International Olympic Day 2023, History, Significance, Theme, Quiz & More

International Olympic Day:- International Olympic Day is celebrated annually on June 23rd and was first enacted in 1948. The Olympic Games are the world’s largest international multi-sport event, he is held every four years. Thousands of athletes and athletes from all over the world participate in various games and sports.

The modern Olympic Games are inspired by the ancient Greek Olympics, which began in the 8th century BC. at Olympia. The first modern Summer Olympics were held in Athens, Greece in 1896. Since its inception, International Olympic Day has expanded its audience and adapted to different regional characteristics.


International Olympic Day 2023

International Olympic Day is celebrated on June 23rd every year by people around the world, especially athletes and athletes. The main purpose of this day is to commemorate the founding of the International Olympic Committee on the same day in 1894. The day also aims to encourage young people to participate in sports activities.

The Olympic Games are the world’s largest multi-sport international sporting event, held every four years. For more revealing details about International Olympic Day 2023, see below. B. Continue reading this article for its celebrations, history, meaning, and more.

International Olympic Day

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International Olympic Day Overview

Event International Olympic Day 2023
Date June 23, 2023
Day Friday
Declared by International Olympic Committee (IOC)
Observed by Worldwide
 Category Trending
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International Olympic Day Upcoming Events

Below is the schedule of International Olympic Days for the next five years.

Event Date Day
International Olympic Day 2023 June 23, 2023 Friday
 ”       ” Day 2024 June 23, 2024 Sunday
”       ” Day 2025 June 23, 2025 Monday
”       ” Day 2026 June 23, 2026 Tuesday
”       ” Day 2027 June 23, 2027 Wednesday

Significance of International Olympic Day

The main purpose of International Olympic Day is to promote and spread awareness of the Olympic Movement and encourage more people to participate in the Olympic Games. But over time, the day has become more than just a sporting event. Today’s Olympic Day is centered on ‘Moving, learning and discovering together for a better world’.

Olympic Day Run

The Olympic Day Run is the core activity of Olympic Day, established in 1987. The run is organized by National Olympic Committees around the world to celebrate Olympic Day and promote the practice of sport at the grassroots level. 45 nations participated in the first Olympic Games in 1987, and now over 150 nations participate.

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History of International Olympic Day

Dr. Gruss, Member of the International Olympic Committee of Czechoslovakia, reported on the World Olympic Day celebrations. This report was presente at the IOC’s 41st Session in Stockholm in 1947 and contained the idea of ​​a day to promote the Olympic Games. At the 42nd IOC Session in St. Moritz in January 1948, the idea was approved by the Commission. National Olympic Committees (NOCs) have been task with choosing a date between 17 and 24 June to celebrate this day. Ultimately, 23 June was chosen as International Olympic Day, after the establishment of the International Olympic Committee at the Sorbonne in Paris on 23 June 1894. Therefore, the NOCs organized events to promote the Olympic Games and the first Olympic Day was celebrate on 23 June 1948.

International Olympic Committee

organization found in 1894 and base in Lausanne, Switzerland. This commission is the umbrella body for the National Olympic Committees and the worldwide “Olympic Movement” and is also responsible for the organization of the modern Olympic Games (Summer, Winter and Youth Olympic Games). The founding of this commission is attribute to Pierre de Coubertin and Demetrios Viquelas.

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Each year on the occasion of International Olympic Day, NOCs offer sports, cultural and educational activities for all, regardless of age, gender, social background or sporting ability. Find out about his local NOC and participate in these activities to celebrate the day. You can also find inspiration from the world’s best Olympians by following and @Olympics. Learn more about the Olympics through movies and documentaries, and watch interviews with athletes from around the world.

International Olympic Day Theme 2023

International Olympic Day is celebrate each year base on a theme select and announce by the International Olympic Committee. The theme for the 2023 celebration has yet to be announce. The theme of International Olympic Day 2022 was “Together for a peaceful world”.

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Interesting facts related to the Olympics

Check out some amazing facts about the Olympic event.

  1. The first Olympic Games were held in 776 BC. and end in 393 AD.
  2. The first modern Olympics were held in Greece in 1896, 1500 years after him.
  3. Since 1900, only women have been allow to compete in the Olympics.
  4. Only four athletes have won medals at both the Winter and Summer Olympics.
  5. The official languages ​​of the Olympic Games are English and French. The Olympic torch is lit the old-fashion way with the old-fashion ceremony.
  6. Until 1948, artists such as painters, architects, writers and musicians participate in the Olympic Games.
  7. The Unite States has host her four Summer Olympics so far.
  8. The modern Olympics were host by 23 countries.
  9. The 1916, 1940 and 1944 Olympics were cancel because of World War.
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International Olympic Day 2023 FAQ’S

What is the purpose of Olympic Day?

Olympic Day commemorates Baron Pierre de Coubertin’s establishment of the International Olympic Committee on June 23, 1894.

Where will the Olympics take place in 2023?

People from all over the world call Berlin their home because it is paving the way for freedom and diversity. Special Olympics Austria’s Johanna Pramstaller was thrilled to announce that the 2023 World Games would be held in Berlin, Germany.

What are the five Olympic rings indicating?

The Olympic rings, which represent the activity of the Olympic Movement, symbolize the meeting of athletes from all over the world at the Olympic Games and the union of the five continents.

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