OPPO F5 Review 2024 : intelligent selfies that come at a price, Pros & Cons

OPPO F5 Review – Once the plot for numerous sci-fi motion pictures, Manufactured Insights has presently gotten to be the buzzword within the buyer tech space. It moreover guarantees to alter the way users connected with their portable gadgets. We as of late saw Google conversation around an “AI First” future when the company launched the Pixel 2 XL (review), a smartphone which comes heated with the Google Right hand. On iOS side of things, Apple’s most recent iPhone trio are imbued with AI as well, as the company has included a neural motor competent of machine learning into the blend nearby the A11 bionic chip.

Presently, Chinese tech mammoth OPPO is bringing its possess turn to an AI-powered smartphone with the OPPO F5, which comes with AI-based beautifying innovation. Spoiler alarm the selfies turned out awesome, but is the F5 fair a one-trick horse or there more to it? Remain with me to discover out. Maybe that shouldn’t be surprising, since this can be an change merely can see immediately, and a part of individuals will to begin with be pulled in to this phone for this reason. No matter whether you’re more inquisitive about the new Oppo F5 for what’s on the surface or what’s lying inside.

OPPO F5 Review 2024

What's In the Article

Like it or not, taller screens are clearly the greatest smartphone plan drift of 2017. Not each company can drag off bended glass, and metal bodies are costly, but clearly it doesn’t take that much exertion to extend out a show board. We begun off this year with Samsung and LG bestowing their flagship Galaxy S8 (Review) and LG G6 (Review) models with the primary two cases of taller screens, but more as of late we’ve seen low-end smartphones such as the Micromax Canvas Infinity (Review) and several mid-range ones attempting to capitalize on the attention.

With its 20-megapixel front camera, the F5 takes stunning selfies that are sure to impress. The device also features AI Beauty Recognition technology, which intelligently analyzes facial features and applies enhancements to capture the best possible selfie. The 6-inch full HD display provides a vibrant and immersive viewing experience, perfect for watching videos or browsing the web. Under the hood, the F5 is powered by an octa-core processor and 4GB of RAM, ensuring smooth and responsive performance. Overall, the OPPO F5 is a feature-packed smartphone that offers great value for money.

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OPPO F5 Review

OPPO F5 Details

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About OPPO F5

Most companies that have received taller 18:9 screens have ceased some place brief of accomplishing a genuine borderless see, and the Oppo F5 is no exemption. There’s scarcely any fabric to the sides, but since our audit unit features a white front confront, they’re still exceptionally unmistakable. The temple and chin zones over and underneath the screen are still reasonably articulated, and the front camera is particularly unmistakable following to the earpiece. We never like it when companies transport phones with plastic screen defenders as of now fastenedwhereas this means that individuals who need them don’t got to stress approximately finding one the proper measure and applying it accurately, we discover that it enormously diminishes from any device’s look. The “borderless” impact is truly reduced by the additional line of plastic you see running around the edges of the screen, which is precisely the case with the Oppo F5.

The raise shell is made of a warm gold with a matte metallic surface. Depending on the light, it can see exceptionally pink. There’s a sparkly chrome ring running around the phone’s sides where the metal meets the white front board, and there are moreover chrome recieving wire lines at the best and foot of the raise, in the iPhone 7 fashion that has as of now been replicated by others. Whereas the see is by and large very decent, we think that this phone will see a parcel superior in black. You’ll discover the control button and dual-SIM plate on the proper, whereas the volume buttons are on the cleared out. The beat is clear but for a mic pinhole, but the foot is very active with a 3.5mm sound attachment, Micro-USB harbour, mic, and speaker grille.

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OPPO F5 Price in India 2024

Oppo F5 cost in India beginning at Rs. 19,990 for the 4GB RAM and 64GB inbuilt capacity variation, will be accessible in a Gold and Dark color alternatives.

OPPO F5 Features

The Oppo F5 is sensibly lean at 7.5mm, and weight is exceptionally reasonable at 152g. The surface of the raise shell makes this phone simple to grasp. You won’t be able to reach all corners of the screen with a single thumb, due to its measure and extents, but you’ll extend without feeling as in spite of the fact that the phone might drop from your hand any moment. As distant as phones with extra-large screens go, this one is decently simple to use and handle. The processor could be a MediaTek MT6763T, which was launched exceptionally recently and highlights eight ARM Cortex A53 centers, four of which run at 2.3GHz whereas the other four run at 1.65GHz.

It too highlights an coordinates Mali-G71 MP2 GPU and moved forward picture processor. The Oppo F5 can as it were utilize one SIM on a 4G organize at any time. Moreover, the phone reboots each time you swap SIMs, which is irritating.

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Design and Display

The F5 is to OPPO what the iPhone X (review) is to Apple. Both the smartphones include a radical move in plan which is able without a doubt clear the way for future offerings. Presently, we’ve as of now seen endless emphases of bezel-less plan on budget smartphones, but favor promoting recordings aside, the plan of these smartphones isn’t continuously executed with the spit and clean you’d something else see on a high-end lead. Tragically, the OPPO F5 falls beneath the same category. From a remove, the F5 shows up to be clad in a unibody metal plan, be that as it may, do not let that trick you. The smartphone has been built out of plastic which gives a part to be wanted once you really choose up the gadget.

Presently, with that said, there are a few periphery benefits you get with the plasticky construct of the F5. For starters, you won’t ought to wipe the back of the smartphone to expel unique mark stains. Furthermore, in spite of its estimate, the F5 is feather light which is extraordinary for your pockets in case you travel a part since you won’t have to be bargain with another ungainly bulge in your pants.


OPPO has been at the bleeding edge of the selfie insurgency ever since the brand ventured into the Indian showcase. From being one of the primary brands to offer smartphones which come with a embellish include to dual-cameras on the front for upgraded selfies, the company has attempted its hand at nearly everything. This time around, you won’t get two cameras on the front, but OPPO is backing the selfie shooter on the F5 with AI smarts. Presently, some time recently we jump into the how and the whys, let me run a few specialized numbers by you. The OPPO F5 ships with a 20MP front camera which comes with an gap of f/2.0.

The sensor comes with a devoted Driven streak unit as well and since the smartphone is focused on at selfie-enthusiasts, you’ll get a few extra highlights with the auxiliary camera which I’ll conversation more almost in a bit. The raise cameras on OPPO smartphones have continuously lived beneath the shadow of the selfie shooters and the same is genuine for the F5 as well, which comes with a 16MP f/1.8 gap sensor. In any case, that’s not to say that the essential camera is any slump. In truth, pictures captured amid the day with adequate common light turned out incredible. The colours felt immersed and punchy and the camera overseen to capture great sum of details too.

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Fueled by the MediaTek MT6763T octa-core processor which has been combined with 4GB of RAM, the F5 doesn’t take the cake for advertising the foremost cutting-edge determinations accessible beneath Rs 20K. Presently, let’s get the self-evident out of the way to begin with yes, the smartphone does battle with seriously titles, and diversions like Asphalt 8 will require you to tone the graphics settings down to urge playable outline rates.

In any case, in case you’re more of a laid-back gamer at that point you won’t come over any slack on the smartphone. Indeed with different applications open, the smartphone does not get drowsy and bouncing in and out of applications may be a smooth encounter as well. All in all, the OPPO F5 isn’t the fastest smartphone you’ll buy for under Rs 20K but at that point, possibly it won’t be off-base to say that you simply do not purchase an OPPO smartphone for crude execution within the to begin with put.


Within the battery division, the OPPO F5 ships with a 3,200mAh unit which ought to see you through the conclusion of a overwhelming day. You won’t have much juice cleared out within the tank by the time you hit the bed and so, will ought to charge the smartphone overnight in arrange to induce through the another day. Presently, one of the greatest complaints I’ve had with the F5 is that it doesn’t back quick charging and takes over 90 minutes to reach full charge.

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OPPO F5 Pros & Cons

OPPO has made a parcel of adjust choices with the F5, and a few flawed ones as well. The F-series now not has an ancient school vibe, much obliged to the smooth bezels on the F5 and the AI-backed selfie camera truly captures unimaginable selfies. Whereas the battery capacity of the smartphone is nothing to compose domestic almost, the battery life is lovely great and the smartphone will effectively final you a day on overwhelming utilization. Tragically, the smartphone does come with its reasonable share of compromises.

The execution of the phone is normal at best and the plastic construct of the smartphone does small to legitimize its cost tag. The choice at that point bubbles down to your individual inclination would you or maybe pay a premium for stunning selfies or elect a more well-rounded alternative for less than the cost of the F5.


  • AI-backed selfie camera works great
  • Good quality display
  • Good battery life


  • Flimsy build
  • Unattractive bezel circumference the display
  • Average performance


OPPO F5 smartphone that offers a great combination of style, performance, and affordability. With its sleek design and edge-to-edge display, the F5 is a visually stunning device that is sure to turn heads. The phone’s powerful processor and ample RAM ensure smooth multitasking and lag-free performance, allowing users to seamlessly navigate through apps and games. One of the standout features of the F5 is its impressive camera capabilities. The front-facing camera utilizes advanced artificial intelligence technology to capture stunning selfies with natural-looking beauty effects. The rear camera delivers crisp and vibrant photos, even in low-light conditions. Additionally, the F5 boasts a large battery capacity that provides all-day usage without needing to constantly recharge. OPPO F5 is an excellent choice for those seeking a feature-packed smartphone at an affordable price point.

OPPO F5 Review FAQ’S

Is Oppo F5 good?

OPPO F5 is a capable performer if you don't stretch it too much. OPPO F5 comes with a 3,200-mAh battery which lasts for a full work day on heavy usage.

Is Oppo F5 a flagship phone?

The F5 is up-to-date with other flagship phones in the design category. It carries 6-inch bezel-less screen, a monolithic metal body and a fingerprint sensor that is placed rightly at the back.

Is Oppo F5 fast charging?

Despite not having fast charging capabilities, it still charges quite quickly, taking just under two hours to reach full capacity. The battery life is reliable, easily lasting an entire day even with heavy usage.

Is Oppo F5 a 5G phone?

The Oppo F5 is a dual SIM phone with both SIM slots compatible with 4G and VoLTE.

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