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Sahil Akhtar Wiki:- Sahil Akhtar is a 17-year-old boy from Kolkata who has achieved remarkable feats in the field of science and technology.

He is one of the few Indian students who got admitted to the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the USA, after dropping out of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) counselling process.


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Sahil Akhtar had been preparing for the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) since class 10, with an aim to join an IIT in Computer Science Engineering (CSE).

He fulfilled his dream when he secured the 99th rank in the All-India merit list for the JEE-Advanced 2023. However, he decided to pursue a different path and applied to MIT, where he got accepted with a scholarship.

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Sahil Akhtar Wiki, Biography, AIR 99, Drop IIT, Family, Age, Score

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Article Sahil Akhtar Wiki, Biography, AIR 99, Drop IIT, Family, Age, Score

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Sahil Akhtar Biography

Getting into IIT is a dream for many students. Some of them even leave their homes and stay in hostels to study hard for the entrance exam. But Mohammad Sahil Akhtar did something different. He dropped out of the IIT counselling process, even though he had been preparing for the JEE since class 10. He had a different dream.

Sahil Akhtar is a brilliant student who loves Astronomy, Physics, Math and Computer Science. He also enjoys playing the keyboard and making music in his leisure time. He lives in Kolkata with his family. He represented India at the IOAA 2022 in Georgia and won a gold medal for the country.

Sahil Akhtar MIT

MIT is a university in Cambridge that was founded in 1861. It is famous for its programs in engineering and physical sciences, but it also has strong programs in other fields like economics, political science, urban studies, linguistics, and philosophy. Getting into MIT is very hard. The students who start their graduation at MIT can also do their own original research.


Sahil Akhtar is a smart student in class 10th who has a dream of joining IIT. He knows how tough the IIT exam is, so he starts his preparation early. He does very well in the JEE and gets an All India Rank of 99.

He is very close to achieving his goal of getting into IIT. But he changes his mind in the IIT counselling and drops the IIT admission. He has another ambition of studying at MIT, a prestigious university in the USA.

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A 17-year-old boy from Kolkata has made headlines by dropping out of the IIT counselling process. He is Mohammad Sahil Akhtar, who studied at DPS Ruby Park in Kolkata and took the JEE in April. He also has a YouTube channel where he encourages and guides other students like him to explore more courses and interests.

Drop IIT

More research opportunities and a flexible curriculum” is Mohammad Sahil Akhtar explanation for why he did not pursue IIT admission. He prefers research over a tech job. He considered IISc in India, but MIT has more flexibility. That is why he chose MIT over IIT.

Sahil Akhtar wants to study both computer sciences and physics. He also has interests in astronomy, astrophysics, and data science. He said that to get into MIT, one has to take a test called SAT, which stands for Standard Admission Test.

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Sahil Akhtar has also started a YouTube channel to inspire and help other aspirants like him to explore varied interests and pursue their dreams. He said that he wants to share his journey and motivate others to follow their passion. He also wants to contribute to the society by doing impactful research and innovation.

Sahil Akhtar is an example of a young achiever who has shown courage and determination to follow his heart and make his own choices. He has proved that there is no one path to success, and that one can excel in multiple domains with hard work and dedication. He is a role model for many students who aspire to study at the world’s best institutions and make a difference in the world.

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