MTV Splitsvilla 14 Winner Prediction, Top 3 Finalists, X4 Finale Date-Time

MTV Splitsvilla 14:-On November 12, 2022, MTV India debuted The Splitsvilla 14. Every Saturday and Sunday at 7 p.m., it begins. It’s also accessible on Voot and can be found on the channel.

The ongoing season of Splitsvilla X4 began with 21 contestants (11 girls and 10 boys), as compared to the previous seasons, which featured just one island for both sexes. The Isles of Venus and Mars are the names of the two islands, respectively. The show’s confirmed participant list is available to view.


MTV Splitsvilla 14

The grand finale of India’s renowned reality show MTV Splitsvilla Season 14 (X4 – 2022-23) featured the top 3 couples. On November 12, 2022, the 14th season of Splitsvilla debuted, with a total of 28 splitsvillans participating in all tasks to stay alive in the game. We saw Hamid-Soundous emerge as the first finalists of Splitsvilla 14 from among these contestants last week.

Aamir-Pema and Tara-Prakshi lost to Justin-Sakshi and Kashish-Akashlina in the Semi-finale challenge later on. The grand finale will now pit the top three couples against one another, with the winning pair being decided by Splitsvilla X4. The winning prize money will be awarded to the couple that wins. Our prediction for the winner of Splitsvilla Season 14, as well as an unofficial voting poll, can be found below.

MTV Splitsvilla 14

MTV Splitsvilla 14 Details

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MTV Splitsvilla 14 Winner Prediction, Top 3 Finalists, X4 Finale Date-Time

MTV Splitsvilla 14

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Splitsvilla 14 Winner Prediction

According to our expectations, the winner of Splitsvilla 14 will be Justin and Sakshi, who will look at the whole journey as well as the link between the couples.

As the Splitsvilla season 14 comes to a close, The top two couples are likely to be Sakshi Shrivas and Justin D’Cruz, as well as Hamid Barkzi and Soundous Moufakir. The other couple has a lower chance of winning than Hamid Barkzi and Soundous Moufakir. Season 14 of Splitsvilla also features Sakshi Shrivas and Justin D’Cruz.

Splitsvilla 14 Finalists

Sr No. Boy Name Age Girl Name Age Status
1 Hamid Barkzi 25 Soundous Moufakir 23 Finalist
(Ticket to Finale)
2 Justin D’Cruz 22 Sakshi Shrivas 23 Finalist
3 Kashish Thakur 26 Akashlina Chandra 22 Finalist

Splitsvilla 14 Voting Poll

On November 12th, 2022, the 14th season of Splitvilla premiered. Until now, viewers have seen two episodes from the new season, and they adore it. So until now, whenever the voting will begin, you will not know until you watch it on MTV or Voot if you are doing so online. So until then, enjoy season 14 of Splitsvilla, your favorite shows.

The unofficial poll for Splitvilla 14 is shown below. Now, let’s see who will win as a result of these tests.

Splitsvilla 14 Grand Finale

The grand finale of Splitsvilla 14 will air on Saturday, February 11th, 2023 from 7PM onwards, and will be discussing the date and timing.

Stay updated on all of the latest information and news regarding MTV Splitsvilla Season 14 by connecting with us.

MTV Splitsvilla 14 TOP 3 Finalists

  • Sondous Moufakir and Hamid Barkzi,
  • Akashlina Chandra and Kashish Thakur,
  • Sakshi Shirvas and Justin D’Cruz.

Splitsvilla 14 Finalists, Elimination & Updates

Splitsvilla Episodes

On November 12, 2022, the 14th season of Splitsvilla premiered. So far, two episodes of the new season have been shown to audiences, and they’ve loved it. We don’t know how many episodes will be in this season 14 of Splitsvilla yet, since we only have this many updates about the episodes.

The total number of episodes in season 13 of Splitsvilla if we borrow an idea from the previous season is 31. Every Saturday and Sunday at 7 p.m., MTV broadcasts your favorite program Splitsvilla X4 season 14, and Voot broadcasts it whenever you want. And, of course, write us in the comments section below to tell us who your favorite contestant from Season 14 of Splitsvilla X4 is.

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Who is the mischief maker in Splitsvilla 14?

Social media sensation Uorfi Javed, who was a part of the youth-based reality program as a prankster, has released a music video dancing to the song 'Villa Wala Pyaar' with the other contestants before the curtains are all drawn for 'MTV Splitsvilla 14' on Friday.

Do Splitsvilla contestants get paid?

The contestants for the 14th season of Splitsvilla You may make money while also becoming famous with MTV Splitsvilla, a program that allows you to earn. The candidates will not be paid by the show's producers, but they may get recognition from it that would open doors for them in the future.

Is Splitsvilla 14 scripted?

Kashish Thakur is very close to her heart, says Urfi Javed, who clarifies that Splitsvilla 14 is not scripted.

Is phone allowed in Splitsvilla?

Cell phones are not permitted in Splitsvilla. Each contestant must submit their watches and smartphones before entering the competition.

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