Nokia 5.4 Review: A Few Hits, Some Misses

Nokia 5.4 Review:- Nokia has had its hands full ever since the brand came under HMD Global umbrella. In truth, in an endeavor to stand out, the company has been launching smartphones with a center on conveying a clean, stock Android involvement to conclusion buyers.

That said, the showcase for reasonable smartphones has developed over the a long time and thus, Nokia has had to work double-time to fight off the competition. The Nokia 5.4 is the most recent mid-range contender from the company which scores tall on viewpoints just like the clean, bloatware-free interface, and not too bad execution. However, it misses out in a number of other divisions. Given the solid competition in its cost run, a few of its rivals show up superior.


Nokia 5.4 Review 2023

What's In the Article

HMD Worldwide has given us a few paramount Nokia smartphones within the past. The Nokia 5.1 Plus, Nokia 7.2, and Nokia 8.1, are fair a few of the standout offerings that come to intellect.

Of late, the company has been growing its reasonable run with the Nokia 2.4, Nokia C3, and Nokia 5.3, but none of these have overseen to really awe us as much as the models that came some time recently them. The company’s most recent launch is the Nokia 5.4, which succeeds the Nokia 5.3. HMD Worldwide is pitching this to substance makers who need “cinema-grade” camera devices without having to spend a entirety part.

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Nokia 5.4 Review

Nokia 5.4 Details

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About Nokia 5.4

From a separate, the Nokia 5.4 draws a parcel of parallels to its forerunner, the Nokia 5.3 in terms of plan. In truth, unless you’re recognizable with the unused colorways, you’d be hard-pressed to tell one from the other from the company’s branding to the circular camera module, the two smartphones see near-identical from the back. What’s more, whereas both the gadgets have been developed in their aggregate utilizing plastic, I feel the company has taken two steps in reverse with the construct quality of the more current demonstrate. You see, whereas the Nokia 5.3’s chassis feels moderately strong, the Nokia 5.4’s plastic back takes off much to be craved because it flexes and squeaks without applying any weight. That’s very disillusioning, particularly from a Nokia-branded phone, as the company is known for its strong offerings.

Moving on, the Nokia 5.4 does right a few wrongs by advertising a flawless angle wrap up that exudes distinctive designs beneath the sun. The handset is featherlight as well and weighs in at fair 180g. Shockingly, the smartphone’s gleaming back is inclined to smudges, so you might ought to wipe it down a handful of times a day to keep it squeaky clean. As for the rest of the plan components, the handset ships with a devoted Google Collaborator key on its cleared out spine. The smartphone moreover comes prepared with a earphone jack and can house two SIMs as well as a microSD card at the same time. For biometrics, the gadget gets a expedient capacitive unique mark sensor towards the back, which can too be utilized to bring down the notice sheet through motions.

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Nokia 5.4 Price in India 2023

The base variation of the Nokia 5.4 has 4GB of RAM and 64GB of capacity, and is estimated at Rs. 13,999. There’s a moment variation with 6GB of RAM and 64GB of capacity estimated at Rs. 15,499. It’s accessible in two colors Sunset and Polar Night of which I have the last mentioned with 4GB of RAM. I’ve as of now gone over the plan and construct quality angles of this phone in my to begin with impressions, so we’ll hop straight into the execution of the Nokia 5.4.

Nokia 5.4 Features

In terms of show, the Nokia 5.4 highlights a 6.39-inch HD+ LCD board with a revive rate of 60Hz. The show in itself is fine and compared to its forerunner, ships with a more tactfully-positioned punch-hole score as well. In any case, the board pales when pit against the competition, which not as it were offers pixel-dense Full HD+ screens, but ones that either revive at 90Hz, or are sponsored by AMOLED innovation. I’ll emphasize the show on the Nokia 5.4 isn’t all that awful and the smartphone indeed comes with Wide vine L1 certification, guaranteeing you’ll be able stream substance in HD from OTT stages like Netflix and Amazon Prime. In any case, seeing how the mid-range section is loaded with a riches of alluring offerings, I anticipated Nokia to do way better here.

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Design and Handling

Plan and ergonomics are solid focuses for the Nokia 5.4. The breathtaking body makes it comfortable to hold, it’s decently thin and light, and the Polar Night trim looks phenomenal. Be that as it may, the back draws in smears and fingerprints exceptionally effectively, and it’s a torment to keep wiping these absent. The utilize of plastic doesn’t bother me as well much since this phone still feels durable, and I didn’t discover any scrape marks amid the week-long audit period, but it would have been decent to see a few premium materials like glass.

Whereas I’m all for a lean-mean Android machine, I do miss a few of the animal comforts that third-party skins give, such as scrollable screenshots and indeed a diversion mode. I figured it out the require for the last mentioned highlight when the brightness kept changing when gaming on the Nokia 5.4, since my thumb kept blocking the encompassing light sensor. It’s small things like these that we take for allowed presently and I think it’s tall time HMD Worldwide starts including them.


Up until as of late, entry-level Nokia smartphones haven’t advertised the most excellent client encounter much appreciated to underpowered processors, in my opinion. The Nokia 5.4 in any case sits in a better cost portion and highlights the more effective Qualcomm Snapdragon 662 SoC, comparative to the Poco M3 (Review). Whereas the utilization involvement is better compared to, say, a Nokia 2.3, it’s still not as smooth because it ought to be for a phone at this cost. Fair waking up the phone utilizing the unique finger impression sensor or confront acknowledgment feels dormant. Swiping through home screens and exchanging between apps does not feel smart either, which is perplexing considering that Android does not get leaner than the totally stock UI that HMD Global uses.

Possibly it’s the truth that there’s as it were 4GB of RAM or fair a need of proper optimization, but either way, it may have been superior. Program is one zone that’s difficult to discover blame with on Nokia smartphones. It’s stock Android 10 with just Google’s suite of apps, a bolster app from HMD Worldwide, and a Cinema editor expansion within the Google Photographs app for color reviewing H-Log recordings . An Android 11 upgrade is anticipated to roll out before long. Whereas I’m all for a lean-mean Android machine, I do miss some of the animal comforts that third-party skins give, such as scrollable screenshots and indeed a amusement mode.

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HMD Worldwide is making a huge bargain around the Nokia 5.4 capacity to shoot H-Log video, which to be reasonable, no competitor in this fragment is advertising. This video arrange basically gives you a level color profile, so you’ll color-grade film afterward in proficient post-production program as per your enjoying. This include isn’t commonly seen in stock phone camera apps, but a few paid video recording apps such as Filmic Pro do offer it. For stills, the most 48-megapixel camera captures pixel-binned 12-megapixel pictures by default, which see great in case you oversee to shoot them on a shinning sunny day. The phone battles a bit getting the center right with close-ups, and it can get colors exceptionally off-base at times as well, but generally, the quality is conventional.

Pictures turn out grainy in moo light, and tragically, Night mode increments commotion impressively, whereas brightening up the picture as it were a small bit. The ultra-wide point camera has fair a 5-megapixel determination, and as you might anticipate, picture quality is destitute indeed amid the day. I didn’t discover much utilize for the large scale camera, as picture quality was less than palatable. The 16-megapixel selfie camera does okay within the daytime and conveys acceptable comes about in moo light.


The Nokia 5.4 encompasses a 4,000mAh battery, which I found to be sufficient to urge me through one full day of overwhelming utilize, and indeed the following day on the off chance that my utilization was thrifty. Gaming and observing recordings certainly channels the battery a parcel faster, in my encounter. This phone did passage very ineffectively in our HD video battery circle test running for fair 9 hours and 21 minutes, which is well underneath normal. Charging the battery isn’t the speediest either. With the bundled 10W connector and indeed with any standard high-wattage Type-C connector, I was able to induce as it were approximately a 55 percent charge after an hour.

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Nokia 5.4 Pros & Cons

To reply that, permit me to rapidly recap the smartphone’s hits and misses and here, the gadget offers sensibly great execution, a day’s worth of battery reinforcement and a competent 48MP sensor. Shockingly, the smartphone still boots Android 10, doesn’t offer a strong chassis and ships with an HD+ screen. What’s more, the gadget may be a let down within the network division as well, because it doesn’t back 5G, or 5GHz Wi-Fi systems. Subsequently, unless you’re an ardent Nokia fan and need a stock Android phone, I would propose you see somewhere else. The Nokia 5.4 may be a decent smartphone but as things stand, you’ll get a much way better blast for your buck by selecting for gadgets like the POCO M3 (review) or on the off chance that you’ll be able extend your budget a small bit, the POCO X3 (review) or the Narzo 30A (review).


  • Good-looking design
  • Decent performer
  • Unique videography features


  • HD+ display
  • Limited connectivity features
  • Still boots Android 10
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Nokia 5.4 Review FAQ’S

How long will Nokia 5.4 be upheld?

A quad-camera exhibit is on the back, which comprises of a really 64MP camera, a ultrawide unit and a couple of large scale and profundity sensors. Finally, it promises security updates for at least three years and runs Android 10, with an upgrade to Android 11 coming soon.

Is Nokia 5.4 solid?

The Nokia 5.4 performs well, is strong, and has eminently great sound for a spending plan telephone, yet the dull cameras, normal battery duration, and absence of 5G are difficult to accept at $250.

Is Nokia 5.4 worth purchasing?

Nokia 5.4 isn’t worked for everybody, in the event that you’re searching for stock Android, indeed, Nokia 5.4 merits purchasing however in the event that you need an incentive for cash gadget, no, Nokia 5.4 isn’t the value purchasing at Rs 13,999.

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