International Widows Day 2024, History, Significance, Theme, Quiz & More

International Widows’ Day:- International Widows Day, celebrated on June 23rd, is a day recognized by the United Nations to draw attention to the plight of countless widows and their families around the world. The day aims to strengthen the voices of widows who face injustice, discrimination and poverty. The United Nations established International Widows Day in 2010 to raise awareness of the issue of widows.

Widows around the world face injustice, poverty and prejudice. aims to empower widows and raise awareness of the challenges they face. Learn more about this day, its history and its significance here.


International Widows’ Day 2024

Every year, June 23rd is celebrate as International Widows Day around the world. The day was originally create by the Rumba Foundation to raise awareness of the issues widows face.

The day was later adopt by the Unite Nations as a day of action to combat “poverty and injustice facing millions of widows and their dependents in many countries.” This article provides important details about International Widows Day 2024, including: B. Its meaning, history, themes, celebrations, etc.

International Widows’ Day

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International Widows’ Day Overview

Event International Widows’ Day 2024
Date June 23, 2024
Day Friday
Declared by The Loomba Foundation
Observed by Worldwide
Category Trending
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International Widows’ Day Upcoming Events

Below are the dates for International Widows Day for the next five years.

Event Date Day
International Widows’ Day 2024 June 23, 2024 Friday
International Widows’ Day 2024 June 23, 2024 Sunday
International Widows’ Day 2025 June 23, 2025 Monday
International Widows’ Day 2026 June 23, 2026 Tuesday
International Widows’ Day 2027 June 23, 2027 Wednesday

Significance of International Widows’ Day

The loss of a partner is traumatic enough for women, made worse by the loss of their basic human rights. There are more than 250 million widows of her around the world, yet they are often not seen, support or consider in our society. More than ever, there is a need to take action to give widows full rights and recognition. Widows’ rights include pensions and social protection not base solely on marital status, access to education and training, equitable distribution of inheritance, information on access to land and productive resources, decent work and equal pay. include.

International Widows Day is establish on 23 June each year to highlight the urgent need to recognize the human rights of widows. The day also focuses on empowering widows to provide for themselves and their families, and addresses social stigma that leads to exclusion, discriminatory or harmful practices against widows.

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History of International Widows’ Day

International Widows Day was create in 2005 by The Roomba Foundation Founder Lord Lumumba and Foundation President Shelley Blair. June 23rd was chosen as the anniversary date because on this day in 1954, the mother of the founder of the Foundation, Shrimati Pushpa Wati Rumba, died, leaving her a widow. celebrations quickly spread around the world, and in 2010 many major countries were already celebrating the day.

The Unite Nations General Assembly has adopt a proposal to recognize by Gabon’s President Ali Bongo Ondimba. Finally, on 21 December 2010, the Unite Nations General Assembly formally adopt Resolution A/RES/65/189, proclaiming 23 June as. The resolution call on “Member States, the Unite Nations system and other and regional organizations to pay particular attention to the situation of and their children.”

The Loomba Foundation

The Loomba Foundation is a non-profit, Unite Nations accredit, international NGO established to support widows and their children regardless of race, gender or religion. The organization was found by Raj Rumba, son of widow Shumati Pushpa Wati Loomba , who lost her husband at the age of 37 and single-handedly raise her seven children. Srimati Rumba pass away in his 1992 and five years after his death in his 1997 Lord Loomba established the Foundation.

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Celebration of International Widows’ Day

In honor of International Widows Day, governments around the world are call upon to take action to meet their obligations to ensure the rights of widows. On this day, various programs and policies are launch to end violence against widows and their children, fight poverty, and support education and widows of all ages. The best way to celebrate is to raise awareness of the injustices and struggles facing widows around the world. You can also donate to charity or provide financial and moral support to widows.

International Widows’ Day Theme 2024

International Widows Day celebrations are held annually according to a set theme. The theme for 2024 has yet to be announce. However, you can read the themes of the last three years’ celebrations in the table below.

Year Theme
2022 Sustainable Solutions for Widows’ Financial Independence
2021 Invisible Women, Invisible Problems
2020 ‘I am Generation Equality: Realizing Women’s Rights

Importance of International Widows Day

  • Widows around the world have an opportunity to speak up and express their concerns.
  • Widows Day empowers all widows by asking for better facilities and opportunities for widows.
  • Emphasis is place on the empowerment and independence of women.
  • International Widows Day also highlights people’s regressive ideas about women and their place in society.

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International Widows Day Objectives

International Widows Day is the result of the efforts of the Rumba Foundation, which create the day in 2005. The purpose of introducing this day was to encourage discussion of the plight of widows and to act accordingly. Some of the purposes of Widows Day are describe below.

  • One of the main purposes of this day is to advocate for better opportunities for widows.
  • Another goal is to demand a safe environment for them.
  • also aims to empower women and support their independence.
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International Widows’ Day 2024 FAQ’S

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