OnePlus 6T Review: Consistently Better, Pros & Cons

OnePlus 6T Review:- For all bury and purposes, the OnePlus 6T, which has been my day by day driver for the past week, is an great smartphone. That said, I can’t get around the truth that the gadget is basically a OnePlus 6 (review), short the earphone jack. Unnecessary to say, on the off chance that you’re perusing this article on a OnePlus 6, at that point you ought to fair near the tab presently. In any case, in the event that your current day by day driver could be a couple eras ancient, at that point I feel that the OnePlus 6T is THE phone to urge as anything the competition can do, the 6T does superior.

On the off chance that you’re still undecided, at that point studied on to discover out what makes the 6T a brilliant smartphone. The OnePlus 6T draws parallels to its forerunner in more ways than one. Be that as it may, the handset does have a part of things going for it and the gadget ships with a more rich indent, a greater show, an in-display unique finger impression sensor as well as a beefier battery. Whereas the need of a earphone jack makes the OnePlus 6T a bit of a downer, we feel that the smartphone brings bounty to the table and so, may be a commendable purchase.


OnePlus 6T Review 2023

What's In the Article

There’s a unused OnePlus 6T lead in town, one interestingly comparative and all the whereas, diverse from its forerunner. A modern and greater AMOLED board, with a littler indent and cutting-edge in-display unique mark peruse, furthermore a greater battery beautiful much characterize the overhaul over the OnePlus 6. Be that as it may, the OnePlus 6T too marks the official expulsion of the earphone jack – doubtlessly, a minimize and pitiful event for numerous long-term fans. OnePlus’s victory is one of the reading material cases of viral online promoting within the smartphone industry.

The Chinese producer has built its notoriety as an devotees brand up from add up to lack of definition depending on vicious estimating, elevated mottos and a faithful, tight-knit community. So when you’ve went through the final few a long time developing a committed fan base by demanding that their conclusions, wishes, and inclinations come to begin with, a certain backfire is to be anticipated once you go ahead and expel a highlight they’ve unequivocally voted as a must-have – the sound jack.

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OnePlus 6T Review

OnePlus 6T Details

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About OnePlus 6T

The OnePlus 6T is the foremost fulfilled phone we’ve ever seen from the company, and a bunch of unused highlights, counting an in-screen unique finger impression scanner and a larger battery, include up to form this one of the leading phones you’ll be able purchase right presently. Whereas OnePlus has been discharging two phones per year since the 3T in 2016, the company keeps up it’ll as it were dispatch its follow-up ‘T’ devices when innovation has advanced sufficient to make strides a handset some time recently the another full era. The OnePlus 6T is the exemplification of that method of reasoning, because it feels like a honest to goodness step up from the OnePlus 6, which launched prior in 2018. Do not get us off-base: we adored the OnePlus 6.

It scored 4.5 stars in Tech Radar’s survey, in which we lauded it for clean program, lots of control and a premium glass plan. The OnePlus 6T is fair reliably way better in nearly each regard. There aren’t any eye-catching, must-have modern highlights, but typically more than a venturing stone on the way to the OnePlus 7. And whereas it doesn’t pack the cool unused pop-up selfie camera or 90hz show of the OnePlus 7 Pro, the OnePlus 6T is still the ruling lord of value which is discernibly cheaper than its successors. We would anticipate OnePlus to present assist colors along the line as well. We may see ruddy and white versions, as with past generations of OnePlus devices, but so distant there’s no news on additional shades.

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OnePlus 6T Price in India 2023

OnePlus 6T cost in India begins from Rs. 27,999. The least cost of OnePlus 6T is Rs. 27,999 at Usually 8 GB RAM / 128 GB inside capacity variation of OnePlus 6T which is accessible in Reflect Dark, Midnight Dark, Thunder Purple color.

OnePlus 6T Features

It’s an particularly odd choice considering the company has been making much of the reality that it’s included the earphone jack on each gadget whereas equal companies have dropped it. In case you as of now possess Bluetooth earphones it’s improbable you’ll discover this a issue, but it’s not aiming to sit well with everybody. The show is where lots has changed from the OnePlus 6 that was the primary OnePlus phone to lose most of its bezel and embrace a indent at the best of the show. It’s a comparable issue here, but presently the indent has been contracted down to what’s alluded to as a tear plan. It takes up moderately small space, meaning there’s more screen at the beat cleared out and right of the gadget.

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Design and Display

There’s no two ways almost it the OnePlus 6T could be a reproduction of the OnePlus 6 and anybody who tells you distinctive is either a OnePlus rep or a fanboy. But that’s okay, since the OnePlus 6 was the foremost premium-looking smartphone from the company’s stables and, lo and view, the 6T is an eye-candy as well. More imperatively, the OnePlus 6T nails ergonomics as the smartphone is greatly comfortable to hold. The glass bends consistently into the edges of the show, the camera bulge has been kept to a least, the aluminum trim has been chamfered so as to not chomp into a user’s palms all top-notch stuff, truly.

Besides, unlike the OnePlus 6, the 6T feels a tad bit weighty because it packs in a greater battery, which interprets into distant better; a much better; a higher; a stronger; an improved”>an improved in-hand feeling. Why, you might inquire? Well, basically since the included haul makes the gadget feel more vigorous than its forerunner, the OnePlus 6.


Smartphones have all but supplanted point and shoot cameras these days and so, it comes as no astonish that a handset’s camera specs are as a rule front and middle at the time of its dispatch. On that note, the OnePlus 6T ships with the precise same camera setup as its forerunner and comes prepared with two cameras at the back comprising 16MP and a 20MP shooters with f/1.7 openings separately. The 16MP camera makes utilize of a Sony IMX519 unit, while the 20MP shooter uses a Sony IMX376K sensor. For selfies, the 6T offers a 16MP front camera with f/2.0 opening.

Most of the camera highlights stay the same over the two models as well, and both the OnePlus 6 as well as the 6T can record slow-motion recordings at 240fps (at 1080p) and 480fps (at 720p). In addition, both the gadgets can press pictures in representation mode conjointly come with a built-in magnificence mode. Finally, the smartphones too dispatch with Google Focal point heated into the camera interface, which makes it simple to distinguish eateries, shops or items simply see each day.

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Software, performance and battery

The OnePlus 6T draws parallels to its forerunner within the execution division as well and the smartphone is fueled by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 processor clocked at 2.8GHz. Be that as it may, this time around, OnePlus is outfitting the base variation of the gadget with 128GB of built-in, non-expandable capacity. You’ll spec the gadget with up to 256GB of built-in capacity and up to 8GB of RAM. Obviously, you’ll discover no flaws with the gadget within the execution division. Be it running graphically-intensive diversions or opening resource-hungry applications within the squint of an eye, the OnePlus 6T handles everything like a champ. I’d moreover like to point out that the OnePlus smartphones, in common, are able to hold a ton of apps in memory.

The 6T is no distinctive and on one event, the smartphone overseen to keep PUBG in memory indeed after a full day of using the gadget. What’s more, OnePlus has worked a part on enhancing the equipment with its program and so, you’ll take note that app and UI activitys are rendered easily on the gadget. The OnePlus 6T is fuelled by a 3,700mAh battery which makes the smartphone a ‘two-day’ phone. What I cruel by that is that you will be able to induce two days’ worth of battery life from the 6T off a single charge, given you’re utilizing the smartphone conservatively. Beneath overwhelming utilization, the gadget overseen to final me a day and a half without any issues.

OnePlus 6T Pros & Cons

For its inquiring cost, which we anticipate to be within the locale of Rs 38k, the OnePlus 6T is still the foremost bang-for-buck smartphone, at slightest in my books. The smartphone offers great cameras, has an great battery life, ships with Android Pie and is the speediest lead I’ve utilized to date. Be that as it may, with each passing year, OnePlus is relentlessly expanding the fetched of its leaders without bringing a world of advancement or contrasts that would set that separated from their forerunners. The OnePlus 6 for occasion, is each bit as magnificent as the 6T, comes with a earphone jack and is cheaper too.

Subsequently, in case you’re within the showcase for a unused smartphone, the OnePlus 6 still makes for a great purchase, given it doesn’t get ceased before long. In any case, on the off chance that you completely must have the most recent the innovation has got to offer, at that point it’s the OnePlus 6T that merits your moolah.


  • Excellent battery life
  • Solid performer
  • Clutter-free software
  • Dash charging


  • Still not the industry leader in camera technology
  • No wireless charging
  • No waterproofing
  • Bulky
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OnePlus 6T Review FAQ’S

What is the existence of OnePlus 6T?

The OnePlus 6T is fuelled by a 3,700mAh battery which makes the cell phone a ‘two-day’ telephone. What I mean by that will be that you’ll have the option to get two days of battery duration from the 6T off a solitary charge, gave you’re utilizing the cell phone moderately.

Is the OnePlus 6T still worth the effort?

in the event that you’re ready to score an excellent condition OnePlus 6t for relaxed to average use. this telephone will endure the entire day the 3700 milliampere is near our standard 4000 milliampere. today this telephone shoots 4K at 60fps. so on the off chance that you’re vlogging on a tight spending plan you will get a few fresh and nice recordings out of this telephone.

For what reason is my OnePlus 6T sluggish?

Attempt to refresh your telephone to the most recent programming adaptation and reboot telephone. 5. In the event that this issue isn’t tackled, reset your gadget after back up, go to [Settings]-[System]-[Reset options]-[Erase all information (Processing plant reset)] (For Android O: [ Settings]-[Backup &reset]-[Factory information reset]-[Reset phone]).

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