation time frame for your media to show up at iMemories can extended relying upon where you reside.

Quality Issues

A few clients have griped about unfortunate variety exactness or goal in their computerize media.

Loss Of Control

When you send iMemories your content, you are entrusting them with your memories. Some people may feel uneasy at the thought of sending personal media to a third-party server.

Can I Rely On The Security And Work Offered At IMemories?

With the assistance of iMemories, a dependable and secure service, you can transfer and preserve your valuable videos, slides, images, and documents. The company is known for having cutting-edge facilities, a straightforward procedure, quick turnaround times, a helpful app, and prices that are within reach.

iMemories promises to return your originals in excellent condition and provides a crushproof mailing box to ensure the safety of your memories2. Additionally, the company collaborates with FedEx to ensure priority delivery, and video surveillance is use to monitor every memory.

The iMemories service is utilized by thousands of individuals each day, and the business has digitize and corrected nearly 15 million memories without ever losing a customer.

To use iMemories, you need to buy a SafeShip Kit, set up an account with iMemories, and upload your content online.

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A Helpful Guide For Pricing And Promotional Discounts At IMemories

You can subscribe to the iMemories Cloud service for a fixed fee of dollar7.99 per month or dollar59.99 per year, which includes unlimited storage and all services.

The iMemories Cloud membership costs dollar5.99 each month, as indicated by another source. Computerized duplicates may, notwithstanding, be expensive now and again.

A crush-proof box, watertight bags, shock-resistant bubble wrap, and tracking throughout the restoration and preservation process are all included in the SafeShip Kit from iMemories.

However, there may be additional costs, such as dollar19.99 per videotape for digital preservation, depending on the services you select.

For instance, if you want to send the videotapes for digital preservation, you will charge dollar19.99 per tape, regardless of how long the video is. As per another source, there can be additional expenses related with streak drive size and VHS reclamation decisions.

if you want to stop using your plan. You can also accomplish that fairly easily.  You can cancel your subscription using the iMemories Web app account (through Storage Plan) if you signed up for services through the website, or the Apple App Store account (via Subscriptions) if you signed up for services through the iMemories iPhone or iPad app.


IMemories has been a popular choice for those looking to digitize their old family videos and photos. After exploring the features and benefits of iMemories, it is safe to say that it is not a scam but a legitimate service that can help preserve your precious memories for generations to come. The convenience of being able to access your media from anywhere, as well as the option to add music and create custom DVDs or digital downloads, make iMemories an excellent choice for anyone looking to digitize their family memories. If you’re still unsure whether iMemories is right for you, consider reading more reviews and testimonials from satisfied customers to make an informed decision.

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iMemories Review 2024 FAQ’S

Is iMemories worth the money?

If you want to keep your memories in good shape and quality, then iMemories is a worthwhile investment option that safely digitizes your old photos without taking much time.

Can you download iMemories?

Download the iMemories app and see all of your digitized videos & photos organized, labeled and ready to enjoy time and time again. Only the iMemories app gives you secure, cloud-based access to your digitized content to stream from your favorite devices.

How long does it take to get iMemories back?

Yes, all originals will be shipped back to you after they are converted to digital. Please do not send adapters, cameras or personal artifacts (envelops, letters or notes) with your order. Allow 4 weeks after your order is processed for the return of your originals.

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