OnePlus 9 Review: Performance Aplenty, Pros & Cons

OnePlus 9 Review:- OnePlus has been upping its smartphone amusement year-on-year, and at the same time, the brand has too extended its portfolio of items. Whereas the definition of an devotee brand varies over clients, the OnePlus of some time recently certainly fit the lead executioner tagline.

The brand guarantee appeared clear: to supply the leading conceivable Android encounter at a cost that would conciliate the customers. The starting of the brand’s move absent from its reasonable lead roots conceivably started with the launch of the OnePlus 7 Pro, about two a long time back. Presently with the OnePlus 9 series that has fair been declared, it’s apparent that the company is after the big weapons and in case you need a OnePlus lead involvement, you wish to shell out a reasonable bit.


OnePlus 9 Review 2023

What's In the Article

Over the past few eras, OnePlus’ non-Pro smartphones have frequently been dismissed in support of the Pro models. The include difference between the OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro is still the most excellent case to date. Things did move forward somewhat with the 8 series, but higher costs have too implied that the non-Pro models do not offer as much esteem for cash.

With this year’s 9 series, OnePlus’ much-hyped Hasselblad association expands to the OnePlus 9, and isn’t restricted to the 9 Professional, which is extraordinary. Include to that the moved forward sensors, same charging speed, and same show revive rate as the 9 Pro, and the OnePlus 9 looks like a awesome overhaul to the OnePlus 8.

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OnePlus 9 Review

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About OnePlus 9

The OnePlus 10 Pro just launched in China, and we’re still learning around OnePlus’ 2022 phone line. But in the event that you’re considering the OnePlus 9, know that indeed in spite of the fact that it’s not the highest-performing phone within the lineup, it’s still got incredible specs all round and comes at a cost that produces it a strong choice for anybody shopping on a budget. And in spite of a delay in its Android 12 rollout in December, the OnePlus 9 is presently receiving Oxygen OS 12, which is based on Google’s most current working framework. That adjust of highlights and cost has earned it a CNET Editors’ Choice Grant. Our overhauled review takes after. When I reviewed the OnePlus 9 final year, I said it was one of the finest and more reasonable phones you’ll purchase.

Its great execution, wonderful battery life, better than average camera and super quick charging implied it was distant better; a much better; a higher; a stronger; an improved”>an improved esteem than its pricier OnePlus 9 Pro sibling. That’s why it earned that pined for CNET Editors’ Choice Award. But since at that point we’ve seen the dispatch of phones like the Google Pixel 6, which moreover earned a gleaming audit much obliged to its awesome camera, smooth Android 12 interface and great in general execution. And at $599, the Pixel 6 is precisely the same cost as the OnePlus 9. Without a doubt the OnePlus 9’s greatest competition nowadays, the Pixel is the superior choice in case you need the flawless highlights of Android 12 and a superior main camera.

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OnePlus 9 Price in India 2023

OnePlus sent me the 12GB RAM variation (with 256GB of capacity), which is estimated at Rs. 54,999. There’s too a variation with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of capacity estimated at Rs. 49,999. The OnePlus 9 has the same LPDDR5 RAM and UFS 3.1 capacity as the 9 Master. There are three colors on offer Astral Dark, Ice Sky, and Winter Fog but the last mentioned is as it were accessible in case you select the top-end variation. The pastel lilac tint of the Winter Fog trim looks lovely but the shiny wrap up pulls in fingerprints exceptionally effortlessly.

OnePlus 9 Features

The OnePlus 9 conveys in nearly all angles of a lead smartphone encounter which incorporates execution, camera, battery, and show. What bugs me is the estimating of the OnePlus 9. The phone needs a few true-blue lead highlights like an official IP-rating and remote charging. The Hasselblad organization might not have borne the natural product I was anticipating, as the modern Sony sensors as of now lookout of most photography advancements. I think the OnePlus 9 seem have been a culminate budget executioner on the off chance that it had been estimated superior, but it does appear it’s estimated on the higher side given it needs a few lead highlights like an IP rating and remote charging.

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In my first impressions of the OnePlus 9, I said that for the primary time, the company has utilized a polycarbonate outline for its lead number arrangement. We’ve as of late seen Samsung make the same compromise with the development of its non-Plus or non-Ultra lead smartphones. I wouldn’t care so much in the event that the OnePlus 9 was estimated comparative to the OnePlus 8T’s launch cost, but that’s not the case, which makes this greatly baffling.

It’s astounding why a brand yearning to create a title for itself within the premium smartphone fragment would take such a in reverse step. Having said that, the OnePlus 9 still feels unequivocally built and the plastic outline does see like metal, indeed in spite of the fact that it’s not. The as it were silver lining here is that it’s much lighter (183g) and slimmer (8.1mm) than the 9 Pro and indeed the 8T.

Specifications and Software

The OnePlus 9 employments the same Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 5G SoC as the 9 Pro, and in India, it as it were bolsters two 5G groups compare to more in other districts. This aside, the step-brotherly treatment backs its revolting head once once more. In India, the OnePlus 9 does not get an IP rating for tidy and water resistance, and not one or the other does it get remote charging. OnePlus proceeds to save these highlights for its Pro demonstrate in India, but not in all parts of the world.

The OnePlus 9 sold in Europe and North America bolsters 15W Qi remote charging, which too makes it marginally thicker and heavier compare to the demonstrate sold in India. In case you’re within the US and buy the OnePlus 9 by means of T-Mobile, it’ll carry an IP68 identification. There’s a elastic gasket around the SIM plate indeed on the Indian demonstrate, which appears to demonstrate a few level of water entrance security, but make of that what you may.

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Performance and Battery Life

Execution has been exceptionally strong right from the get go. The OnePlus 9 may be a more comfortable phone to live with than the 9 Master or indeed the 8T. The lower weight and thickness offer assistance in accomplishing distant better; a much better; a higher; a stronger; an improved”>a much better in-hand feel, and the level show pretty much rules out inadvertent touches. The 120Hz revive rate makes any signal feel smart and liquid. It’ll drop down to 60Hz in certain apps, in arrange to spare control. The show is amazing colors are dynamic, brightness is exceptionally great, and seeing points are more than palatable. You get a sensibly huge 4,500mAh battery with the OnePlus 9 and what’s more, there’s a charger, a quick one at that, interior the box.

In an time when two of the greatest smartphone producers have drop the charging brick from their lead phones, this feels like a help. OnePlus has utilize a comparable innovation that’s display on gadgets that bolster extraordinary quick charging which is putting two littler batteries in a parallel association to charge them at the same time. The battery will keep the OnePlus 9 above water till the conclusion of the day but not more than that. I got almost 7 hours of screen-on time from the phone and this was when I was putting it through the allegorical processor with broad overwhelming GPU-usage and whatnot.


The camera on the OnePlus 9 are a enormous update compare to its predecessor’s primarily due to way better sensor. There’s of course the full Hasselblad association as well, but for the 9 series, the advantage is primarily seen within the color tuning of JPEGs and not much else. The most 48-megapixel sensor is lifted from the OnePlus 8 Pro, with the include advantage of Hasselblad’s color science. In any case, OnePlus has expelled optical adjustment, which I think was an odd choice. The 50-megapixel ultra-wide camera has the precise same sensor and lens setup as on the 9 Pro, whereas the third camera may be a 2-megapixel monochrome sensor.

The OnePlus 9 need a fax camera, which implies all amplification is entirely advance. The selfie camera is the same one utilize for the OnePlus 9 Pro, and it’s conventional but not incredible. You’ll get a few satisfy selfies amid the day in case you point the camera fair right, but for the foremost portion, pictures see reasonably normal and the quality plunges encourage in moo light.

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OnePlus 9 Pros & Cons

The OnePlus 9 could be a befuddling phone, not in a way of underperforming or destitute plan, but more of how it is estimated vis-a-vis the era of OnePlus phones it is assumed to replace. In quintessence, the OnePlus 9 is the leading entertainer in its section but what else does the phone do especially well, keeping its inquiring cost in intellect? Does it have awesome cameras? Arguably yes, since the unused Sony sensors have been utilized but they are not a really significant leap over past non-Pro OnePlus cameras. I can unquestionably see justify with the 50MP ultra-wide sensor which could be a colossal enhancement over the 8T’s 16MP sensor.

Battery capacity remains the same and indeed the charging speeds are indistinguishable to final year’s OnePlus 8T. The plan does see very great but once more not as much to warrant an update over the past emphasis.


  • Best-in-class performance
  • Great daylight photography
  • Fast 65W charging
  • Smooth 120Hz screen


  • Nighttime shots need improvement
  • No wireless charging or IP rating
  • Priced on the higher side
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OnePlus 9 Review FAQ’S

Is OnePlus 9 is good or bad?

The OnePlus 9’s top-end Qualcomm chip makes it an absolute powerhouse, while its stronger battery life and stellar fast charging makes it excel if power is an issue. That said, The Pixel 6’s aluminum and glass design feels markedly more premium than the OnePlus 9’s.

Does OnePlus 9 still overheat?

Heating issues have been reported by OnePlus 9/9r/9Pro users and faced by almost all the users of the product. Although OnePlus has released a software update to fix the problem, it has not resolved the issue

Does OnePlus 9 have issues?

One of the more common OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro problems since the update to Oxygen OS 12 has to do with the alarm clock. Some users are unable to dismiss an alarm from the lock screen. More concerning is that the alarm notification only shows up on the lock screen but doesn’t actually ring.

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