Realme Book Slim (Intel Core i3) Review 2024: Price, Design, display Battery Performance and software, Finally Reveled

Realme Book Slim (Intel Core i3) Review – The Realme Book Slim really came out of no place, and it’s effectively one of the finest items to come out of the youthful brand’s stables and performs fair as well because it looks. It does see a parcel like Apple’s MacBooks, as Realme cleared out no question around where they took motivation from, but this one’s a well-done MacBook clone that rocks a 2K show and a thin metal wrap up. We’re aiming to conversation approximately all of them, and what they cruel for in general ease of use. Studied on to see whether the Realme Book Slim ought to be on your radar the another time you go shopping for a laptop.

The color could be a wealthy gem tone, and is spread all over the internal and external surfaces of this laptop, but for the outline around the screen. As its title recommends, this laptop is 15.5mm thick at its thickest point, and weighs 1.38kg. It isn’t the foremost compact 14-inch laptop around, but it fits well inside the ultraportable portion.


Realme Book Slim (Intel Core i3) Review 2024

What's In the Article

Not numerous modern tech brands oversee to stay around, particularly in India, but Realme has come a long way in a brief time. Its portfolio has extended from smartphones to sound items, TVs, wearables, extras, and individual care items. Prior this year, the company branched out indeed encourage, launching a modern tablet and a tablet. The target advertise is the same in about all cases youthful, tech-savvy Indians who like a bit of fashion but cherish a good price indeed more. It’ll be curiously to see whether Realme can reproduce its victory with smartphones within the distant more cost-sensitive tablet showcase in India.

The Realme Book Slim is clearly situated as an ultraportable portable workstation. As with numerous of its phones, Realme has chosen a couple of highlights and determinations to center on, permitting it to seize potential buyers’ consideration. We’re getting to conversation around all of them, and what they cruel for in general ease of use. Studied on to see whether the Realme Book Slim ought to be on your radar the another time you go shopping for a laptop.

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Realme Book Slim (Intel Core i3) Review

Realme Book Slim (Intel Core i3) Review Details

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About Realme Book Slim (Intel Core i3)

It’s common hone for smartphone brands to wander into unused opportunities/avenues once they’ve tasted victory offering phones in India. Take Realme for occurrence, which debuted within the nation with competitively-priced Android handsets nearly three a long time back. Quick forward to nowadays and the brand has its fingers within the sound, wearables, tablets, and keen IoT space as well. What’s more, Realme as of late forayed into the tablet portion as well with the launch of the Realme Book Slim series of note pads.

Affirm, I’ll halt spouting over the laptop’s plan presently and conversation a small bit more around what isolates it from the crowd of other reasonable tablets within the showcase. Let’s begin with the construct of materials and here, Realme has utilized aluminum amalgam for the unit’s development. Thus, not at all like most competing note pads, the Realme Book Slim’s chassis feels eminently vigorous and lavish to the touch. What’s more, the company has paid extraordinary consideration to the spit and clean on offer and you won’t discover any spiked or uneven edges anyplace on the laptop’s surface.

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Realme Book Slim (Intel Core i3) Price in India 2024

The starting cost for the Realme Book Slim in India is Rs. 46,999. This gets you an 11th Gen Intel Center i3 CPU and 256GB SSD. In the event that you need to step up, there’s another alternative with a Center i5 CPU and 512GB SSD, estimated at Rs. 59,999. There are a couple of other unpretentious contrasts between these variations as well, which we’ll get into detail almost in this review.

Realme Book Slim (Intel Core i3) Features

Realme has set up its gadgets over a run of cost focuses inside many a long time, as well as extending its offerings in other spaces. With its modern Realme Book Slim, the company has entered the Indian tablet showcase. You’ll think the laptop has an fabulous set of highlights based on the determinations page. A 2K show, a compact profile, 65W speedy charging, and a free overhaul to Windows 11. In spite of its MacBook-inspired see, the Realme Book Slim sparkles out in a swarm of laptops, which is one of the reasons I accept individuals would select this portable workstation over others for its moo estimating.

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Specs and Variants

There are three variations of the Realme Book Thin in India. The base demonstrate, which we are checking on here, sports the Intel Center i3 1115G4 beside 8GB RAM and 256GB PCIe SSD capacity, and it tops out with the Intel Center i5 1135G7, with 8GB RAM and 512GB SSD. There’s too a 16GB RAM variation with the Intel Center i5, but that hasn’t launched in India however. All variations of the Realme Book Slim don the same 14-inch 2K display with a taller 3:2 viewpoint proportion along side Wi-Fi 6 and 65W quick charging. Too, the Center i5 variation comes with a USB 4.0/Thunderbolt 4 Type-C harbor.

Design and Build

Okay, let’s begin with the construct here. Typically Realme’s to begin with portable workstation, but looking at it, there’s no way to figure. It’s like they’ve been making laptops for a long time. The Realme Book is made out of CNC-milled aluminum, and it feels super premium. Not at all like anything you get under 50k right presently. Most dazzling. It’s consistently machined with no harsh edges, has that smooth anodized wrap up, and it decreases off to the edges in a wedge shape, with a 14.9mm trim at its most slender. The bezels are razor sharp with a 90 percent screen to body proportion, and it weighs fair 1.3kgs. For a portable workstation estimated 47 fantastic in India, that’s jaw dropping great.

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Display and Audio

The cherry on beat is this dazzling 14-inch 2K screen that goes nearly 180 degrees. This is often what got the buildup started. It’s a 3:2 show which implies you’ve got more genuine bequest to work with, and there’s twice as numerous pixels as you’d ordinarily get at this cost. It’s a win-win any way you see at it. Ordinarily, OEMs compromise hard on the show quality to wrench up the performance within the budget portion, but Realme had to form a articulation here. And a high-res show is perfect way”>the most perfect way to do it.

The screen is what you’ll see at the foremost when utilizing the tablet, and this one’s lovely great. Tall Definition backdrops fair pop out on this board, and the lean bezels make them see greatly immersive. When put side by side with a 1080p screen, it looks miles way better. Observing motion pictures, perusing articles, this one’s made for it.

Performance and Battery Life

The Realme Book Slim is built like an ultrabook with its thin construct and sharp show, but it stops fair brief of being a genuine ultrabook due to the execution and battery life. To Realme’s credit, it’s incredible to see a Center i3 laptop treated with the same energy as a higher-end demonstrate, studding it with a high-res show which premium construct, but you ought to tame your desires almost the execution from this one. The Center i5 variant is without a doubt planning to be more capable than this, but there as well Realme acknowledges the status quo staying to the U-series Intel Center i5 1135G7 not at all like the Mi Notebook Pro that highlights the Intel Center i5 11300H with higher TDP and clock speed, at the same cost as the Realme Book Pro.

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Realme Book Slim (Intel Core i3) Review 2024 FAQ’S

Is Realme i3 a good laptop?

The Realme Book Slim starts at Rs 44,999 for the Core i3 variant and for the price, is a no-brainer. The laptop looks good, offers a fantastic display, performs well, and touts a long-lasting battery backup too. Quite frankly, the Book Slim is the easiest tech recommendation I've made so far in 2021.

Is Realme Book Slim i3 good for gaming?

The Realme Book isn't a gaming laptop, but there is no denying that you can't play the game at all.

Why is my i3 laptop so slow?

The leading causes of a slow new laptop are bloatware, a slow primary drive, underpowered CPU or RAM, inadequate pagefile size, too many programs that load at startup, or insufficient cooling that causes CPU throttling.

How long will Core i3 laptop last?

However, if you have an entry-level laptop with Intel Core i3, Intel Core i5, AMD Ryzen 3, AMD Ryzen 5, or other similarly powerful CPUs, then you can expect it to last for 3-4 years which is slightly lower than other high-end processors.

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