NEET UG Dress Code 2024, Check, For Male & Female Candidates, Allowed Items List

NEET UG Dress Code:- The Public Qualification cum Entry Test (NEET) will directed today. May 7 for more than 20 lakh clinical understudies. To take the NEET 2024 exam, applicants must adhere to certain rules and regulations established by the NTA, such as the dress code. The entire NEET 2024 dress code can found in this article.

When taking the NEET 2024 exam, candidates must adhere to the dress code in order to pass. All male candidates must wear light-colored half-sleeve shirts or t-shirts with trousers in accordance with the NTA’s guidelines for the 2024 NEET exam dress code. While female candidates may wear light-colored half-sleeve shirts and trousers.


NEET UG Dress Code 2024

Candidates are not permitted to wear sandals, high heels, or any other type of shoe in accordance with the NEET UG 2024 dress code. The NEET exam dress code for females in 2024. Only allows slippers and sandals with low heels. On this page, you can review the complete male and female NEET UG Dress Code 2024. Aspirants must strictly adhere to the instructions on the NEET intimation slip 2024, arrive promptly at the exam center, and dress according to the NEET dress code.

The NEET dress code for 2024, like other NEET rules and regulations, will be strictly enforced on all male and female applicants to stop cheating and malpractice. The NTA NEET clothing standards guide the hopefuls about the sort of dress, footwear, and different things to be worn upon the arrival of the clinical placement test.

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The NTA NEET 2024 clothing regulation will familiarize the competitors with things and dress that are permitted and not. These information will also print on the NEET UG Dress Code 2024 Candidates should adhere to the dress code to avoid unnecessary hassle and avoid being denied entry to the NEET 2024 exam center if they are found to wearing items listed as prohibited. Pen and paper will use for the NEET 2024 exam. welcomes to you complete data on the NEET clothing standard to assist you with being test prepared.

NEET UG Dress Code 2024

NEET UG Dress Code 2024 Overview

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NEET Dress Code 2024 For Male & Female Candidates

The power determines NEET 2024 clothing standard for male and female up-and-comers which should stuck to. Exceptional rules in the data announcement will referenced for the competitors who wish to show up for the test in their standard dress. When entering the NEET UG Dress Code 2024 exam center, candidates must ensure that they do not have any prohibited items with them to assist the exam conducting authority with security checks. The specific NEET 2024 dress code for both male and female applicants is provided below.

NEET Dress Code For Male 2024

  • Candidates are require to wear a mask and gloves in accordance with COVID-19 safety guidelines.
  • According to the NEET UG Dress Code 2024 test clothing standard for male 2024, male competitors ought to guarantee that they wear half-sleeve
  • shirts/Shirts as full-sleeve shirts are not permitted upon the arrival of the assessment.
  • The attire of male candidates should be light, devoid of elaborate embroidery and featuring zip pockets, pockets, and large buttons.
  • Pants and straightforward jeans are a favored NEET clothing standard 2024 for male up-and-comers. Kurta night robe are not permitted.
  • Inside the examination hall, shoes are strictly prohibited. Candidates are encourage to wear chappals and sandals with thin soles.

NEET Dress Code For Female 2024

  • Female competitors should likewise wear a veil and gloves according to Coronavirus security rules set by the power.
  • The NEET dress code for females 2024 stipulates that candidates should not wear clothing with intricate embroidery, flowers, brooches, or buttons because this is against the rules.
  • On the day of the examination, no garments should have sleeves that are completely covered.
  • Following the clothing standard of NEET 2024, female up-and-comers ought to wear half sleeve garments.
  • According to the NEET UG Dress Code 2024, women are generally not permitted to wear fashionable clothing or jeans with large pockets.
  • Therefore, female applicants should avoid wearing jeans on the day of the NEET 2024 exam.
  • According to NEET UG Dress Code 2024 clothing standard, female wannabes can wear plain jeans, and pants not with any plans or large pockets.
    Tights are not permitted in NEET 2024
  • Palazzo isn’t permitted in that frame of mind according to the clothing regulation for female
  • It is ideal to stay away from high heels and thick sole shoes and on second thought settle on shoes or shoes. Shoes with low heels are also acceptable.
  • Female up-and-comers should try not to wear any sort of adornments like studs, nose rings, rings, pendants, pieces of jewelry, wristbands or anklets.
  • Metal locators might cause a superfluous problem in the event that the metal is track down on the individual.

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NEET Customary Dress Code 2024

Up-and-comers who follow a specific religion that recommends a standard dress can show up for NEET 2024 in their standard dress. Sikh candidates are permitte to carry traditional kangha, Kara, and Kirpan, per the Delhi High Court’s order. Burkha can also worn by female candidates. These things will viewed as by the specialists concerning the standard dress.

Candidates will asked on the NEET UG Dress Code 2024 application form if they want to wear the traditional dress, which goes against the dress code. An image is provided as a reference. They must indicate their desire to wear a traditional dress here. However, the candidate must report at least an hour prior to the reporting time in order to facilitate the security checks carried out by the exam conducting authority. It is fitting for contender to follow. The clothing standard of NEET cautiously to stay away from ‘uncalled for means’ or wrongdoing allegations against them.

NEET Dress Code For Sikh Applicants

During the process of filling out the forms. Students who adhere to a particular religion have the option to indicate the attire they typically wear. The Indian high court in Delhi has allowed Sikh candidates to relax and wear their traditional Kirpan and Kara to the test. The option of customary dress includes these items.

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NEET 2024 Dress Code For Muslim Girls

The Delhi high court has concede unwinding in rules and permitted Female contender to wear Burkha according to the standard dress choice. Similar should proclaimed during the application structure filling process

List Of Prohibited Items In NEET 2024

Even though students adhere to the NEET UG Dress Code 2024 they occasionally bring prohibited items to the exam center, causing them unnecessary trouble. For your reference, the following is a list of prohibited items that applicants should not bring to the test center.

Electronic Items

Bluetooth devices, as well as watches, Mobile phones, earphones, pen drives, microphones, are strictly prohibite to carried inside the examination hall.


Personal water bottles and any type of food, whether packed or unpacked. Are not permitte to brought into the testing facility. However, with approval from the official authorities, students with special conditions like diabetes or other diseases can bring their food, medications, and a transparent water bottle..


Students must not carry a pen/ pencil, geometry box, eraser, paper, scales, calculator and log tables inside the test centre.

Personal Items

It is strictly forbidden to carry wallets, belts, goggles, caps, cameras, accessories, or ornaments inside the testing center.

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NEET 2024 Exam Day Guidelines

Here is a list of items allow to carried inside the test centre on the day of the NEET UG Dress Code 2024 Exam. Without their NEET UG admit card, applicants cannot enter the testing facility..

ID Proof

Students should carry a valid photo ID card without which entry to the test centre is not allow.

Passport Size Picture

Students need to carry a passport-size photograph of themselves without fail to the exam centre.


Candidates are require to bring the proforma to the testing center along with their colored postcard-size photograph.

NEET 2024 Special Provision For Diabetic Students

The NEET UG Dress Code 2024 administration has made a special provision specifically for diabetic candidates. Rules for such hopefuls are reference underneath:

  • Candidates with diabetes are permit to bring a water bottle and a snack, such as their sugar tablets, to the examination center..
  • One can’t convey any bundled things like sweets, chocolates, sandwiches, and so forth. to the site of the NEET exam.
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NEET UG Dress Code 2024 FAQ’S

What is the NEET exam 2024 dress code?

Candidates are not permitted to wear sandals, high heels, or any other type of shoe in accordance with the NEET UG 2024 dress code. The NEET exam dress code for females in 20245 only allows slippers and sandals with low heels. On this page, you can review the complete male and female NEET 2024 dress code.

Which attire is not permitted for NEET?

Candidates are permitted to dress in a manner that is culturally acceptable or traditional. For proper frisking, students will need to arrive at the exam center two hours prior to the reporting time. Light-colored clothing with long sleeves are prohibited for students.

Will NEET 2024 be difficult?

The analysis of the NEET 2024 exam indicated that the level of difficulty was moderate. While Physical science was simple, NEET 2024 Science was extensive. In comparison to other subjects, Chemistry in NEET 2024 was challenging.

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